Julian Assange missing, possibly abducted or dead

It only just came home to me -- and to internet news people like Alex Jones -- that this has probably happened.  I'm surprised how deeply it has affected me -- because of the respect I have for Assange and people like him (Snowden, Manning, Ellsberg, Edmonds, to name a few...)  We owe them a lot.  Let's hope he's hiding out somewhere.  As you will see, the facts are anything but clear.

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Hi Bob,,,I saw this yesterday morning as well,,the mention of the guys storming the embassy was pretty unnerving, but no one seemed sure if it happened! Don't those places have a secret way out? Or a secret wall that opens or something? Ha! I hope he is just hiding out too! There is another story out about him being granted amnesty,,,I hope that one's true!

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