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SaLuSa  2-March-2011


With time continuing to speed up, the series of changes that face you will soon seem to pass by. As a result you will reach the point of major changes quite quickly, and you will find that they proceed at a fast pace because they have been well planned in advance. Whatever way you look at what the future holds for you, it must come regardless of any interference. Furthermore, as knowledge of what lays ahead spreads, the levels of consciousness will also rise quite rapidly. It means that in the main the people will be quite receptive to what is planned. Somewhere along the way disclosure will have been made, and that will give the green light to many more revelations. The truth cannot be hidden forever, and it is important that you understand what has taken place during duality, and the reason for it.


Eventually you will understand how so many advanced souls have helped mankind overcome the lower vibrations. Whilst it has been a great challenge the Light has certain advantages, inasmuch it is an indestructible power that cannot be defeated by the dark Ones. Where in the past you have dropped even further into the lower vibrations, it has occurred because you forgot who you really were and became separated from your Higher Self. Fortunately the Light can never be fully suppressed and with support from the Lightworkers, has grown and in latter times become a grid of Light encircling the Earth. As like attracts like, so great Beings of Light have been able to approach Earth and hastened the process of Ascension. It has been so successful that it has fully vindicated the earlier decision, to extend the period before Ascension. Some of you will recall that there was an intent that Ascension should take place at the end of the last century. However as consciousness levels were speeding up, it was felt that many more souls could succeed if it were extended.


Whatever accompanies Ascension is a natural progression that comes with a lifting up of the vibrations. It is welcome, but the most important aspect is your individual growth in consciousness which is a gift from the Creator. Your soul is meant to be expressing itself in the higher dimensions of Light, that are your natural home. In fact you are first and foremost Beings of Light and are now becoming Galactic Beings. What a wonderful future awaits you, and you will never tire of exploring the Galaxies that number in there millions. Life abounds everywhere in all different forms, but no matter what differences there are – all life has its origin from the Source of All That Is. Your physical Self can experience harm and death but the soul is indestructible, and goes on forever.


Think about it Dear Ones, whatever you have experienced in the past and no matter how many lives you have had, you stand today without any apparent throwbacks to them. In fact you have grown stronger with each experience, and are the sum total of everything that you have learnt. No wonder that by and large you have passed the test of time, and have little or nothing left to learn from this cycle. It is why some of you feel tired and ready to leave duality that has been a very difficult adventure of intense emotional experiences. Calmness in the face of adversity is not always easy to achieve, but it is a lesson that you gradually learn and it serves you well in a period of time that is chaotic. Staying calm helps others around you who can learn from your example.


You are part of the pyramid of life and through the natural order decided by your vibrational level, you will always find yourself exactly where you should be. The aim is to continually advance, and souls at a higher level will always help one who aspires to ascend. That is why there are so many higher souls with you right now, and some of them will make themselves known to you all very soon. Whereas there is a physical cleansing taking place, it is also necessary to cleanse the spirit by releasing anything of the lower energies. Those on the path will already know exactly what that means, and there will gradually come a time when you will find that the lower vibrations do not sit easy with you. Take for example the diet of violence, death and destruction that is served up as entertainment, that numbs your senses to such energies. Do not allow it to affect your ways of thinking, because it will pull you down and introduce darkness into your aura that you will carry around with you. Also remember that if you are not careful, you will attract even more to yourself. Live with the purity of thought and appreciate all that is of the higher vibrations. If successful, it will take you a long way forward on the path to Ascension, and if you can keep your focus there it will become much easier to maintain.


While the Beings of Light move further forward and nearer to Ascension, so there are those who are sucked further down into the dark having lost their connection with the Light. They will not be forgotten and before the end time be given every chance find their true selves. Our objective is to bring you all together, by eliminating those often false divisions that have deliberately kept you apart. Once it is accepted that you are all One, those prejudices that exist now will disappear. We do however accept that some beliefs are going to hard to release, but hope to be able to show that they have no foundation in the truth. At our level of consciousness we can only deal with the truth, and will present it as such but not in a forceful way. It is still your freewill choice to believe as you wish, and we know that if you are in error you will eventually turn to the truth.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish to assure you that the Galactic Federation are well aware of the dangers in Space placed there in opposition to us. However, we are not desirous of starting a Space War, and in fact it would be out of the question. We can deal safely deal with all attempts to engage us, and we shall also ensure that weapons are not turned against you. We represent a peaceful mission by Divine decree, and it is carried out with a loving intent that shall release you from the dark Ones. It is well past the time that you were allowed to proceed to your future choice without hindrance. That is something we are pressing for, but the dark Ones can be very obstinate. However, victory is already yours and yet to be celebrated.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.     

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I love this version of our immediate future. However, I would not put it past the powers that have been, to have posted pieces like this  on the web for the consuption and pacification of the serfs who are thusly inclined, like me. Distractining us from engagement and possibly from paying attention to their nefarious actions in our world.

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This thought has occurred to me also... that maybe some of the more hopeful messages (like this one and others) are only wishful thinking, or as you stated, distractions to pacify us into thinking that good will triumph over evil. 

However, there is a knowingness inside my being that perceives the shift occurring on this planet.  I can feel the Earth and her inhabitants ascending as time is noticeably speeding up and evidence of heightened awareness is everywhere.

The alignment of our neighboring planets, increased solar activity, ancient prophecies, and countless accounts similar to SaLuSas give further confirmation of our ascension.

We are indeed awakening as one.


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...a regular reader of SaLuSa and the messages have always resonated with me. There are so many different versions of ascension, such as a second earth emerging and that those who don't ascend will go on like nothing has changed and have no knowledge that anything has changed. That doesn't resonate with me at all because it provides an ecuse for the whole shebang being a fraud, meaning that even those of us who believe could see nothing at all change on 2012 and just say "Oh well, I guess I wasn't ready. I have recently started finding more scientific explanations of the changes from people like David Wilcock,  Gregg Braden and others which suggest that all the changes will happen to everyone regardless of their beliefs as a matter of natural evolution of the species. These theories also fall in line with the Wing Makers  material which says the scientific proof of the existence of the soul is the gateway. There are increasing numbers of scientists working toward this while the explore the nature of consciousness. At any rate, the next couple of years will be excitingindeed and evidence of the awakening is everywhere as we see popular revolutions happening world wide. If we keep our eyes on the prize and don't let the confusion of what is truth and what is disinformation distract us we will change the world even if all the new agey stuff turns out to be garbage. I, for one, will try to stay steadfast in my vision of a better world.

Much love and light to all.,


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May have something to do with varying levels of attachment and how that affects perception of events.  One might see liberation and transformation where another sees their whole world (what they have determined to be their world) coming apart...

It gets really interesting with a few of those esoteric sources mentioned in post above, where one may become excited to the point of moving toward higher density experiences and another, still very much satisfied with 3rd density experiences, is somehow transported to another 3rd density environment and seamlessly picks up where they left off with no apparent memory of the previous experience.

All of this having to do with sovereignty and free will...

Who knows for sure.  All I know now is that nothing would or should surprise me/us...

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