Iboga in the usa? person in need of help advice appreciated :)

Hello all is been a while...

I have a friend that's been stuggling with an opiate addiction...

We have done indepth research on Iboga--> very amazing.

It seems very difficult to get cosidering its status in the usa as a # 1 prohibited drug, does anyone know a work around or If there are iboga clinics in Usa that operate a loop whole or something... or is traveling abroad the only way??? 

Thank you

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I don't know of any sources, but I do remember hearing that some traditional sweat lodges in the southern United States use peyote as part of addictions treatment. 

Iboga sounds interesting; I first heard of it in Daniel Pinchbeck's book 2012 The Return of Quetzalcoatl. 

I found a good article on the topic: http://aubreymarcus.com/plant-medicine/ayahuasca-vs-iboga/

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Ayahuasca has also been known to cure drug addiction... and it's offered in the US.  Maybe Fred can tell you how to find a facilitator or shaman.


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Iboga is a very expensive medicine. A friend of mine flew all the way to Southeast Asia and paid over $2,000 for one treatment. He said it was well worth it, but I suppose that may be because he has a decent income. If you want, I could contact him and find out if there is a way for your friend to do this. I also invite both you and your friend to open to guidance in finding the best medicine for your situtation. Take care.

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