My First Out of Body Experience

When I was seventeen, I had an interesting experience happen to me.

I was trying some relaxation/yoga exercises before going to bed, and as usual was falling asleep. Except that there was something different about it this time. I'm guessing I wasn't all the way asleep, and right before my physical body gave way, my mind woke up. I felt intense and warm electric vibrations come over me from legs upwards, my mind felt unbelievably clear, and thinking just didn't occur to me. I remember this very well - I could consciously not think. It's kind of hard to describe, but my mind seemed to be separate from me, as well as my body. It was like looking at a bowl of soup and consciously choosing not to stir it. So as the vibrations were coming up my legs into my torso, my heart started to pulse VERY intensely. It wasn't my physical heart, because it felt a lot more in the center rather than to the left. And by VERY intensely I mean REALLY REALLY VERY INTENSELY! I have never felt anything like that before. The whole body was engulfed by the "vibrations" and was pulsing. I was actually an energy body that expanded/exploded and kept pulsing and growing, while the physical body was shrinking and laying there like some kind of dead shell. All of a sudden (still with intense vibrations and my heart pulsing like crazy) I realized that I could see through my eyelids, and not just that, but that I could see all around me and the same time! And not just seeing, I could FEEL everything around me with clarity and alertness beyond anything I've experienced in the physical world. Everything felt very fluid, alive and was radiating different kinds of energy. I was able to tell what a chair felt like, and the table, window and the fish drawn on my wall. Everything was radiant and alive. My usual physical-sense world seemed like some gray, boring, pointless dream. I raised the right hand of my energetic/vibrantion body and swiftly pressed the wall next to me, seeing how energy was flowing from that spot in ripples, much like a stone tossed into a pond (that's standing up vertically). At this point I got very excited, and I my physical mind started to wake up with all it's patterns. With that, an immense fear came all over me, and I was terribly afraid of my heart exploding. I tried to move my body and put my physical arm to my heart to check if it's actually beating this fast! (It's hard to estimate the beat rate in a rather timeless place, but if I had to, it would be something like 10-15 beats a second). But of course I could not move my physical body - it was paralyzed, because I wasn't in it, and the fear got even worse. I pushed down all of the vibrations, feelings and vision rapidly vanished, and I jumped into an upright position (physically now) with my hand slamming into my heart and tears pouring down from my eyes. My physical heart was beating rather slowly.

This was the first experience that completely changed my life, other transformational experiences followed, and it's been a wild journey since!

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How cool that you had this experience, Andrey! I've never had an OBE and am envious. I'll bet if it happens again you will do your best to control your fear and go with the experience more. I love exploring the energetic realms. With sacred love flowing, Fred

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