Happy 11 : 11 a very spiritual day

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Do you see 11.11 everywhere? Millions of people do, some also seeing other digital sequences and codes which send them a journey for answers.

Reality, as you know, is science and math projected into an illusion to experience. To better understand that, people who see the 11.11 pattern and others, embark on more than a numeric journey at this level of awareness (emotions) - one dealing with healing their issues and helping others - the Mission Feeling to find their purpose. 11.11 is part of that journey.




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I had a beautiful 11/11. I hope you do, too!

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When one becomes more aware of synchronicity, one is "closer" to the source. Since we have oh SO much more sensory equipment at our disposal, things like 11:11 become self-perpetuating. It's why technology will never be able to fully meet or approximate a human being. Too complex. 

The interconnectedness of ALL. The "closer" "you" get, the more you become aware of and in touch with. Time and space are no longer barriers or even delineating factors on "higher" levels. Just don't lose touch with the small stuff! 

My point being, every day is beautiful! In it's own way...

And every day is NEW. And can be whatever you want it to be!

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