This comes with Love

Having only been part of this community for a short while, I am not part of it's history and am in no way passing judgement on anyone.

My initial introduction and new found ability to post, came with as expected a vigour and eagerness to read see and contribute, and contribute I did, however there was a quiet nagging which I never really understood until recently. I became aware of the style and type of posts that somehow where not fitting, they just weren't all singing my song I guess. I accept this, it is in part what makes a community, each community has it's own vibration, the part that keeps people communing.

I do believe that all are here for pretty much the same reason, some asking questions, some answering them, some just sharing really inspiring tidbits from our ever expanding web. All of us wishing to expose our inner selves, be open, be honest, with ourselves as much as with those that take time to read our posts.

So here I sit in NZ, being open and honest with myself and also with you whom I have come to meet over this web of connection. I have an understanding deep within my soul, it is one that most often speaks very quietly, almost a whisper of information. Then there are times that it has shouted at me so there is no doubt to the message.

I have seen so much information through this forum, this is what the PTB are now doing, this is what the ET's are now channelling, this is where we should be heading, this is how we should be living, this is how we create our new Earth. This has left me thinking and asking deep inside, is this realy where my focus should be, should I be waiting for the next channelled piece of information, should I stand in Valor against the PTB, maybe I should start planting my own food, taking more care of this Earth.

 Then the voice says NO, listen in the quiet of yourself, be still in who you are, you know this to be a simple diversion from the truth, as the truth lays within you as it does within all who walk this path. Look not outside, for outside of you is deception and untruths... How can this be I say, how will I learn the way if not by listening to others. The way is known the voice says, the way has always been known, it comes from within not without. You know the truth, remember the TRUTH shall set you free

So now I sit here and live within the truth of myself, and that is there are no ET's here to guide us, they are here to halt our truth by deception, there is no need to fight the PTB let them fight amongst themselves, as they will, and will be their own downfall. Do not change the path you are on, yet move forward in strength and purpose, aware only of the light that shines within, be still, listen, the Truth will set you free

With my breath of love to you all


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Hi, Ian.

I understand how you are feeling.  There are times when information feels overwhelming in content and volume, and I have to retreat and look away for a period of time.  What brings me back is the team of people here who diligently grapple with their own shadow (and light).  The team is a reflection of me, as I hope I am a reflection of them.  The content of the posts are mostly not the thing... it's the soul behind the comments that I love.  Sometimes while participating in discussion, a door opens in me and all of a sudden I understand something miraculous.  Honestly, for me that happens through disagreement nearly as often as likemindedness.

Just thought I'd share.  I am hoping your post is not a "why I've got to move on" sort of a note.  I value your inputs to discussions here, and would be disappointed to see you go.  In any case, you are a part of this family - wherever your journey takes you.

Lots of love to you,


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Hi Ian-

Thanks so much for your post, what a beautiful message. I appreciate your brave honesty.

I think our situation here is like those who live in a valley, trying to figure out what's going on in the world. Many of us are sharing what the various travelers (channelers, scientists, researchers) are telling us is their truth. We should be spending more time trying to climb the nearby hill so we can see for ourselves what's going on but instead we discuss the merits of what's been said by one traveler or another. I've been trying to practice to have an out-of-body experience (unsucessfully so far) and I would suspect that many if not most of us are trying to do some path or another, hoping to get a clearer vision of the truth. I can only say that in my own case, life seems to get in the way and I get easily distracted from the path - I enjoy gossipping about what the other travelers are saying more than the steady work involved in climbing the hill. Thanks for your reminder to stay on the path. It's important to keep the goal in mind. I can only hope that if one of us finds a path that is easier, finds a way to make better progress toward the truth he/she will call to the others "Over here!"

Perhaps this is what your message is all about - I think you are saying, look within, I'm making better progress that way than by listening to the other travelers. I hope I got it right.

Best wishes,



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Hi Ian,


Lately I have had a big question that I have been contemplating.   Trying to get it into words is a challenge though.   On my spiritual path, I keep coming across this same information of “looking within”.   Yet is also brings an unanswered question with it.


 I withdrew from “others” many years ago due to pain and misunderstanding about what this life is all about – finding greater ease and comfort walking my own solitary path.   There was a distinct loneliness to that action, though.   After completing the course, I found I was a bit afraid of joining in with others – and did not really understand this word “community”.   Yet I knew on some level that I needed to come together into “community” with others in order to proceed any further on the path.    It would seem that there is limit to what we can do alone.


I am at times very surprised at the leaps and bounds in learning, awareness, and understanding that I have gotten from joining in this forum.  (And this sometimes comes from the post or a person I most wanted to skip by.)


So now I reach a conundrum.  How do I reach out – for example – I am currently working with the six heart virtues – and discuss them, or even ask for help with a particular part I am stumbling upon, when the way to truly learn is to go within?    Is it even possible to discuss this, without just being returned back to the point of origin, as I learn that how others work with them, will not work for me?  Or even that they may understand them in a very different way than I do?


Just how do I go within for my guidance, then walk in this world, surrounded by others who are following their inner guidance, when sometimes that guidance propels people in opposite directions – and not fight with them about it?  (This is played out in some posts.) 


The biggest mistake I think I have ever made was believing that others understood, felt and knew what I knew to be true in my world.   I’ve come to the conclusion that we actually DO live in separate, yet overlapping worlds, or realities.  Two opposing truths CAN exist at the same time - How else could that happen? 


So now, I return to the withdrawing within again.  This time for a different reason.  Not out of pain or fear this time.  Now I withdraw for guidance and direction – propelled by a need to connect with others on a deeper, heartfelt level – not having the knowledge to know how to do that very well just yet.  At times it makes my posts few and far between.


I hope, along with Kathy, that your post is not a “why I’ve got to move on” post either.    Your posts reflect a deeper level of spirituality that is refreshing and needed.   (By me at least.)  If this community isn’t vibrating in a matching way… add your vibration to it.  See if it is ready for a change – for a bump up (or down – or sideways – or diagonally). 


I have noticed that the “There Are No Rules Here” rule is usually defended pretty strongly, but it doesn’t mean we can’t come in a shine our own little lights anyway we want to, right?    Shine away, Ian.   Some won’t like it…. And some will love it.   Who knows, you might get some of the silent ones to join in.  It would be nice to see their lights out here too.


Ok… now I can get back to work this morning.  I am a highly motivated by posts from the heart and sometimes just can’t get anything else done until I allow the words stirred up within me to come tumbling ( ...or typing) out.


With Much love to you all….


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Hi Ian,

Thanks so much for that thought-provoking message, and especially for your vulnerability in sharing it. And I love the heartfelt comments posted so far, too.

For myself, I don't spend much time listening to channeled material or worrying about what the PTB are doing. I understand that for many people, external support and validation is an important part of their lives and what they want and need. I respect and honor that, yet find for myself the voice within is the most inspiring and powerful.

Though I am very much here as an agent of transformation in our world and a member of this planetary Transformation Team, I know that the most powerful transformation begins from within me. When I see problems "out there," I've come to realize that they are always reflections on some level of something wanting healing inside of me. When I put up a mirror to my own judgments and blame of the external world these days, I can often quickly find the origin of this within myself and open to healing and transformation from within. I've found this to very powerful exercise.

I do my best to remember that even as I am actively participating in transforming our world, what is most important in my life is to focus on my own transformation and on listening to the subtle whisperings of spirit and of my heart. The infinite wells of wisdom within have led to countless miracles and blessings in my life, including meeting and connecting with all of you here.

I do find that I gain some excellent and very useful information from outside of me. I don't at all want to belittle that. I want to be fully engaged in the world around me and playing a powerful role as a co-creator with all of you.

Yet as in all things, I seek balance in how much I listen outside of me and how much inside. And even in that balance, I find it is the voice within which most powerfully calls me to connect on deeper levels with all of you through magical and sacred internal connections that are always there when I open to them.

With much love and gratitude,

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Firstly, in no way was this a goodbye I'm off post. Far from it, I feel all your love here, I am many times inspired and lifted by many posts.

As I typed in this post last night, I read and re-read many times, was unsure if I should hit the save button, yet hit it I did if only to be honest with myself. I realise the many and varied roles we all play, and understand that at any point I do not have to read and contribute to all that is shared.

Mary, I understand exactly where you are, as I too live daily (as best I can) from the Six Heart Virtues.

My favourite use of them is when I am showering, clean the outside clean the inside kinda stuff. Being in a place with nothing hiding who I am, bare to the world so to speak. I call out aloud three times each virtue, and as I do I hold the essence of that virtue in my heart and soul, I find this extremely cleansing and a great way to begin the day.

A lot of what came out last night was a result of my having a reconnective session earlier in the day, many words came to me through that session, one comes to mind now very relevant to you Mary and to me also. Please know that as much as you can sometimes feel very Lonely on this journey, know always and forever. You are never ever ALONE

HUgs to you all

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Ian, my heart sank when I read your post, I too thought it was a 'nice knowing you but bye' messasge........

I am so pleased it wasn't as I feel you are adding a great deal to this forum and I for one look forward to your posts.  I do not contribute much I know and rarely start a conversation, I struggle with putting myself forward and putting things down in writing.  I'm getting better and find being here with everyone on this forum very heartwarming.

At the moment this is the only thing I check regularly other than my hotmail account.  I have withdrawn from the world at the moment and am looking within but I need the stimulus of other like minded people to help me search.  What I find so useful is that something is said or posted that triggers another journey of discovery and although the original comment might seem unrelated I seem to find myself off on another interesting and illuminating path.  I have learnt so much from reading all the posts and being allowed to share your thoughts and ideas.  Every last one of you is precious to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being there for me when I have needed you the most.

I really do value this forum and you all feel like friends to me, I am so glad you are sticking around Ian I think we come from very similar places and I want to get to know you better and for my part I will try to join in more. 

I would love there to be more discussion about our feelings, our fears, our everything - thank you for bringing the subject up and thank you for being you

with heart felt love and tears in my eyes


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You know what makes this place so is all the great people and all the great messages that just seem to come into my lap (and I'm sure others as well) just at the right time.  I havent been on the site for a little while and I've been sitting here tonight feeling extremely melancholy and extremely alone, I really dont know why and I dont know where it came just hit me out of nowhere tonight.  So I thought I would log in to see what inspirational messages, videos, etc. I could find to help me break my spirit this evening...all I can say is this really helped!  I just love the trueness (if that is a word) and honestly everyone is willing to share here and it inspires me as I struggle with living a more authentic life in a world that really doesnt welcome that too much...So from the bottom of my heart a big THANK YOU ALL.  I feel blessed being a part of this community!

I too am withdrawing from all the PTB crap and the ET crap as well.  I am finding that it is within me that I must look and shine my light for in shining my light within so it becomes throughout.

This is a challenging time for me... I dunno about all the rest of you but I feel as if I am being tossed about on stormy seas without a life jacket, boat or plan of action as to how to get to shore--- wherever the heck that is! 

Last night was such a storm raging all around us in the form of a serious but ultimately resolvable crisis--- but I must admit I was not full of grace and all that Love stuff during the midst of it!   It occured to me that this state I am in is a good indication of the state of the world with is merely a reflection of our inner states.  It starts with the Inside of the HEART not the outside.  Fixing the outside is like trying to fix a leaky boat from the water side while in the water and then when the affixident does not stick-- cursing and cussing out, blaming and finger pointing, and then praying and calling for a savior--- to fix the boat that is leaking.  The place to begin is on the inside of the boat! 

I am finding the information I used to hold as true simply does not hold water for me anymore... It leaks all over the place!  This is confusing --a bit of a crisis for me as well.

I am glad you are chosing to stay and communicate with us all... I know I am better for it and for that I Bless Your HEART with LOVE.  Thank you.



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I must admit, as I wrote this initial post, you were on my mind, I almost did not post feeling it would hurt you in some way, yet there was a song in my heart that said post Ian FOR "G" SAKE POST, I guess the voice was shouting at me. I now understand why............. Thank you for being open and honest here

My heart and thoughts are with you Fairy, while you hold on through these turbulent seas, or maybe a raging river may be a better analogy................ I share this with you from the HOPI

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE HOUR.

And there are things to be considered...


Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, "This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

Here I am Fairy, out here in the middle of the river, reach out and hold my hand, the ride is rough and scary, hold your head up in all you do. Let us journey together on this river, let us ride out this storm together.


Hey Fairy,

There is something really beautiful in your note........hmmmm....I wonder what that is?....

big hugs to you sis....



Ps if on the odd chance you missed was YOU!


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or are we 'being' is what i ask myself as i read the posts above. Nothing wrong with looking to others to understand 'their' truths and better understand our own, but in the same moment, we are all where we are supposed to 'be' on our individual and uniquely Divine paths. (Even the one who is seeking absolutely nothing yet). As i looked out over the river and had coffee this morning, all sorts of thoughts filled me regarding this thread. i came in to simply say, all is as it should be, don't knock yourself out if you don't feel like you 'get it'. you're 'getting' what you're ready for. trust it.

but before i opened g-spot, i opened email. and this is what the universe sent this morning. synchronicity? well it does fit, and it does, in many ways, and probably more eloquently, say much of what i wished to! (i have italicized portions that particularly resonate with me.)

from Rabbi David Cooper...

 What is the Meaning of Perfection?A rebbe one quiet summer evening changed forever my perspective of enlightenment. The subject of that evening was "perfection."

This rebbe said, "Kabbalists say that Ein Sof [Boundlessness] is perfect, by definition, and this universe is constantly in the process of perfecting itself. Indeed, Judaism says that the very purpose of existence is the continuous perfecting of the universe.

"Imagine an advanced computer program in an 'intelligent' computer that is designed to learn as it goes. Each time it does a function, it learns by its mistakes and does the function more efficiently the next time. As long as it is learning, constantly improving, it is fulfilling its purpose.

"However, if the computer functions in a way that it ceases to improve itself, it is programmed to self-destruct. Why? Because its purpose is to continuously perfect itself. If it achieves perfection, it no longer has anything to do. Thus it enters a stalemate with no place to go.

"God represents perfection. This universe represents the potential for perfecting. Can we ever expect to make the universe perfect? The kabbalistic answer is no. Because our purpose is to continuously perfect ourselves and the universe. If we achieve perfection, we are finished and the universe would cease to exist.

"Indeed, for the Kabbalist, perfection is an absurd goal because an essential aspect of God's perfection is the creation. You see, perfection cannot be perfect without the potential for perfecting! The Baal Shem Tov has said, 'The book of the Zohar has, each and every day, a different meaning.' This is a crucial understanding."

One of the students asked: "Rebbe, before I came to Jerusalem, I used to study with a teacher in another tradition. The teaching was that everything is perfect, everyone is perfect, everything happens as it is supposed to and there are no accidents. The only reason that we do not appreciate this perfection is due to our limited perspective. Once we become more enlightened, we will see that everything is perfect.
This idea seemed right to me. Now you are saying just the opposite. Not only are we not perfect, but nothing is perfect and never can be. This makes me very uncomfortable."

The rebbe smiled when he heard this and mused quietly to himself for a minute before responding. Then he said: "Is a child born perfect or in a state of perfectibility? Of course, we would say both. Are we perfect as we sit here, or are we in a state of perfectibility? Depending upon our frame of reference we can see both sides and we can choose to focus on either.

"My own inclination is to work with reality as an experience of perpetual imperfection. Life is the process of being constantly urged this way and that; we are never satisfied with what is. We rarely attain a sense of perfection, and if we ever do it only lasts for a moment. We live in paradox. We rarely want what we can have, and we often desire what is out of our reach.

"We never meet the perfect friend, the perfect spouse, or the perfect teacher. And, if we follow the belief that perfection is within our reach, we assuredly will become frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled, or even worse, bored, constantly tired and indifferent.
"This view of our continuous perfecting is of great importance. Once we fully appreciate that our purpose is not to achieve some transcendental level, but to deal with the imperfect world as a partner in creation, we gain the very thing we turn away from. That is to say, once we surrender to the fact that we will constantly be repairing our own souls and those around us, we gain a new sense of the fullness of each moment.

"You see, the myth of perfection is one in which we constantly are dissatisfied with what is currently happening. We are never here because we are always trying to be "there;" wherever that is. But understand this important teaching: When we accept each moment as a new opportunity for fulfilling our purpose, we are always present, always succeeding, always changing the world for the better. And, we are always 'here.'

The rebbe continued. "One of my teachers in life, a woman Sufi, taught me this idea about here and there. She said simply, 'Forget about there; it does not exist. We only have here. This is it.' Whenever you use the word 'there,' check yourselves carefully to see if the word 'here' could be more correct. Nine out of ten times it will be.

"When we fully realize that life is here, right now, we do not fall asleep and we don't get bored. We don't seek the perfect mate or the perfect teacher. We make the best choices we can and work with what we have. With perfecting as our model, we do not need to look beyond what we have.

"Our sages ask, 'Who is rich?' The answer, 'One who is happy with his or her lot.' It goes on to say, 'This person is praiseworthy in this world and all will be well in the world to come.' May we all be blessed to find comfort in being less than perfect, and to find peace in the eternal chaos of life. The era of messianic consciousness lives within us. Remember, we are always here."

we are the 'avatars', we are the 'ones' we are waiting for~with love, kristyne

Thank you, Jez!  Integrating all that is-- is a journey that is for sure... and a journey that begins with the 1 step and then the next 1 step... all those ones steps are like moving mountains with  tea-spoons.  LOL 

You light and all the lights in the world shine forth... yet for you, dear brother I recognize you---





Good Greetings, Ian--

I know not of the criticism that I evoked from you.  Thank you for your kind and empowering words about focusing on our own lives... this is of course my interpretation--- and perspective.  Perspective is a great gift of this realm... so many and yet room for more!  It is a delight!

There is truth to be pondered in many places... some the most unlikely... This is where I stand to seek and test the truths that come into my beingness.  To simply withdraw from life and commit to excessive meditation would be death for me... and is akin to death and the realms beyond.  There is no doing in those realms only being... and evolution happens very slowly without anything to create perspective with.  When the time for such a realm for me arrives--- I will be ready for all things happen as we create them to be.  Whether I realize this or not in the act of creating simply does not excuse the Law from being present and in action.  This is a challenge for humans, myself included.  Although most of the time, I feel like a visitor. 

Standing in the raging river is where I am.  I have been here for a long time... sometimes I lose my footing a wind up nearly drowning until I either pull myself up or someone decides to enact a kindness upon me and mine.  It is an act of courage to traverse the river...and ultimately a Hero's test.


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I want to say I have really appreciated your posts Ian.  I for one feel the true strength of this forum is to be found in the brutally honest, soul-searching posts such as this one, the uneasy questions or concerns that push us into uncomfortable terrain where we are forced to probe those deep hidden recesses we fight so hard to protect, push back and keep hidden above all else, those vulnerable places where our personal core beliefs attempt to elude detection, like the many varied spiders of Mary’s post.  The real discoveries are to be found within, while the outer world is but a reflection, and your posts reflect this back to us.  Thank you. 

When I read your words it reinforced my belief that we are all truly connected because I’d been having similar thoughts.  For me the real danger in viewing what is happening on the world stage is the titillation factor.  Sometimes when I hear the news or peruse the internet info or get an unfortunate glimpse of the media news on a tv somewhere I come away with an uneasy feeling (I think my inner voice is a feeling more than a voice - that could be a type of voice right?), and I end up feeling like the looky-loo driver who just couldn’t resist looking at the accident (and thus almost causing another) or the guy who ends up watching the trainwreck of a reality show out of sheer boredom, deriving a warped sense of pleasure from viewing the self-destruction of another.  Much of this information seems to be pulling us away from the inner work that needs to be done and it is the inner work that is most important. 

There’s a point here but I think I’ve lost it.  Regardless, I’m happy to hear you’re not leaving, maybe that’s the point.

In support of your honesty,


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