Experiences while in the half awake, half asleep state

Hi All-

Here's my first entry in my out-of-body journal. I still havn't actually gone out of body yet but I had some interesting experiences giving it a try this morning.

Trying to get into the meditative state to have an obe this morning, I got that spark experience, kind of like a quick epileptic fit, where I see a spark of bright light in my mind while my body jerks. After the experience I tried to become aware of the feelings prior to the spark - a feeling of charge. Now as I became aware of that feeling, my husband Joe started to have that jerk like I had just had. I feel like I can control this almost - making him have the "fit" instead of me. As I continued to try to stay or get into that state where my body starts to become numb and I start to feel my spirit is not exactly in sync with my body anymore, I first had a vision of a dark barking dog - rabid and out of control.

Then I had a vision of a spoon and began to melt into the spoon, like I could bend it with my mind. Then the spoon kind of slowly exploded or dissolved away - like I was becoming one with the spoon. Then the movie The Matrix came to mind "there is no spoon". At that point I understood the symbolism of those scenes in the movie. Just as Christ had to fight the devil before his baptism with spirit (became immersed in spirit), Neo first had to fight earthly devils - this is symbolized by the dance/war with the security guards at the bottom floor of the building. Then they get into the elevator - just before they ascend, Neo whispers "There is no spoon" and they ascend to the top floor. Here Neo must fight "spiritual" devils - the agents. Finally, he becomes one with agent Smith (symbolic of being immersed with spirit?) and obtains his Christlike abilities - he becomes "The One". Here one wonders of the importance of the evil force, are good and evil just a split of the Whole? Is this our life quest - to become aware of evil, quit denying it's existance and become one with it so that we can become whole?

Has anyone else noticed this epilepsy like spark as they try to fall asleep? Have you noticed that a certain way of going with the spark will produce a similar fit in a nearby sleeping partner? I hope you all will share your experiences while in that half awake, half asleep state.


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It sounded like it may have been a kundalini awakening experience, or possibly the threshold beginnings of one...

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 Just as I'm drifting off, sometimes I get an experience of an abrupt something that darts at my face so fast that I jerk my head back involuntarily and wake up. I don't know what it looks like...I always feel like it's just a natural part of settling down-some kind of fear issue or a build up of excess energy in my body from that day that needs to be expressed this way and is now gone. It doesn't feel unhealthy. (tends to happen on an unusually active day where new things happened-or I had a new challenge-tried something for the first time)

When I visit with my parents and they're drifting off to sleep in their easy chairs, they often startle awake. I'll have to ask Mom what she sees when this happens.  Good luck Wendy! I love your intentional pursuit of this experience.

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Hi Brian-

Yes, what you described is exactly what I'm talking about. Once it happens, then I become more focused on whatever it was that was going through my mind at the time and I seem to be able to keep it from happening again to me, but typically my husband will start to twitch then, like somehow the excess energy is transferred, now that I've kicked it out.

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   Hi wendy, I was lucky enough to go to an alternative high school in the 70 s,,one of the first...I had a teacher from India there, she taught art, but soon handpicked a few of us and started a new class, called "how to see"..she would give us all kinds of meditations to perform as a group...and on the side she told me to go to sleep on my back, staring at the palms of my hands every night,,,the reason to look at one s hands was to get used to seeing yourself when you "woke up" looking down at yourself every night...that "shock" you are speaking of was explained to me as what happens when you "wake up" and see yourself,,,which will send a shock through your cord, you might have that sensation of falling for an instant, then you jerk awake...I was a diligent student and did this every night, no exceptions, for months,,and sure enough, I sterted to be quite "conscious" of hovering over myself,,then learned to turn and move with my mind,,then to think through my bedroom door, a major ordeal !, then to move through the house,down the stairs, and finally, out through the door...In hindsight I felt so silly, as I had felt the need to learn to move as I did in daily life,,what a waste of time! That feeling was also explained as happening when you are drifting off and someone else enters the room, disturbing your "cord", practicing alone was a strict rule,,I don t know if that s critical though,,,good luck with your practice,,,,,,,,,L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,T

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 A few years later, 7/10/81, right after I turned 21, I was in an industrial chlorine explosion at an old historic paper mill...the chemical had been spilled, and apparently evaporated on the nasty pavement on the edge of the parking lot...But the phosphates stayed behind...It was 95 degrees that day, and I was going to a call in the motor room, and apparently just scuffed it with my foot,and boom, it blew me, in the air about 20 feet away from it, I came out of my body and saw myself land face down on the pavement,,,,I was hovering ov er myself, on fire on the ground...I think it helped that I didn t see my face,,I saw a light,and figured I was dead, so I went to it,,,I lost alot of what happened after  that, but I will never forget coming back, jumping up partially on  fire, kicking off the shoe that hadn t been blown off, and running off down an alley, subconsciously heading to the only emergency shower on the premises, in the boiler room............it seemed like I had been gone an hour at least, but the people working inside had heard the explosion, and had come running out just a few seconds later, and they said all they found was my burning shoes 40 feet apart, anf the old immigrant workers later told me they thought I had spontaneously combusted...they didn t find me for almost 20 minutes, as the shower was the only thing that stopped the pain, and I wouldn t get out until the ambulance came,,,because they were chemical burns, I was later told that the shower saved me from being completely maimed, as the burns were from the phosphates in chlorine......and would of kept on eating my flesh as long as they were exposed to oxygen..........remember when israel bombed out the palasteinians a couple of years ago ? they were using these phosphorous bombs illegally there,,same stuff! The wounds were horrific, desintegrating flesh right to the bone.......sorry about that, don t mean to go off,,but the thought of a weapon like that, used intentionally on someone, gives me the chills....on a lighter note, every once in a while, something that happened while I was out that time comes back to me,,,some little piece that I just "know" is from there..I had studied life after death experiences, and even wrote papers on them in my alt high school,,and have always wondered why I didn t have the classic "experience",,you know, religous, with family members greeting me, and sending me back..if I did , those are pieces that have never come back to me.....I hope you find your way,,,todd

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Hi Todd-

Thanks so much for sharing that. I will try to go to sleep watching my palms for a few nights. I think I had heard that we used phospherous in Iraq as well - I am glad that you shared how horrible it was. The news is so sanitized these days and people need to know how their tax dollars are being used. It is only with a full understanding of the horrors of the world that people will be motivated to make changes.

Hope you are fully recovered or at least at peace with what happened to you.



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