I Am Baffled

I am so confused right now on so many levels.  There is so much information and misinformation it would make anybody's head spin.  As a truther, or whatever you want to call it, there is even more.  I am on a sorta overload and feeling helpless.


Then I come here and nothing.  I guess it isn't a huge suprise with how slow it has been here at the G Spot lately, but still.  With the seeming renewed interest in some members and the world going to shit (or the veil lifing at extreme rates).  


Where is everyone?  Is everyone just hibernating like me?  Is it too big to tackle?  What can we do?  What should we do?  How can we help?  

This all seems to orchestrated for me.  I can feel myself thinking pessimistically and I don't like that.  


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Hey Nick,

Thanks for your message. I've been overwhelmed just keeping up with the massive amounts of information coming my way. And like you, there is so much conflicting information out there that it's hard to know what's really going on. Time to just be in the moment as much as possible and open to our guidance. I wish you all the best in these intense times.

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Dear Nick, I wrote the following for a few weeks ago. You're not alone in the overwhelm just don't stay there! It's a time full of changes for everyone. A time to really discern what are 'wants' and what are 'needs', what nurtures us and what could destroy us, a time to give full attention to our inner intuition and guidance.  Move from heart space not head space is where I'm at.  I look in from time to time, but the energy to post with the energy that is moving all around us-well it feels challenging but here goes.....

I have so many questions, so many feelings in this moment. It becomes hard to separate them, so many changes happening so rapidly. Most of my life I've adapted pretty well to change. I have no fear of it. I'm learning more patience everyday. Things rarely occur exactly as we think or plan, and so I practice being less attached to outcomes and more attached to allowing and flowing with change. Still, the collective energy of this time in history feels like such a huge challenge for all of us.

I Pray for all of us. I'm sure I am not alone in that.  I see fear on so many faces. Eyes that will no longer meet another even at a distance, as though we have already forgotten common civility. Divorce rates rising as we quarantine. Children unsure of their own safety as they catch glimpses of the world around us via the media. So difficult to explain when we can't always wrap our own heads around what is occurring. None of us know what will come. A Higher Power than ours will orchestrate that.

I hold All life Sacred. All Life - from creepy crawly, winged, furred, finned, hooved or human.                            I hold that vision. I struggle with what is occurring in our world because I don't want to add energy and power to it. Instead I pray for our Highest Good. I pray for our awakening, actually a very rapid quickening is what it feels like we need. How can we not change? We must change to thrive, not simply survive. We must overcome what in our own belief systems conjure so much fear and hatred of each other. We must look carefully and deeply within ourselves before assuming we know what another is living.

Facing our collective past while being sensitive to what has occurred that we cannot change, we must acknowledge our past mistakes as HUMANKIND - one race. We can no longer allow or continue to proliferate the same behavior as we have before. Understanding the ways we perceive things differently, understanding and really seeing the injustice in any action that creates separation, poverty, hatred.

We cannot meet what has happened to us in the past. NOW is where we MUST meet.

Just one example-On May 21, in Detroit a beautiful four year old boy was struck and killed by drive by bullets. His name was 'Messiah'. As I watched his grandmother weep while speaking of him, she was not alone. My tears fell and my heart bleeds for her as well. It doesn't matter that I am a white woman and this was a black child. My heart still breaks. The grandmother I am, recognizes the weight of her loss. The weight of the worlds loss.. My heart bleeds as I watch children dying in the streets in many parts of the world not just my own. It doesn't matter what 'color' they are. It doesn't matter what religion they are. Our children, ALL children, deserve the promise of a future where they can prosper and grow without fear on every corner. Where fathers, mothers and children are not afraid of being shot in the streets because of their color, where women are revered not raped, where children don't go to bed with hungry bellies.

A world where men in high office serve to protect, and unite their people not incite dissent and division.

How did we get here? It's not a place any of us want to stay. I was 9 when the Detroit riots occurred. My grandfather was a suburban police lieutenant. I remember sitting up with my grandmother on those nights, her carefully listening to the police radio in their home. I remember the fear in her eyes. I remember the fear in the streets. The anger everywhere. That was 53 years ago. Have we learned so little?

M.Scott Peck in The Road Less Traveled said, “There really are people and institutions made up of people, who respond with hatred in the presence of goodness and would destroy the good insofar as it is in their power to do so. They hate the light and instinctively will do anything to avoid it, including attempting to extinguish it. They will destroy the light in their own children and in all other beings subject to their power. Evil people hate the light because it reveals themselves to themselves. They hate goodness because it reveals their badness; they hate love because it reveals their laziness. They will destroy the light, the goodness, the love in order to avoid the pain of such self-awareness.”

My grandson had this to say, as part of his 4th grade homework last week. A diamante poem. 


                         Angry, oppressive

                  Rioting, screaming, hurting

                Panic, alarm, heroism, bravery

                Caring, calming, communicating

                             Peace, Love


Parents, grandparents...please see and feel what our children are feeling. We all need to be their heroes. We need to show Love in the face of fear.  If you have ever worked or played with a group of very young children, you have seen Love in action. They don't see color, they don't yet know hatred and separation. We need to take many lessons from them.

I have so many feelings, so many thoughts, it's hard to even speak to all of them. I hope my heart speaks to yours through and in these words.

I have faith in the Power that created ALL of us. I pray for Peace and the conviction to stand my ground as an advocate for Love, Light and the future of All of Earth's children. Covid has killed enough of us, fear and hatred should not take more. Love, communication and cooperation just might save us. We remain 'the ones we've been waiting for' and the time is now. God said, “Let there be LIGHT.” and there was (IS) Light.


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Thanks for sharing that beautiful piece, Kristyne.

yes. thank you Kristyne.  It was very well put and timely.

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You can always directly message members to their email...

Thought I'd check in. Similar sentiments EVERYWHERE, but I'm not worried.

Exciting times!

Rainbow Gathering in Idaho this year. I'm observing silence for peace on 7/4 morning until at least noon. Holding it down.

Intense astrology with lunar eclipse this weekend and leading up to conjunction house cleaning in December. Say goodbye to the old world! It's shifting fast. Being slowed as much as possible, to help greater numbers wake up and avoid more death and suffering. But it will continue to pick up momentum.

Focus on Self, healing, wholeness, integrating, taking responsibility and being accountable. INTEGRITY.

Nothing to do, nothing more to say. Be quiet and LISTEN.

It's joyous, really. Just lots of attachment and fear of the unknown. I've become a quack counselor to a few on stolenhistory.org and im trying to bring some over here to share...

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It's tiresome, being a WingMaker. Hopefully this gains support and gets more easeful soon...

Kristyne's words say it all, "Parents, grandparents...please see and feel what our children are feeling. We all need to be their heroes. We need to show Love in the face of fear." 

These words are exactly what I needed. 

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