Dreams of the Departed

Hello everyone,

My father passed away around August 2012 after getting ill around April and succumbing to asbestos-related lung cancer at 70 years old. We always had a quiet but strong relationship, where a lot of things were understood but left unsaid. We didn't really get to having a close talk before he passed away, which I regret.,  I didn't get very emotional, though I did go through a mild grieving process.

Crazy Interconnecting Dream

I'm sorry I haven't posted for awhile.  I've been in a bit of a spiritual funk.  I have been reading a lot of the posts here and they have helped (at the least the positive ones have and maybe some of the negative ones.)  I hope this dream is a signal that my funk is coming to an end.  Here you go.

Weird Dreams

I've always admired people that have vivid dreams, sometimes full length movies in living color.  A friend of mine could even return to hers after waking up, go back to where she'd left off and continue the "movie."

My dreams are weird.  I dream in disconnected snapshots and usually in grayscale.  Most of the time, I do not remember my dreams.  Rarely do I dream of people I know, rather,  the people in my dreams are strangers.  Sometimes, a stranger will "feel" like he/she is really a particular person I know, but with a stranger's face. 

Dream - Wisdom from Higher Up

I had a pretty wild dream last night. I had been reading about "conciousness units" in David Wilcock's online books, and had read a couple articles about ET's and watched some youtube videos about the same yesterday. I think this is what triggered the dream, or perhaps which caused me to call out for a bit of clarification from elsewhere. Here is the Gist of it:

Dream about someone with influence...

I had a dream last night about a woman in a high position of power/influence battling against a very imposing dark force,enduring incredible fear and pain, but coming through in the end and essentially improving the world based on her concious decisions to combat this dark force rather than accept it as a part of her existence. It seemed as though she was waking up to the fact that this force was no longer beneficial to her and helping people was far far far more important...

World of Our Dreams

Good greetings all,

I have completed another Windows (sorry, no Mac version yet...) screen saver here:


This program incorporates the inspirational message:

"the world of our dreams exists now to the exact degree that we behave as if we were already living in it..."

Ludid Dreaming

After having profound experiences in shamanic journeying, I've been experimenting with astral projection and lucid dreaming with varying amounts of success. There have been various concepts regarding the "reality" of the dream state, the idea that the physical universe as we know it is actually a dream, and that while dreaming we enter the astral plane.

Am I Just Crazy??

When I walk through my house i sometimes expect to see beings appear in front of me. It's like i know someone is here and i can't see them. i feel like at some point in my life i could, but now i'm scared to death to accept the existence. I have been having vivid dreams that leave me waking up exhausted. I see shadows move behind me and lights dash just out of sight.

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