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Dear Transformation Team!

I wrote Fred a few days ago to ask if it was good to put this "New Energy" investment opportunity up on the TT site, and he said "It's all about supporting one another!"

A few things that make this a "New Energy" opportunity:  1) Most of the investors in this project are small investore (we expect to have a group of 15-30 people joining the LLC by investing less than $10,000) so it is very much a cooperative venture.  2) Since this venue is in a small town we are working with other businesses to cooperate, not compete.  3)  When White Horse comes together, we will give  part of the profits to a) Green Zone, a national program that offes free therapy to veterans of US wars, and b) a church -run program in our local area that builds fresh water wells for villages in Guatemala.

Feel free to read the below and offer any questions you may have!  Thank you.



It's time for us to contact potential investors in White Horse Black Mountain, a new music/multi-use venue in the gorgeous Western North Carolina mountains.  See our investor website at www.whitehorseblackmountain.vpweb.com.  The town of Black Mountain, NC has come up with a lot of support for the project, since it's clear that White Horse will bring the town up a notch economically and vibrationally.  For those who don't know Black Mountain, it is about 20 minutes away from Asheville, one of the most popular travel and retirement spots in the US.  Frommer named it one of the top ten world travel destinations worldwide in 2007!

White Horse Black Mountain will be the largest venue of any kind in this beautiful small town of 800 residents, seating 300 people.  It will hold musical concerts, dance, film, weddings, reunions, speakers/presentations, small theatre, corporate meetings, coffee houses, ceremonial events, expos, arts and book fairs, and other events no one has thought up yet!  We will serve wine, beer, and snacks.  To us, it seems the sky is the limit with this place.
If you are interested in investing, we are now fully set up with our corporation, the White Horse Black Mountain LLC, and have worked with a both a local and a NYC Securities Exchange lawyer on the Member Purchase Agreements.  We are ready to take equity investments.  Here's how it works:
A single point of equity costs $4,000.  Of course folks can buy more than one point of equity, too.  (And the more points one buys, the more profits one receives, of course.) 
The way it works is that for each point of equity an investor buys, they get back THAT PERCENTAGE of White Horse profit every year.  To us, given the booming nature of Black Mountain's tourism and hugely growing retirement, gol, and religious communities make this project relatively-recession-proof, White Horse thus seems like a much better investment than any other more traditional ones.
And the fact is, my husband Bob and I cannot create White Horse, as excited as we are about it, if we don't have enough investors.  Please seriously consider becoming either a small, medium, or large investor.  We will do everything in our power to make this great opportunity work for all our investors and make them money.  And Bob has a great deal of experience and a lot of contacts in the entertainment/music business.  Check out the investor website, if you haven't, at www.whitehorseblackmountain.vpweb.com, and also see www.bobhinkle.com for Bob's incredible history in the biz.
We now have almost 20% of our necessary investment (which is GREAT given how recently this idea has come up).  But we still need a goodly amount more!
Please contact us with any questions whatsoever:  Email us at [email protected], or call us at 866-569-7353..
Thank you for thinking about this opportunity.  Let's talk soon!  And if you know other potential investors, it would be great to know about them too. . .
Kim Hughes and Bob Hinkle

P.O. Box 456
Black Mountain, NC 28711

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Hi Kim, even though I'm not in a place to be a financial supporter, I just want to wish you all the best in developing your dream. May it grow, blossom, and thrive! With abundant love and support, Fred

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