It's a COWspiracy!?!?!?

Hey everyone! 

I just watched a SUPER AWESOME documentary on how our current eating habits and agricultural practices are the leading cause of damage done to our Mother Earth. 

Its available on Netflix the name of it is Cowspiracy. You can also visit the website

Many of the so called 'enviromentalists' are bought off or silenced about the #1 cause of damage done to Mother Earth, which is the mass consumption/production of meats and dairy products. This documentary is extremely thought provoking and packed full of revealing information! PLEASE consider watching this. 

Have a good one all you lovely people!

ps- it maybe available on UTube. I haven't checked.

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I've seen it too Carri, very good doc!!!  Fracking methane off gassing doesn't hold a candle to the collective cow farts methane off gassing....

not to mention that 50% of all available fresh water goes to factory farming and becomes hellishly filthy in the process...

so much of this hideous stuff gaining so much momentum (with India and China coming on strong now) reminds me of the evil in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the evil Orcs of our day seemingly born out of the black sludge oil of humanity's short term thinking and acting...

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         If cows have some kind of karmic agreement to be,,,here,,,,as food

      The whole industry is just so........ nasty

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If you want to look at both sides of this issue, you might want to read The Vegetarian Myth.  It has changed the way I look at vegetarianism and agriculture.

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The problem with meat is the the corn fed meat. This is the meat that is ruining the earth. Grass, pasture fed meats, when areas are not over grazed, can actually turned dessertified areas back into good usable pasture land.

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You said a mouthful buddy . Hit the nail on the head .

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Everything is debunked these days, so here's this counterpoint for what it's worth:

Vegetarian Myth: Lierre Keith debunked. - YouTube

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Noa- interesting video. Thanks for sharing. I believe lifestyle has a lot to do with it. Not agricultural in and of itself. But honoring life. Treating it as sacred. Caring for our food in a tender way. I think it's more about that. Animal or plant.

I am not a vegan. I am not a vegetarian. In fact, I like meat as rare as possible. And I don't think I could ever eliminate it from my diet. Because My body craves it at times. But there are other people who would find my food choices repulsive. There are some people who are sickened by the smell of meat. I think we all need to honor our bodies and understand each person has different needs, ways of life, etc. And we need to honor the differences we see in each other. 

Wendy- the majority of our meat consumed today is not grass fed. And the majority of the chickens, pigs, and cows are not given a good living environment. In fact it is very poor for a lot of livestock. Mass consumption leads to mass production which makes it difficult for the farmer to raise and slaughter an animal in a righteous way. 

Cows are considered a sacred animal in some religions. I think all life is sacred. I would love to have my own chickens and a goat. However, most local governments have the 'zoning' controls. Saying who can have what depending on where they live. My local township says I'm not allowed to have chickens because my residence isn't 'zoned' for that. 

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I'm not taking sides here because I haven't read Lierre's book, "The Vegetarian Myth" however, the guy in the "debunking" video doesn't have all his facts straight.  Vegetables don't readily provide a complete protein.  For example, you need to combine foods such as legumes and rice to get all the amino acids necessary to construct a complete protein.  Also, many vegetarians have a deficiency in Vitamin B12 because you can't get it from vegetable sources alone.

I think some people do all right on a vegetarian, vegan, or raw diet, but I'm not one of them.  Half a lifetime ago, I was a vegetarian and I was hungry and weak all the time.  Like Carri said, everyone is different.  Speaking only for myself, I've found that I do best on a high-protein, low carbohydrate diet.  I prefer vegetables to meat, but my protein fix comes mostly from animal products.  I feel healthier and more nourished with a little meat in my diet.

If we went back to raising food locally on small farms it would have less detrimental effects on the environment than our current system of mono-cropping and factory farming.

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Hi Carri,

Yes, I know the meat industry is horrible for the planet and people's health as well. I just want people to be aware that pasture fed meats can be an alternative. I belong to a meat CSA so I get a lot of my meat from a local farmer that uses mostly pasture fed. I also buy grass fed beef at Trader Joes. (the frozen section has it cheaper) They also have grass fed cheese. We also raise our own ducks - I live in a fairly rural area so no nasty zoning laws here.

Looks like you have the perfect opportunity to do something about this issue. I can speak from personal experience that changing government at the local level can be very effective. I hope you will take a petition around to your neighbors and see if you can't change that local zoning law so you can raise your own chickens.

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        She seems to have a lot of recent info, except for using the old excuse about not being able to get the proteins. I used to worry about that too,,,and have seen many very unhealthy vegetarians. I was one, because I didn't know how to eat. I agree that it is pretty much impossible to get what you need from a conventional vegetarian diet, as the plants can't absorb the minerals from the soil, pesticides prevent that...I think , like in the interview, the subject leads right back to the folks in control of the better part of the food system. I eat some meat now, but not from the supermarket. I have been working on an organic ranch since august, and the only meat I get here is goat or sheep, all killed by a mountain lion who just eats the hind quarter,then leaves, as he can't get them out of the pen. He killed 8 since I've been here, and that meat has been an eye-opener for me.  The lion doesn't shed a drop of blood, there is just 4 teeth marks on the throat, he chokes them out. I have eaten every part of them,and even had to learn how to cut them up, something I never thought I would do. I have run into the ml twice now at night, very exciting...   I have also eaten a few fish from the pond here, they are very good,,the pond is kept clean by a grander system, german I think, that cleans the water as it passes through an energy center in a very heavy metallic tube. They use them here for all water, drinking, the pool,,,hot tub,and the pond. Still,as good as the meat is,,I don't think I need it, and am starting to skip it when they cook. We just eat too much of it in the U.S..,and here's one reason why we should stop...... We have a certain enzyme that breaks down the protein coating a meat cell in our bloodstream. Most people on a daily meat diet have a shortage of this enzyme, some more than others, as they use it all on a high meat diet.....   You may know that cancer cells are merely abnormal stem cells that are produced in great numbers by most of us everyday . If these cells aren't caught and destroyed by the immune system pronto, and make it past the first "screening", or first stage, they will develop this same protein coating as the meat cells floating around in  there. Then the immune system can no longer detect them and target them for termination. Then they have the time and the cover to multiply,,form tumors, etc..  If you are eating meat  regularly, you should definitely be taking the enzymes associated with dissolving that protein. If you have enough of it, it will dissolve that "meat" protein coating the cancer cells, then the immune system will recognize it as  a rogue cell, and send the white blood cells . Apricot seeds will kill the tumor, as will many other  plants....

    Why did I drag that into it? Because all the remedies for problems in our bodies come from plants, not from meat. Things like rhino horn, and other odd parts of animals bodies probably are a concentration of a mineral derived from their vegetarian diet. I eat meat ,,,but the way I see  it now,,,, All minerals come from the Earth,,getting them from plants , to me, is getting them from closer to the source,,,anything else is farther up the food chain, and comes with it's consequences. More modern science is changing the view of,,"what the body needs". We now know that our bodies can convert light into  energy, the same way that plants do, and that we need the sun,,not sunscreen. Ancient texts say we should get about 30 minutes of sun a day, on half of our body. The fats we need can all be obtained from nuts and a few other things. Looking at our relationship to the sun with this new science, and the recent recognition of our electrical systems in our bodies as of paramount importance,(good water and minerals as conductors), I believe we can move out of the old paradigms regarding what we need to truly be energetic,healthy, etc.., and find we need far less food, taking a huge stress off of our bodies, and raising our vibrational levels by lowering our density. People are always more "luminous" when they are fasting(ha, once they are past the hard part).My experience with it was a far more ethereal sense of being, 24/7, and,,,after experiencing that, then losing it for a few years, I find myself heading in that direction again...   Bone appetit' !

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Hi Todd,

Your comment about the sun is interesting. I invariably gain a few pounds this time of year because I stop getting enough sun up here in New England. I need to move south - these winters up here are riidiculous - native peoples must have migrated.

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Such excellent pertinent info Todd!  Thanks mucho!!!

The other thing that always comes to mind during this kind of discussion (rationalizing/personalizing meat, some meat, no meat diet) is, what would be our view on the subject if we were the hunted, if we were on some predator's menu???  Would we see the value of our flesh in "their" diet as calmly and easily as we see the perceived & rationalized need for "animal" flesh in our own diet???

Such an easy discussion while perched on top of the food chain with (for the lion's share of our lives) only ourselves/other humans as potential enemy to our physical well being...

And Todd, totally agree with your comment on us being more light-bearing less dense beings.  I just don't see humanity sitting peacefully at the table of a 1000 years of peace golden age eating a feast of pigs, cows and chickens.  I truly believe that humanity will ultimately evolve to a more light-bearing, less dense form of physical being, and that diet will naturally and spontaneously play in to that "fourth density" evolution of physical/spiritual being...

food for thought

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          It's so cool that you related to the density thing, and your way of describing it is much better than mine. Thanksgiving dinners are a big fat example,ha,,and I love it too. That total content that comes with filling our guts, and our overall love affair with food are so strong, so relate to happiness,the emotion we're all here for. But anyone who has lived that, then gone through fasting must notice the difference that the absence of food has on our bodies/souls. The clarity of thinking that comes with a fast fades the day we start eating again, and I just can't stop thinking about how "light" I felt when I did 4-5  day fasts over the course of a year. I felt likeI could be invisible when I wanted, just shut down the mind and disappear. I meant to add that getting my minerals from plants seems to me to be like getting them from closer to the planck scale,,, closer to the source, and doesn't entail all that bulk you have to ingest farther up the food chain. But it sure tastes good!! I just had goat head soup,,thought it was just the name of an  album in the 60's...When I leave this place, I don't think I will be able to eat meat again. The lady that owns the ranch here was in Peru and got interested in the guinea pig thing,(they eat them there), and she raises them here now too..

      Ha,I think if we were the hunted,like you mentioned, we could come up with a lot of reasons not to  eat meat. It reminded me of an episode of the walking dead, where this guy comes to and the people are eating his leg right in front of him,describing it to him. They're keeping him alive to keep him fresh! So, imagine if we were being farmed, I think we would taste really crappy!But yeah, there are so many angles to the debate about food choices,combine that with our addiction to it, and change comes really hard..

sorry about bringing the cancer research into it, but there is so much cool research being done, outside of the AMA, cancer is now seen as an immune system disorder, so it's all going back to nutrition, and a healthy gut(biome). Chemo and radiation flat out cannot kill stem cells,only the spawned cells, andthey destroy your immune system,so more and more people are waking up to that deceit for profit as well. If anyone is interested, check this guy's site out...


     sayer ji, the founder, is one of the most important people out there right now. His research,and guest writers,speakers have no fear, and are slamming the mainstream with hard science and non-funded research on everything from herbs to vaccines. It is  a little hard to keep up with,new articles every day, every one with a full list of sources. I have been copying and pasting them  into email drafts to save them. I found them from that "truth about cancer" web  series that onesong posted several months ago. They just did another series that was much better,9 shows and two q&a shows that were much better, and they had 3  million viewers internationally, so nice to see knowledge about alternative medicine growing ..

    Wendy, there was some great talk about the new findings about how our bodies and minds benefit from the sun in the "truth about cancer" series that just ran. The shows are all in pieces on youtube, so it might be hard  to find the ones on the subject. There is also an ancient exercise called "swallowing the sun,,,,,andmoon" that is quite amazing, mixing intention with the physical act of "eating" the sun during the week of the new moon. You eat the moon during the week of the full moon. Of course, if it is true that the moon is just a satellite,it dulls my appetite! The exercise must be done religously, with no expectation of results.The ancient chinese texts say that those who practice it diligently become "fairies". That translates to immortal after the second translation... It is a 5 minute exercise, done 5 days, with the sunrise during the week of the new moon, and 5 evenings during the week of the full moon...

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Thanks for the reminder about sun gazing -- I think that's what you mean by "swallowing the sun."  I hadn't heard it called that or about the 5 day exercise with the sun and the moon.  Do you have a link for more info?

In the meantime if anyone hasn't heard about it, here's a little trailer...


Personally, I think the warnings about the sun's UV rays is a lot of hype, designed in part to get people to use sunblock, which by the way CAUSES skin cancer.


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     I guess many cultures have ways to  gain nourishment from the sun. But the method I read about doesn't involve looking at the sun. I have never seen a videoon it, I read it in Yang jwing ming's translations of the old texts. I wrote the instructions here once a few years ago,,,here it goes again...

     On the week of the new moon, stand facing the sun just as it comes over the horizon,,,,you don't focus on the sun, gaze at it, the "gaze" is the eyes used in taiji or qiqong, you see everything, focusing on nothing. Open your mouth and inhale and take a big gulp of the sun.(this is where the intention comes in)  You have to imagine you are taking a bite of that radiance. Once you have it in your mouth, close your mouth and swallow it,all the way down to the dantien,or center.this takes intention.The trick is not to "push" it down,,but to"lead it down. Yi leads chi,,,mind leads energy..........repeat five times, stand for a couple of minutes,then go about your day....

     On the week of the full moon, use the same method with the moon. You are supposed to do it before the moon is real high in the sky. The conflict I have found there is that the moon rises about an hour later each night after the actual full moon,,,,so I used to start a couple of days before it was "full", otherwise you have to stay up real late by the 4rd or 4th night. The idea is that it is "fresh" when it first rises.

     The old texts don't give a lot of details other than those directions. But, those two times of the day are talked about as the times that  the energy transforms on thee planet. The theory about the pyramids being giant energy systems/batteries makes references to these times of day, the transitional times energywise,and it is said that the pyramids gathered the energy from the ground at these two times of the day. The bulk of the pyramids were built of one type of limestone,a very conductive type.The outer shells were built of another type of limestone that is an being built on ley lines, they could absorb huge amounts of energy at  these times of the day..

The Chinese only spoke of yin and yang. The sun changes very quickly after sunrise(of course the season,and angle from your location determine how fast it changes) It is futile to go out to swallow it once it has changed, it will ruin your day once it is "hot".During that window around sunrise it is yin and very nourishing, but, if you are out in the morning every day,it is easy to feel the moment it changes. The moon is supposed to be yin as well, if you go out to late,when it is high in the sky, it is just much weaker, and ha,I found it was much harder to "imagine"taking a gulp of it,,,,,like I couldn't  "reach" it. By going those couple of days before it s actually full, you can stay closer to that time close to dusk,and the moon is full enough to "grasp" . By the third or fourth night after the full moon, it won't rise until 10 pm or later, depending on where you are. I built benches in my yard when I lived in Taos that put me in the perfect spot every day, and also had benches facing the solstices. I miss that ......

  I am more excited about these exercises now,as I relate to them differently now, thinking of them as "electric",and that gives me another way to "imagine" gulping, swallowing,and storing the energy. It helps for me to have a way to picture it...... I hope that helps,,,bon appetit

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Cool, Todd, thanks.

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Cool, Todd, thanks.

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Amusing to hear you apologize for posting such excellent vital info on cancer.  Just keep posting the things you learn about it, having had such an intimate experience with cancer, with beating cancer.  I really really enjoy everything you share man....

And thanks for the info on that form of sun and moon eating.  I had only heard about the one where you stare at the sun in the morning when its just coming up, more blue light than red....

Oh, and the meat thing.  I quit eating meat in 1990 after being a midwest born and bred meat and potatoes, fried chicken and gravy, BBQ from KCMO kid.  I have eaten meat a few times since quiting and the funny thing is, the wonderful memory of desiring meat never matches the actual experience of eating it anymore, Ha.

I still remember the "paramount-to-a-religious-experience" experience I had when I stopped.  There is a lightness of being associated with it for sure, at least for me.  I don't see eating or not eating meat as a bad/good thing.  I just have this sneaking suspicion that it is very much associated with, intrinsically connected to our human evolution and our present condition.

A hunch that as long as we are feeding on each other in the animal world it will be a dog eat dog world with little hope for lasting peace and harmony.  Again, not a good or bad thing, just a "thing" in its place in time in an evolutionary progression that is free to go any which way it pleases, but comes, like all things (seemingly), with built-in cause and effect laws of the Cosmos.


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