Photos from my Peru trip

Here are some photos in no particular order from my adventure in Peru. I'll post something more about it later, but here are a few pictures for now. Lots of love, Andrey. Smile

The wingspan of these condors are twice an average person's height!!!

The three musketeers (Vlad, Andrey, Les).

Ramdom Llama, got to have a random llama... Wink

The people of the reed islands.

Quinoa fields.



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Dear Andre,

Wow! What great photos. Thank you for sharing these sights with us. The condor photos are awesome.There are plans to release some condors(raised in captivity) here in the rogue valley.Native to this area the native americans called them Thunderbirds.

What interesting experiences you and your companions must have had on this trip.



Berry's picture


Thank you so much for the great pics.  I agree with maryc, those condors were marvelous. I am so glad that they are coming back so strongly. Did you have a chance to fly over the Nasca plains and see the glyphs?  That is something I have always dreamed of doing. Also was that one picture of the stone gate Matchupitchu or one of the other ancient sites? I loved all of the pics Andry.

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So much rich life and wonder in the pics.  Thank you Andrey.  Peru, the ultimate in less is more.....

The next to the last pic (slit in the rock) reminds me of what a real life pic of the Ancient Arrow WingMakers discovery might look like.....

LLP, Chris

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Hey there,

Yes, we flew over the Nazca lines. I actually found the lines more amazing than the drawings. The entire plane looked like some kind of map to be seen from above. It looked so engineered, purposeful and functional!

Our pilot apparently thought that he was driving a roller-coaster. Quite a trip Surprised

Lots of love,


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And yeah, Berry, the stone gate is from Macchu Picchu. The stonework is stunning. It feels like there were two old civilizations there judging by the stonework, as it's so distinctly different.

The land is so alive and magical there, especially a bit away from the tourist places. The weather spirits are also very communicative. I got my weather requests addressed almost every time.


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Thank you,  Andrey, for these beautiful photos.

Thanks!  The topography is so varied and the pictures say so much about the ambience of the area.



Prattley's picture

Amazing! Really excellent pictures. My parents also were lucky enough to be able to do some exploring in Peru last year... Definitely one of my dream places to visit. Currently reading "The Secret of the Incas"... fascinating stuff!

andrey's picture

For a mystical journey view of Peru, I highly recommend "Dance of the Four Winds" by Alberto Villoldo. I read it years ago and it was very wild, beautiful and inspiring.

Love, A.

Prattley's picture

"Mystical journey" is a phrase I use quite often these days and has become a more and more recurring theme in my life. :) I'll have to check this out...

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