David Icke: Think Freedom, Live Freedom

There's more... watch until the very end.


Quote by Le Comte du Nouy:

"Let every man remember that the destiny of mankind is incomparable and that it depends greatly on his will to collaborate in the transcendent task. Let him remember that the law is, and always has been, to struggle; and that the fight has lost nothing of its violence by being transposed from the material into the spiritual plane. Let him remember that his own divinity, his nobility as a human being, must emerge from his efforts to liberate himself from his bondage and to obey his deeper aspirations. And let him above all never forget that the spark of the divine is in him, in him alone, and that he is free to disregard it, to kill it, or to come closer to God by showing his eagerness to work with Him (Her) and for Him (Her)."

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