Let's talk sex!

Hey awesome friends,

I've always known that once the PEERS websites felt complete, I wanted to start a new series of websites focused on what I believe to be the biggest wound on the planet - the sexual wound. The first website, Let's Talk Sex, is finally almost ready to launch. Yea!!!

As kind of a beta test, I'd love for you, my Gathering Spot friends, to take a look and give me your honest feedback. I very much welcome your constructive criticism on how the site looks and feels, and on the content I have up so far. Please don't hesitate to be honest about anything that doesn't work for you. Here's the link for the website:


And feel free to share the anything there if you are so inspired, though I likely won't officially start promoting the website for another couple weeks or so, as I want time to implement your feedback and add a more content. I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts. Take care and enjoy!

With abundant love, joy, and gratitude,

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The site looks great Fred,,,I think I read all the opening articles, hopefully people will open up and talk about it. I have found it hard to talk to partners about my ideas on the subject in the past, as it can take the spontaneity out of "the act". One woman was actually angry with me for holding orgasm,,haha! I think the site is a great idea, it might be easier to open up for people on a forum, as it can be hard to relate many things to a partner without disrupting the cycle the relationship is in, and obviously, could help in that respect. I just mentioned in another post here that I just impulsively went back and read the old Lobsang Rampa books. I found the old Tibetan monks views on sex to be inspiring. Although they didn't seem to approve of the scantily clad women in the west,they were very open minded about sex, and also made a statement declaring the misunderstanding of sex as one of,if not the biggest problem in the world. They stated that the mixing of all races, and the clear acceptance and understanding of sex will be the two things that will finally harmonize the Human race. A big statement, but, if more people understood that our sexual energy is indeed our life force, the source of all our energy, we could take a big step in the right direction. The comment on the new site about leading the energy up the spine to hold orgasm is actually a Taoist practice to lead the sexual energy up to the pituitary gland to be distributed to all the glands of the body, a secret of retaining youth. It is also part of the Taoist path to enlightenment. I think the site is a great idea, and I hope it flourishes......L,,,,,,T

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Thanks so much for your comments, Todd. I very much agree that if we can heal the huge sexual wound on the planet, many things will fall into place. Sexual energy is the life force that literally gives birth to the bodies that we all inhabit here. Take care and enjoy!

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