school, anyone?

i'm opening a BIG can here.  so, after much reading and exploring of topics along the lines that we discuss here, this is an area of little activity (at least in the forum designation) but an important one nonetheless.

my take on it is that it can be brought about in many ways or through certain spontaneous happenings.  in the FoL books, drunvalo claims it was the goal of some (egyptian especially) ancient mystery schools.  24 years in the various temples up the nile learning the control and usage of the different energies through the human body and chakras.  conquering fear and the power of mind and emotion...  then the graduating experience was to lay one's body in the sarcophagus in the great pyramid and leave it there while astrally traveling the cosmos.  seems as though three days is the maximum time oob before needing to return (in that type of experience).

peter moon explains that it was the goal of scientology as well (despite all the other hullabaloo) and that it was very hard for any of the members to rise above the drama and their own egos to actually accomplish.

and i read robert monroe's far journeys and rosalind mcknight's cosmic journeys...  and several books of channeling experiences...

have also checked out and  seemingly different topics, but are they?

so, just curious if anyone is versed in any techniques, knows anyone who has been through workshops of such, or has anything else to add regarding the topic.

also a version of this would be shaman's abilities to take cosmic or mystic flight with or without a familiar or spirit animal guide.

something about actually having a body and its combinations of powers and elements allows us more possibilities in other realms.  for helping disembodied spirits or those who don't know or won't accept that they are dead...  maybe having this substance as a base.  being more substantial than the other shades and such floating about...  also allows for more protection and a safe-guard against getting trapped in other "places".

anyway, i'm not such a great help to the living from where i'm at, and have long wondered if i might be of greater assistance to the "not living" or other states of existence.  and there are many trapped between worlds, thanks to our perfection of the maya in getting people to believe this reality.  especially around cities, "they" say.  still goin through the motions and need something to wake them up/get there attention.  definitely easier to let go and return from some easy country livin... ;)  it's all i really want for myself, but i know my help would be appreciated, should i manage it.

so, please, SIMPLE techniques or focus of meditation to prepare for it.  and i'm sure i need to clear and cleanse to be a more suitable vehicle (inside and out)...

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oh, and also that this topic most definitely ties together with dreams and visions as well.  mainly that we are more than our bodies, but also that HAVING bodies allows us to accomplish greater things than those without.  and this thread may undoubtedly (funny, i know) lead us back to the topic of MANIFESTATION and what all that really entails...  and the responsibility of being a more conscious manifestor.

in the human design system i am labeled as a manifestor and generator (waiting).  what this means is that i have great ideas and insights and the energy/power to put behind things that work, but i won't do it for myself.  i need a reason or others to tell me to go ahead with it.  checks and balances, i suppose.

in jose arguelle's take on the tzolkin and his "dreamspell" i am a planetary star (kin 88 of 260) and the planetary tone of 10 (out of 13) is about manifestation.

but i don't DO anything and i'm not (consciously) creating anything...  i'm waiting for the "go ahead" as it were.  not sure what y'all want yet...  know what i want but its simple and self-centered, so i don't move strongly in that direction either.  in a holding pattern...  fuel reserves questionable.

a mind-blowing mushroom experience i had in 1996 had me trapped/rooted to an area of town (madison, wi), but part of it seemed like i was manning that outpost.  being a ground or center connecting to the rest of it.  i have been living that scenario of being cut off and remote more and more as the years go by, and still that "trip" seemed special above all the rest.  sort of like it laid out my life's blueprint and all of its funny little issues and dramas, all rolled into one.  have a scar on my chin to remind me to keep my chin up, don't talk to strangers, and watch what i say in mixed company because most people don't understand or have any frame of reference for my crazy gemini/cancer perspective.  but i can make for a fun party!  or take it too far...

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"My Experience with 5000 Burials by Hamid Bey"  may be helpful to you.

Light, Love, Peace and Healing.  kristyne

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thanks for the recommend.  i'll look for an affordable copy...  no inside info on that one that i could see.  but most of my best books are that way!  nobody knows about them...  ;)

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scratch that.  one amazon entry had some comments that said a bit.  sounds similar to her-bak by isha schwaller de lubicz which i love and have read several times.  would recommend all of her books but her husband's a bit wordier and appeals to the scientific mind more than the layman.  temple of man is the largest most unwieldy book[s] on my shelf...

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well I've got the title a bit off     "My Life preceding.."      about $7-8   


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thanks for the link.  amazon, etc. showed more expensive options.  excited to check him out.  and his book about fear...  THAT may be really helpful in interfacing with the rest of "humanity"...  and helping them adjust to the inevitable mountain of change hanging over their heads ready to fall

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