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Came across this today and felt it to be something we should all recognize and remember if we don't already.  Feminine and masculine aspects arise in each of us and under many different circumstances. The parts of us from which we 're-act' also arise from these aspects as we interact in the world.  I found this to be a beautifully eloquent description of what we 'should be' in both of those parts of our 'selves'.  So just a thought and a share for today.  It also brings me back to my 'place' in how I perceive the events in the world this morning.                  'grandmothering' - onesong


"The true feminine brings a deep wisdom rooted in trusting one’s intuition and heart. It is a passionate, creative, and life-giving force. The true feminine supports deep heartfelt nurturing of all creation and the passing along of traditions from one generation to the next.”

"The true masculine is characterized by confidence without arrogance; rational thinking without a need to control; honor without a desire for war. It provides stability, strength, and courage in an ever-shifting world."
- Arkan Lushwala, Indigenous Leader & Ceremonialist
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That's what alchemy is all about. Marrying the sides of one's self. We're not only bisected, we're whatever the word for four divided is or possibly eight sixteen thirty-two sixty-four is...

Anyway, it's about achieving whole and healthy communication between the two (plus, etc) halves of the brain as well as upper and lower, etc. We contain it all within. The whole cosmos. Mostly the solar system and its planetary wanderers and their associations with various organs and body parts. Slightly different for all of us according to our individual astrology, but mainly the same in some regards.

That's why no one system can completely define it and account for everything. Especially now that there's 7+ billion of us...

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yup, seemed appropriate to ask in some "heartfelt nurturing of all creation" and "rational thinking without a need to control...and honor without a desire for war".  Seems everywhere we look 'grounding and centering' should be called in for support of us all.  

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Thanks Krystine - I like the quote and feel that just reading it will change me in profound ways in the future.

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Thanks so much for that beautiful and inspiring quote, Krystne!!! I'll be sharing it. Much love, Fred

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     I got that quote today from the Sacred Science team,,the one's who put out the movie about healing in the amazon a while back. Oh,,was it you who posted the original link to that movie here? I still get their newsletter and like mostof what they send,,thanks for postin

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