This is a game changer for real guys.  Just look at some of the other companies that Reddit is targeting right now.  AMC, EXPR, BB, BBW, NOK.  This is going to change the world and quick.


A LOT of money is changing hands.  People are realizing the power of Unity.  This shit is happening folks right in front of your eyes.  This is not going to end perfectly, but things are changing rapidly.  I for one love it.  I want to see what comes next.


Peace, Love, and Stonks

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Yes. This is quite exciting. Let's hope it makes a real difference, Nick. Much love!

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I have no reference point for the above, but it IS exciting to see edifices crumble and facades slipping...

Just like in the WM!

All systems... All institutions...

Don't get attached! Dream BIG!

My head is swimming with possibilities. Finally able to truly engage our potential. Heart based "authority" instead of everyone stuck in their heads.

Bueller?... Bueller?...

I agree.  I think this is going to continue for a while.  I think there will also be a huge shift to cryptocurrency.  There is no taxes, no restrictions, etc.  It is a huge way to say fuck you to the system.  


With this money changing hands, I predict a lot will switch to cryptocurrency.  I use a Bittrex account if anyone is interested in getting some of their own.  


Personally, I think it is worth looking into.  Also, GME and others were hit hard by the institutions this week.  I think they'll be back.  And last, look into DOGE.  It's a really funny story, but making a lot of people rich.

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I bought one Bitcoin back in 2014 for $666 when I saw that it was here to stay. Not a bad investment. That said, I do have some concerns about cryptos. Catherine Austin Fitts believes they will be a means to control our money. I don't know. Time will tell.

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