Jordan Peterson - 12 Rules for Life

Jordan Peterson talks a lot of sense on so many different levels - with authority and humility, to share with us his passion and drive for thinking with a hammer, to help us make sense of and transform our way of Being in the world.

I've just started reading the book but came across this talk on Youtube which gives an overview of the concepts - as well as being entertaining.  So much here is, to me, such obvious stuff hiding in plain sight if we but take the time to step back and really look at the world we're living in.  Such practical concepts but with a very definite bedrock of the spiritual (and true) nature of reality.

Find time to watch this if you can - you won't be disappointed!


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Thanks, Julie. For a quick summary of his 12 rules for life, check out

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Thanks for this post. I've watched several interviews and some of his talks. Joe Rogan has a nice long interview with him. High time we got back to some basic ethics.

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Just finished reading Crime & Punishment and The Idiot which are on Peterson's recommend reading list. Both distinctly disturbing, especially the ending of The Idiot - I feel I might dream of this tonight - it needs some processing ;-)

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