ISIS To Knock The Earth Off Its Axis

I laughed when I saw this brief web page. I'm only posting this topic to share the ridiculousness of it with you guys. I needed reminding to look at the fear building going on. Quite profitable (and easy) to get Americans like me all worked up-yeeeehaaaaw! I wonder who's next on the agenda? Who am I supposed to support invading next? THE ORIGINAL PAGE IS HERE


ISIS To Knock The Earth Off Its Axis


This sudden influx of b.s. headlines concerning ISIS is astonishing. Take a look at Drudge..

SENATOR: ISIS developing plan to 'blow up' major city...
'Most dangerous position we've ever been in'...
GENERAL: 'Destroy Now'...
Jumped Mexican Border?




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Here's the question I keep asking myself

How did ISIS get all those American Weapons?

We are told they "nabbed" them when we left Iraq.

I was in the US Army. We don't leave our weapons laying around.

If your position is about to be overrun and you can't take them all they are intentionally destroyed.

We also wouldn't leave them in the hands of people who would leave them laying around.

When I say we I mean the troops, military intelligence, not the banksters controlling the government.

i didnt want to believe that

i didnt want to believe that radical islam exists...
But for the last almost 15 years the US gov has been installing/intensifying it. So here it is, the big show. Or the big 'smoke and mirrors' Isis.

Statistics tell me to be more afraid of the bees on my porch than Isis, so I'm sick of the fear mongering as well.

"truth is treason in an empire of lies."

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We were against Russia during their "provoked" invasion of Afghanistan and we armed and supported the Mujahideen (those engaged in Jihad) rebel fighters. They turned into what we now refer to as Al Qaeda.

This many years later we supported the rebels in Syria and they become ISIS.

Since Arms and Weapons Dealers always have a dog in the hunt on the GeoPolitical Chessboard we will most likely continue to see this kind of thing played out over and over again to keep arms sales moving at peak performance and to keep people's fears stoked concerning the somewhat manufactured and heavily supported terrorists threat.

I have to think that Russia and China have had just about enough of it - will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the coming years....

welcome to the new world corporatocracy order!!!!

Quotes About Corporatocracy (6 quotes)

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   it doesn't get much simpler than that!

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But Russia is the Mickie Dees of arms sales in many countries, especially ones who are anti-american. Wouldn't they be Mclovin' a strong market for arms sales?

Since learning that al qaeda was supposedly an invention of US intelligence I figured the "terrorist" threat is really 2 things. 1) US and British stagecraft (like 9/11 or FBI informants framing people) and 2) a bunch of pissed off people in the middle east who we've deliberately provoked.

I declare world peace.  Recently I made a deal with Yahweh, aka God.  I told that punk that if he wants me to "go" to his heaven, then he would have to make me be the last one there.  I don't want to go hang out with a bunch of prudes in heaven.


I also have a theory that I stole from a beautiful girl saying that terrorists come back as mosquitoes pretty much in their next life.  So the next time you kill a mosquito, just remerber they used to be a terrorist who enjoys having sex with virgin mosquitoes.  But don't worry, they don't enjoy it.


Only humans and dolphins enjoy sex, or so I've heard.


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I dunno. I saw these lions one time...

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From this webpage:

7 Things Bonobos Can Teach Us About Love and Sex

What can our close primate cousins teach us about sex?
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Yeah I'd heard chimps also have lots of sex but even with various family members sometimes because it's a comfort thing. Maybe it stems from the critical value of sustained peace in the group. Keeping conflict minimized. I wonder if humans were more sexual as hunter/gatherers. Movies about early humans depict jealousy.

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Wendy, there are a several "ISIS" acronyms for different things.  The propagandist just came up with something on the spot, which has nothing to do with ISIS meaning the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  The video clip the interview came from is dated 1990, which predates this Islamic State penomenon.

However, I'm sure that ISIS serves the Israeli fear agenda very well and so in that sense it could be said to be an Israeli asset.

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