Bless the water March 19

Please take a look... and a listen if you're so inclined.

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Thank you so much for the link Kristyne, I will be at the beautiful Otautu Bay up the west coast of Coromandel a stunning piece of N.Z.

Leaving very soon for a beach wedding this afternoon, can think of nowhere better to honour the pristine waters of Aotearoa


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Didn't join the formal meditation, but spent a little time contemplating the dirty little stream that flows through town and past our backyard. Sent it some good energy. 

Also shaved the old noggin today, as used to be my pattern and ritual. Stop shaving at fall equinox and shave it all off at spring equinox. Already parted with my unruly beard a couple weeks ago and the outrageous handlebar moustache I kept about two weeks...

Happy equinox all!

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That's a neat ritual, Christopher. About two years ago (or maybe three?)  I had the urge to shave my head in the spring and get rid of the last of the dye in my hair. Been growing it ever since and getting a trim here and there. 

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I didn't connect via their website as my day was too busy. Spent the morning with my meditation group where some of the focus was on the waters and the Earth and setting intentions that enrich both.  One of my recent finds is a 'SuperSeven' enhydro-which means there is a pocket of water within the crystal so we did some work with that as well. 

Melody stone/SuperSeven/SacredSeven carries all the properties of Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Geothite, Lepidochrosite and Cocoxenite and so carries the metaphysical properties of each stone as well as the power of the water (because of the enhydro) within it. Water relating to our physical body as well as the Earth elements has the metaphysical properties of healing emotions, and many other things as well.

We spent some of the afternoon on the banks of Lake Erie, the Great Lake closest to my home-just Doug and I. He fishes the lake winter and summer. Being of Finnish decent, and his name meaning 'of the dark waters' he feels very connected to bodies of water.  Lake Erie is a place that was really polluted when I was a kid, began to be cleaned up when I was an adolescent, and is now able to be an open beach again though still not as pristine as where we summer on Lake Superior. 

Walked in the water (it's still in the 30's here so that was a challenge-at least my toes got wet!), did some drumming, meditation, prayer, and Lakota songs-just he and I. 

Whether you participated or not yesterday, consider this.  When you are holding your glass of water, energize it. Use your power of intention and the energy moving through your hands to give your body (and the water) exactly what both need.  They say when we breathe the air or partake of the waters we're sharing atoms with all that has gone before us. 

So breathe in the Buddha, the Christed one, Muhammad, Ghandi (anyone else you admire and connect with)...all the Masters that have moved through the world before us.  Drink in all of creation. 

Never take the waters within you or outside of you for granted.  Another area we humans need to understand and protect.                     In love and gratitude to All that Is.     kristyne

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