Seems like a bomb went off during the time I was absent. What happened to everyone? Hope they're not "Once-ler"ing up in their lurkems, waiting for the end...

I'm more interested in the birth struggling to happen amidst the death of the old. And that old, it don't go quietly.

I defer back to the foundation of this site, the WingMakers, in that all institutions, systems and structures of our current paradigm are faulty in their roots and motives. At least ineffective. Most of the assumptions people make, also. Still seems like most want to give away power and shirk PERSONAL responsibility whenever possible.

I have to admit, I was a little surprised at the lack of background "spiritual" principles or knowledge of the other members when I joined, but we each have our own interests, I suppose. And MOSTLY it's just words and belief systems anyway. TRUE integration is when you're living it and words don't matter. But UNDERSTANDING is another thing.

I'm curious what people expect will happen with the world if they're not actively participating and trying to assist toward a more desirable future. Maybe Armageddon will win out over Apocalypse for most of them, since that's what they've been prepped and programmed for. 

At least energetically. And in one's thoughts and actions, whatever they may be. Not hating and cursing others all the time (or selves).

I was recently reminded of the power of speaking things aloud. I have the abovementioned problem myself. Never having properly developed the psychic protection I need in the world, I react and fling it back. Not helpful.

I've finally narrowed it down to what is most useful for me to pursue as a practice. Simply, yoga and meditation. And then carry that on and out into the shared world.

Studies of the WingMakers, Law of One, Far Journeys, the Tao, etc... And remote viewing and influencing training and techniques all point to the same thing. Go WITHIN. Go DEEP within. 

So we have BETA, where most everybody is always hanging out, especially these days with cell phones always in one hand, the head doing something else and the other hand as well...

Then there's ALPHA, where I spend a lot of my time. More relaxed, day dreaming and reflecting, contemplating.

Then THETA, where one transcends constant thinking and the monkey mind, can heal self and others, tap into other things... Time and space become more fluid, less fixed. Gets over the uniquely human experience of separation and disconnectedness.

And finally DELTA, where one can merge with the highest energies, beyond polarity and... I don't know. Words fail there.

AMAZINGLY enough, all of my studies just add more depth and relevance to the WingMakers philosophy, which, upon successive readings, becomes more clear.

I forget exact wording, but the line about looking in the clouds and disregarding the building's foundations? EXACTLY refers to the above. So does the Tantra Illuminated book my wife and I have been reading together.

You have to go deep within, find that stillness, heal and gather power, and then go out into the world and TRANSFORM it. And create new beauty and mystery and wonder. Try to play with others, share smiles, shake the cages up some.

Wilhelm Reich and others stumbled upon it in their own way. Our inherent POWER. Children have it, but "adults" are always trying to control or dampen it, instead of letting the creativity and playfulness flow and develop. All they really need to learn is the personal responsibility of free will and respect for the "other".

Ah, control and manipulation. What a MESS. And gossip and worrying or discussing other people's lives and business. How FULFILLING. 

Not the world I want anymore. I'm aiming for sovereign integralship. It's the jewel at the center of what attracted me here in the first place. Not the "news", or what's going on "over there", or conspiracies, or who's to blame or right or wrong. All of that only has relevance when applied to oneself and one's own growth and process. 

Fear only makes the wolf look bigger. And I'M not a sheep...


Love, brothers and sisters. Or "whomever" is "out there"...

Peace, as well.

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Thanks for your wise thoughts, Chris. I also find it's much better to get clear on the work within before taking action out in the world. And like you, I still regularly go back and look at the WingMakers philosophy and am amazed at its continual clarity and profound depth. Enjoy!

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What you're saying here totally resonates with me, right down to the yoga and meditation - thanks for taking the time to share! I'm about 10% into Tantra Illuminated and so far I'm impressed with the clarity and precision of expression - plenty of time yet to get bogged down in the dense bits ;-)

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Just thought I'd tack my post in here as it relates to JUDGEMENT and COMPASSION - the idea that these were two faces of the same coin was not an obvious concept for me ...

Anyway, came across this further comment on the essence of compassion on Masters of the Spirit World website which I found interesting and quite thought provoking - and having our thoughts PROVOKED is never a bad thing ...

"ANSWER: Compassion is a third-dimensional concept since it has a corollary negative aspect. Society says to understand another human you need to put yourself in their shoes. It is a very important part of many religions, normally talked about as “it is more blessed to give than to receive” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” These precepts indicate that you have a responsibility to take care of others in order for them to receive their due, for you to be a good person, and so that society doesn’t have to take care of them.

Compassion is not a spiritual concept because its completion requires people on two sides of an issue – the giver and the receiver. It involves the giver’s issuing a judgment on the receiver by saying they do not have something which they need and the giver therefore will provide it – whether the receiver thinks they need it or not."

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