Want to participate in the Winter Feast for the Soul -- happening now, for 40 days?

Starting today, January 15, through February 23 (40 days), people from all over the world and from many different spiritual/religious disciplines are taking part in an activity that will help to transform the world by transforming themselves.  It's an invitation to commit to doing 40 minutes of some sort of spiritual practice or activity (whether it be meditation, prayer, yoga, tai-chi, walking in nature, or just about anything else that lifts and nourishes the spirit) -- whether all at once or broken up into shorter periods.

This is the Winter Feast for the Soul, which was started over the Internet in 2008.  It's a wonderful way to be in community and communion with people all over the Earth, doing something in common to help our common human evolution at this time.  Anyone can do this on their own.  And anyone wishing to participate more "formally" with everyone else can go to the website (www.winterfeastforthesoul.com), click on the "Sign up; it's free" button, and then access teachings and guided meditations from a number of accomplished teachers from varous traditions (Click on "Meditations" for this).  By the way, it is also a wonderful opportunity for people newly interested in meditation, as there is excellent instruction in how to begin.  There are also teachings that are more advanced, and even from the "I Am" consciousness.  In short, there's a lot for everyone, and there's something every day.

What nine months does for the embryo
Forty early mornings
Will do for your growing awareness

Jelaluddin Rumi

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Thank you Bob for posting this; I just signed up and I'm looking forward listening to the guided meditations every day. I'm sending out an intention that the practice of daily meditation will promote deeper awareness, interconnectedness, and creative intuitive expression.

I do a lot of commuting, so it will be great to listen to some of these in the morning or afternoon as my husband drives. I've listened to a lot of spiritual teachings that way, it really makes city driving a lot more pleasant!


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This is great!  I need guided meditations to keep me focused.  Isn't it nice that wonderful people come together to make stuff like this possible?

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Just happened to come across this freebie sound meditation by Tom Kenyon, and thought I'd add it to the "feast table".  If you're unfamiliar with Tom Kenyon and the Hathors he communicates with, I invite you to check it out as it is quite an amazing story (Kenyon's life is pretty amazing all around, really, and there is currently a documentary about his life in production called "The Song of the Earth").

Thanks for the heads up, Bob.

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Enchanted World  steps up to fulfilment of its original promise.  Adam and Eve gave rise to us all who have inherited this most beautiful of planets.  Our Earth cries with joy at the approaching transformation of us all together.  We are nearly ONE unified being.  We are already, but the AWARENESS of that is now coming to pass, a great miracle.  What beauty, what love!!  All is possible with the passing away of FEAR.

            Fear has been the inner enemy of Mankind for aeons.  It is only fear that creates aggression and greed and those things that have held Earth’s civilisation back from its natural heritage.  The deepest security for each human being is already within us – each one holds the all peace and all love are always there in a human.

            Our task is simply to Acknowledge it and to share that with the person we are closest to, and the next closest too.  Awaken from the slumber of the low level fear that is like a blanket hiding us from our own and the planet Earth’s love and light and infinite creativity.

The Internet, like a planetary mind allows us all to share this understanding of the Light of the World.  The Light of the World shines and gives us all peace.  Knowing it gives such confidence that the Fear that we’ve allowed to hold us back for aeons just falls away as if it never was.  Joyous Love and Light!  We each radiate that every day and every moment and our world is New. 

            This is called Initiation.  The human race and the planet are in it altogether, now.   From the feelings come the doings.  The disappearance of fear allows this.  We each meditate and believe that there is no more fear.  There is no need to fear.  One fearless person turns away the evil of one out to harm.  He collapses in upon his aggression, and cannot fulfil his thought.  He kneels in submission of sorrow.

On to the world wide web and beyond.  The human soul is always free, nothing can bind it.  Fear will restrict it a little, if it is allowed to, but need not allow.  Radiating our love and light every moment casts out all darkness.  Each person radiating is in concert with all others, and all trees, flowers, fruits, all animals, the eternal geology of earth, the weather systems – ALL ONE.

That is our world, a living conscious, united being.  Held together with the amazingly powerful brain of humanity, and its physical counterpart, the Internet.  A few countries have had international internet access curtailed. 

That is finished, even the crazy North Koreans are nearly there:


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