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HMMM i don't have an answer for you, but maybe your answer is in silence... in this world many things try to keep your mind rolling one way or another continuously reacting to some stimuli... in that state it is easy to be on an auto pilot, an automaton, a creature on reaction after reaction after reaction... that state is not conductive to change. For change you need deiced action not just reactions... if your current living pattern is a string of reactions you don't really decide on anything, your on automatic mode... to stir your potential you require the temple of silence, of stillness, which creates space giving a pause, a breaking of your instant reactions so you can then decide rather then just react... and what a powerful change that can be.

this is a reminder to me and anyone else that it may benefit,  to be present and set our intentions from an expansive place for it can be easy to get caught in the flow of our self automation...

when you notice the world seems to be going by pause... in that stillness, that silent presence is your blank canvas where you can do anything, there lies the knowledge of the infinite potential/possibilities for you have all so many choices 

Peace and love

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A perfectly timed reminder for my Automaton Self Laughing

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Thank you, that is good advice for me and well timed.


Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 

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Thanks man.

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It is my pleasure Thank You <3

Read this again and it was like reading for the first time, although I commented on it months ago! It's amazing how you can so easily forget great truths even though they touch you at some point and mean something to you. 

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Thanks for that most beautiful reminder!

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   Stop and take a look around every once in a while . I think this is a great message all the beauty we miss when we think we are busy with life .




                                                                                  Love all<> Eric

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I'm glad i found this, i will carry it with me

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Welcome back, Unite.

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