I also had a dream...

Shoot me for recounting dreams because sometimes nothing seems less interesting than other peoples dreams!

I'll try to keep this short-hopefully no one will die of boredom.

 I dreamt I was brought down through clouds to see a misty stage in the woods where beautiful twin Asian girls were dancing. They were like the miniature twin girls in the Japanese monster movie Mothra that fascinated me as a boy. But it turned out one was good and one evil and I was confused and disappointed. Anyway, the dream seemed to frustrate me for lack of meaning and then something happened that was a message for me. As the dream began to close and I began to rise into the clouds again (into meaningless vagueness?) a door opened above me in the clouds and a powerful dark Minotaur appeared ready to bolt away through it. He was wildy alive and dynamic and already moving but he turned at the last second, thrust his head toward me and met my gaze very deliberately. Then he bolted through and the door slammed shut.
The meaning was clear-he was myth revealing itself intentionally (and that meant it was important and vital and real) and he represented the deeper meanings in life that I desperately craved to know and believe in. I woke up and cried with happiness that life had told me there is more and not to despair. It changed my view of life. I have thanked him many times for this kindness. He clearly was a busy guy and doing important work.

I had a wonderful dream that was ultra-hyper-real. I was part of an elite squad of people who were trained and tasked to make first contact when aliens arrived. I raced to a spontaneous landing on an Oklahoma farm and arrived just as a futuristic alien craft was landing in a huge blast of air and dust. Then just as it was touching down it suddenly morphed into an empty fertilizer bag and blew away on the breeze. Fertilizer? Empty? Very funny!
I woke up literally laughing out loud at the richness of the gentle, loving lesson. STOP OBSESSING ABOUT UFO'S! Get on with your life! When I get a potent dream it seems like it's put there as a gift from someone else-maybe from dead loved ones? Teaching angels or spirits? It also changed my life.



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