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Below is a collection of quotes I've written over the years about the important role in intention in life. Take what works and leave the rest. And have a great one!

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The Power of Intention

The clearer our intentions are as we move through this eternally unfolding moment of now, the more smoothly and delightfully we can invite transformation to continually unfold for all of us.

Intention is a consciousness choice which gives clear direction and meaning to life in every moment without attachment to future outcome.

Intention is never set in stone, yet it serves as a powerful compass as we move down our path through life.

Intention is a conscious directive to the morphogenic fields all around us. Clear intentions create harmonic, directed fields out of chaos.

Clarity and purity of intention allows a more graceful and joyful experience of the unfolding of this gift of life. The universe naturally conforms to our deepest beliefs and intentions, so the clearer and more passionately we live our intentions, the more the universe conforms itself to them. And no matter how clear or pure my intentions are, life is deliciously unpredictable. If it were all predictable, it would be quite boring.

My deepest intention is to live in service to all beings, and thus in service to All That Is. In doing this, I consciously choose to surrender fully to the divine mystery, to "what is," and to All That Is. And from that place of surrender, I powerfully create into the unknown. I invite all interested to join in the joy of this ever-unfolding dance of creative surrender.

I’m thrilled to find so many spiritually based individuals joining me in living in service. Together, we are taking ever greater responsibility for the world we find ourselves in. We are co-creating our ever-expanding experience of this amazing gift of life.

The main difference between me and most people here is that my deepest commitments and intentions are unwavering and crystal clear. This allows me to move with a large degree of fearlessness. Like everyone here, I have lots to learn, yet my path is clear in front of me.

Pure desire manifests as passion. Yet beware of desires which arise from the need for control and security. These in the end often create more separation and disconnection. When, however, passion arises from a place of clear intention, the arrow of consciousness ignites the infinite potential of the creative unknown.

Purity of intention is the coin of the realm. I find that is what most accelerates learning and growth. Yet combine pure intention with passion and buckle your seat belt! The ride is guaranteed to be rich and exciting and in the long run to bring profound joy and wisdom.

When as a couple/group/community we harmonize our commitment to something greater and joyfully and courageously open to the magic that becomes possible with this, the sacred matrix shifts to support us in ever more fully exploring who we are and who we want to be. Many groups and movements (Sacred Connections, hippies in the 60s) at one time held this intention with some clarity, yet gradually the focus shifted away from something greater to something more focused on pleasure and personal satisfaction.

Those who develop the clearest life intentions naturally cause those around them to explore and clarify their own intentions. My desire is to facilitate all who are open to developing ever clearer intentions.

Consider moving away from strict rules and goals and towards more flexible guidelines and intentions.

Consider focusing less on the rational calculations of the mind and more on opening to the subtle whisperings of Spirit.

Mind wants to understand through discernment/differentiation/analysis, which can easily lead to separation. Yet when inspired by sacred intention, mind can lead to connection and love. Heart wants to connect through feeling/being/experiencing, which can lead to chaos/confusion, yet when inspired by sacred intention, heart can lead to love and connection. It is the motivating intention for both heart and mind that makes all the difference.

By focusing my intention with each person I meet on both recognizing their divine essence and opening to whatever gifts we might have to share, I create an energetic field with which that person will choose how much they resonate. I want to be aware of and compassionate towards everyone’s energetic field and open to how I am called to connect with them. I trust that my unwavering intention for what’s best for all will help to guide the process.

The purer our intentions, the more likely we are to find what we’re looking for.

For an excellent, concise essay on finding your life purpose and intentions:

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Wonderful, Fred! Stupendous! I'm there with ya, buddy! And for ya! Should you "need" it...
The Neverending Story!
It IS a beautiful world. And with more and more "right" intention, WE can transform it and send ripples through the omniverse healing past and future THROUGH the present (presence).
ALL about it! One for all and all for one!
ALOHA and In L'akesh

fredburks's picture

Thanks, Chris. We are rockin' it!!! Much love, Fred

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Curious if you've ever studied Tantra or read the book Tantra Illuminated by Christopher D. Wallis. My wife and I are really enjoying it as an interface for our belief systems. She's a Yoga practitioner (more than i) and instructor, so its basis in that philosophy is good for her to explore. It's universality is immediately recognized by me. Great read, and not at all limited or specifically focused on sex, as a lot of derivatives and deviations from that school are.
Dancing through realities,
Brother Christopher

fredburks's picture

Hey Christopher,

I haven't read Tantra Illuminated, but I actually teach tantra and have great passion about healing the huge sexual wound on our planet. I'll make a note of that book. I only wish I had a sabbatical to read all of the awesome books I already have waiting to be read. Take care.

With love and warm wishes,

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