The Law of One - Introduction and study guide/overview

This is a forum intended to engage anyone interested in studying and discussing the Law of One series of five books. In this first forum we can read and discuss the introduction in book one and the provided study guide - overview of the Law of One series. Here is the link to that study guide provided by the good people at

The PDF of book one is attached below (after opening you may save a copy to your hard drive by going to your "file" menu and selecting "Save Page as" and then selecting a location for these PDF's of the books). Read at your convenience and chime in whenever and however you wish concerning any and all of the Law of One subject matter.

Note: There are 8 sections to the study guide-overview as you will see when you click on the provided link above. As you enter each section to become acquainted with an overview of the Law of One material, notice the red colored areas of text and numbers - these are link to source material that will enhance your journey of familiarizing yourself quickly and effectively with 5 books that will obviously take all of us quite a while to move through together. It will be worth it!!!

As One, Berry and Chris

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Still stuffing my face at the delicious table of introduction.

Hatonn's words are so amazing from page 23 on, and on page 28 we read,

"The Confederation messages concentrate a great deal upon the concept of seeking and of desire, feeling that the will of each entity is absolutely central to each entity’s quest for evolution. In fact, they say, free will is at the foundation of the universe. Each entity is conceived not only as being part of one unity but also as being a totally unique part of that unity."

and this passage with October 14th sighting prediction in mind,

"We are attempting to stimulate those of your peoples who would be stimulated to seeking this truth that is within them. We have been required by our understanding of our Creator’s principle to remain in hiding, for we cannot serve one individual and at the same time do a disservice to his neighbor by proving within his own mind that we exist, for many of those of planet Earth at this time do not desire to believe in or have proof of our existence. For this reason we find it necessary to speak to those who seek through channels such as this one."


"We are acting through instruments such as those here tonight to give to those who seek, an understanding. Our presence is meant to stimulate seeking. Through this process, we hope to contact as many of the peoples of your planet as would desire our contact. We hope in the very near future to be able to contact many more of the peoples of your planet, the peoples who would desire understanding."

This is very interesting because this was written a while ago and since this principle obviously still guides the decision making process of these lovely helpers immersed in the principles of the Law of One, then we can garner from such an event like that predicted for October 14th that many many more on this planet are ready for such an event. As always, we live in very interesting times!!!

What a blessing Hatonn's words are! (of course, he would say "they're not "my" words, LOL") LOL

Love, Chris

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"But understanding, that understanding which shows us the love of an Infinite Creator, is again and again described as being possible far more easily through the processes of meditation than by any other method:

"There are pieces of information that are of importance and there are pieces of information that are not. Wisdom is a rather lonely matter, my friends. You must accept this truth as you acquire the burden of wisdom. That which you know, you are to be careful of, for what you know in the real creation has power, and that which you desire is all of the direction which that power will be aimed at; but have faith, my friends, in what you know and what you are learning. Feed your faith and your understanding through meditation. The further that you go along this path, my friends, the more meaningful you will find this simple statement: meditate. It begins as a simple process and, little by little, it becomes a way in which you live. Observe it as you progress along your own spiritual path."

I get the sense a point is being made, LOL

and then page 30 so perfectly sobers one up for the importance of STO and meditation, but I will quote only this here for now,

"There is only one thing of great importance for you to consider at this time. That is your personal preparation for service. You are to serve your fellow man, and, therefore, it is necessary that you prepare yourselves for this service. This of course, my friends, is done in meditation. We cannot overemphasize the importance of meditation. Through this technique you will receive answers to all of your questions. It is difficult to realize this, but this is true. All of your questions can be reduced to an extremely simple concept. This you can become aware of in meditation. Once this has been done you will be ready to serve, just as others have served and are now serving upon your planet. Follow their example; spend time in meditation. Qualify yourself to reach out to your fellow man and lead him from the darkness of confusion that he is experiencing back into the light that he desires."

Wow!!! End of discussion so to speak.... oh, and one more great passage about "tuning"

"And always, whether meditating alone or in a group, I strongly recommend some means of “tuning” so that the meditation which follows will be at the highest spiritual level possible. This “tuning” can be accomplished in any way preferable to the meditator. The Lord’s Prayer, “Aum-ing” or other singing or chanting, the reading of some inspirational writing, or a careful visualization of the “white light” of the Creator, are all useful “tuning” methods."

  my friend...The Way of the Bodhisattva.

The service of the Bodhisattva is no one serving.  Nothing obscures the energy of compassion emanating from such a One.



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"Reincarnation is very basic to the Confederation message. One of the most highly regarded fruits of the meditation and seeking process is the ability of the seeker to penetrate what Ra calls the “forgetting process” which occurs at the time of our birth into this incarnation so that we might become aware of the lessons which we have to learn during this incarnation. These lessons are always along the lines of how to love better, more fully, more deeply, or with more kindness and understanding. However, each entity has unique lessons:

"At the time at which each of you incarnated, my friends, each of you was aware that certain lessons, hitherto unlearned, were to be the goals for achievement in this incarnation. If it seems to you that your entire incarnation within this illusion has been a series of difficulties of one particular type, then you are almost certainly aware in some manner of one of your lessons. As you can see, these lessons are not to be avoided. They are to be learned."

"Further, we must point out to you that when a confrontation in such a lesson has been achieved, that which separates you from understanding is most often your own thinking. Your conscious thinking processes are quite capable of being self-destructive in the sense that they may aid you to avoid the lesson that you wish in reality to learn. Therefore, as you approach a lesson, we suggest that if it is possible to achieve a temporary abeyance of the conscious, analytical processes, then you may return to the problem with a much clearer mentality, ready to learn what you came to this experience to learn, rather than only to avoid what you came to learn."

"We know how difficult it is to achieve the meditative state at all times, for we have been where you are and we are aware of that particular type of illusion that you call physical. We urge you, therefore, to depend on meditation of a formal kind, then to attempt a semi-meditative state at all times, and, by this, we mean simply to achieve a state of attention so that your destructive impulses are not free to clog your mind completely and keep you from learning the lessons you came to learn."

"Meditate upon the complete unity of yourself and all that you see. Do this not once, and not simply in present circumstances, but at all times, and especially in difficult circumstances. For insofar as you love and feel at one with those things which are difficult for you, to that extent will those circumstances be alleviated."

"and those changes which you make by love upon your spiritual body will, of necessity, reflect themselves within the physical illusion"

Anyone hungry??? I feel like starvin' Marvin!!!

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This passage from page 32 perfectly addresses any of my concerns about anything happening on this 3D physical plane:

"Even if the universe for those around you remains disharmonious and difficult, if your mind is stayed upon the unity of the Creator, your own universe will become harmonious, and this is not by your doing but by the simple love of the Creator"

hey Tricia!  welcome back from the meditation cushion beloved!!! I have such a newfound regard and hunger for the fundamental reasons for meditation due to Law of One material and your words about the art of....

Thank You for Being u

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My friend, you saved me a lot of work as you have picked out each of the passages which I was going to continue commenting on and made much the same comments I would have made.  Especially those passages commenting on the high importance of meditation, meditation, meditation!.  This, as Hatonn and Ra as well, has said is the only way to receive, wisdom and confirmation from our Higher Self, which, in the end, is our true guide to Truth, our own personal 6th Density Self, remembering our future.


And dear Joyanna, your above post gave me such a wonderful thrill of joy. To know that you are truly evolving in spirit and body is a most wonderful gift to yourself and to us who love you.  Thank you.


In the love and light of our One Infinite Creator,


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I just cannot stop posting these delightful gems! ("somebody stop me!")

Here is another fundamental passage concerning practical methodology,

"We offer them no concrete proof, as they have a way of expressing it. We offer them Truth. This is an important function of our mission—to offer Truth without proof. In this way, the motivation will, in each and every case, come from within the individual. In this way, the individual vibratory rate will be increased. An offering of proof or an impressing of this Truth upon an individual in such a way that he would be forced to accept it would have no usable effect upon his vibratory rate. This, then, my friends, is the mystery of our way of approaching your peoples."

Back to the meditation cushion, the whole lot of you/us/we/them! LOL

Oh, and I found this passage from the top of page 35 to be a very interesting confirmation of something I have suspected for some time,

"This concept of the Judgment Day differs from the eschatological one in that the one who judges us is not a God apart from us but the God within us"

and another very good reason for meditating through the veil of forgetfulness crossed through a birth,

"There are not just a few Wanderers on Earth today; Ra suggests a figure of approximately sixty-five million. They have left other densities in harmonious environments to take on a kind of job that is most difficult and dangerous, for if a Wanderer cannot at least begin to pierce the forgetting process that occurs at birth into this density during his or her lifetime on planet Earth, and remember the love and the light that the person was intended to share, the Wanderer can conceivably become caught in the third-density illusion, collecting what may loosely be termed as karma, and be delayed in arriving again at the home planet until all that is unbalanced in third density in this lifetime has been balanced"

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"However only a few days later, while working with an advanced meditation student, Leonard Cecil, I received a new contact, one which I had never had before. As I do in all cases I challenged this entity in the name of Christ, demanding that it leave if it did not come as a messenger of Christ-consciousness. It remained, so I opened myself to its channel. Again I went almost immediately into trance and the entity, which called itself Ra, began its series of contacts with us. This contact is ongoing, fascinating, and, to me, a source of some disquiet." (I would love to ask Carla to further clarify what she meant by "a source of some disquiet", other than the obvious).

"What concerns me perhaps more than anything else is that someone who reads this material will consider this human being that I am to have some sort of wisdom that Ra certainly has but that I certainly do not. If this work impresses you, I can only ask that you please make a sharp differentiation in your mind between the words and the “medium” through which the words come. You would not, for instance, expect the water pipe to be responsible for the quality of the water which runs through it. Certainly all of us in the research group try, through meditation and daily life, to prepare ourselves as best we can for these sessions. Nevertheless, what comes through our group stands on its own and cannot be said to reflect on the wisdom or so-called spiritual advancement of any of its members. As our popular philosophy has it, “We are all bozos on this bus.”

I found the great care they took in preparation quite interesting too,

"As she (Carla) mentally recites the Prayer of St. Francis, Don is aligning the table which holds the Bible, candle, incense, and chalice of water in a straight line with her head, as recommended by Ra. After Don lights the candle and incense, he and I walk the Circle of One around Carla and repeat the words which begin each contact.

"When the session is over, Don waits a few moments for Carla to return to her usually quite stiff body, calls her name a few times until she responds, helps her to sit up, rubs her neck a bit, and gives her the chalice full of water to drink after he and I have filled it as full of our love vibrations as we can"

As I was finishing up with soaking in the introduction, I got hit with a strong urge to see if I could find any information concerning the "why" of Don's suicide. Here is a link that addresses it briefly during some other channeling.

and since Don's struggles began while asking about STS entities in the latter sessions, I am a bit concerned about our approach to those later sessions in book 5. Berry, or anyone else who has a thought about this, should we be cautious with those later sessions that drove Don to remove the noise by taking his own life, or am I overreacting a bit???

Any thoughts anyone?

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Oh, yes my friend,  I have already began to protect myself when approaching this area.  I have also seen where it is inadvisable to meditate with the intention of receiving / channeling on ones own without support behind/with you.  And so, I am aware and cautious of such things. Carla, even with Don and Jim supporting her, was often very close to a fatal ending had it not been for their focused attention on Love and Light and the Creator.



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As I was soaking in the first three sessions last night I came across this passage from Ra,

"We caution you to guard against those who are not wishing to serve others above all else, from taking part in the beginning or in lending their distortions of mind/body/spirit complex to any session as we should then be unable to properly blend our distortions with those of this instrument"

With this in mind it will be interesting to see how and why Don decided to approach the STS subject in book 5.

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Hi Chris and all here,

I love what you are doing in this thread. I am extra busy right now just getting back from two weeks at summer camp with Bodhi and then off to Burning Man next week and visiting a friend the week afterward. I'd love to join you in this study, but it looks like it will be a few weeks before I can find time. Thanks so much for spreading the inspiration!

With much love and joy,

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For those who may not know, if you go to the groups section of the website, there is now a group especially for those interested in discussing the Law of One. Anyone can join. Much love and joy to all, Fred

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Many thanks Fred.


Chris was going to check into how to merge or move this thread into that group. I guess it got sidelined.


Blessing to you,


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Before Don Elkins was ever involved with Ra and the subsequent Law of One transmissions, he was an avid UFO investigator and researcher.  He compiled a tremendous amount of contactee information and messages given them which eventually became material for the book he wrote in 1977, some time before the Ra contact ever began. The interesting thing about this book, is that the information received confirms repeatedly the Law of One information provided by Ra.  Below is the link to that book for any who are interested in reading it.

This is a tremendously interesting read, and gives some insight and clarity to the information contained in the Law Of One.  I am in the process of reading chapter 5 and was excited when they discussed in much deeper detail the concept of "seeking" to know the Creator which Ra speaks of with high importance.







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This Law of One Introduction forum is linked in the initial forum post of the Law of One Book One Group forum Fred mentioned, as well as a few other complimentary links. The primary reason for linking this forum to the new Book One Groups forum is to give easy access to the PDF attachments of all five books of the Law of One that are located here in the Introduction forum....

Love/Light, Chris

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Somewhere in one of the sessions (or in the fragments of sessions in book 5) Don is talking to Ra about how they might get people interested in reading something like the Law of One material (Don's publishers had very valid concerns about the readability of the sessions), and Ra left it up to Don to decide how to market such a work.

The book that Berry linked, Secrets of the UFO, was/is Don's solution, and Don did hope that all might read it before going into the Law of One material so they would get a much better feel for the origin of the sessions that might have otherwise bored some to tears.  In spite of Don's valid concerns about the material he cared so deeply about, my experience with the Law of One material is the most transforming of all experiences I have ever garnered from reading someone else's work, so I will, in perfect dyslexic fashion, go on to read Secrets of the UFO after having read the Ra sessions, LOL....

Love/Light, Chris

P.S. attached below is a copy of the book in PDF form (that Berry's link leads one to), just for the sake of overkill and redundancy in case someone has any problem extracting the PDF from the link...  Open the attachment and then go to your "file" menu and go to "save page as" and copy to designated folder of your choice in your electronic library on your "C" drive.....

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Dear Brothers Berry & Chris,
I have just finished reading Secrets of the UFO and resonated deeply with the message of unity and love in chapter 5.  As a result, my recent meditations are bringing me closer to understanding how simply being "for" the light in all its aspects expands my awareness and brings me into greater congruence with creation. Thank you both for your role in supporting my journey.
In gratitude, joy, and love,

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here are the other four books for those getting through the sessions quicker than others. Since this forum is linked to the other new Book One forum in "Groups", this can be at least one of the locations for accessing all of the five books. And a reminder that the link that accesses all 106 sessions individually at DivineCosmos is in the initial forum post....

God Bless you ALL while we journey together toward such a beautiful awakening moving toward a full bloom array always...

and one more MP3 file from The Lost Chord called "Embracing the Beloved" is attached below too...

for anyone coming to this forum later and wondering where the attachment for book one is, it is in the initial forum post above....

Also, here is the book, Secrets of the UFO (1977), an earlier work by Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert, and also the 10 part series of Earth History by "The Founders", Sal Rachele's celestial contact.  I place it here because you will be amazed how well it aligns with and affirms the earlier work of the Law of One sessions with Ra in 1981, as well as Sal Rachele's website....  Sal Rachele Home Page


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How's goes the battle???  I know, its a piece of pie and easy as cake (imagine E. European accent while fumbling the cliches), LOL...  I came on this morning to post a PDF copy of a wonderful concise description and recipe for meditation I downloaded a while ago, and your post was such wonderful and perfect affirmation for the tugging I was feeling concerning this profoundly simple meditation download that covers (in only 17 pages) so much of what we already know in such perfect short order, and is absolutely perfect for those just beginning to understand the vital importance of and growing desire for meditation and practiced control of Prana breathing with the understanding of the energy flow that is already supposed to be so very natural and well understood, but has gotten lost in all the noise over the centuries of ego noise and lies....  It is time to stop crawling and learn to walk, and then run!!!!!!

Love you big time dear brother and fellow comedian!!!!

Love/Light, Chris

p.s. and remember, its "our journey"... we need to start thinking about the us that is always created, and upon becoming, Be-comes complete with its own oversoul as per data from Ra in the Law of One, a perfect example of a creation of "us", as is Hatonn, a social memory complex of all from that particular planet according to Secrets of the UFO.  Some of our best sources right now are from those we are, in like mind, becoming like, and therefore, Becoming...

We are truly One in such an undescribable and magnificent way!!!  there are no words for this, but we sure can see through a glass darkly quite well if we are so inclined!!!!!  Yaaaahoooooo

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As a complimentary addition to the Law of One material, Chris and I have concluded that the book The Only Planet of Choice provides some fascinating and corelating information that is valuable for those who have studied the Law of One. I have posted the PDF file on my Yahoo Group, Distant Healing Reiki Circle.  As soon as Chris has completed converting another related book to pdf format I will attach that file there as well.    Here is the link to The Only Planet of Choice.

Click on the file name and it will load onto Adobe.  Enjoy.


I look forward to the pdf files.  Thank you.



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thanks for posting the link!  As Berry said, I am in the process of taking some web pages that have the whole book (Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth by Stuart Holroyd) in 6pt font, reformatted into 13pt in PDF form.  This is an eye-straining time-intensive labor of love, for the book is truly amazing!  Just too difficult to read a 6pt font from left to right unless you have the eyes of an eagle, or you don't mind scrolling left to right a lot, LOL

For anyone who has come away with something of value from the Law of One sessions, these two books, Only Planet of Choice and Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth, are similar in scope and personal experience of the 3 involved in both scenarios (something very fundamental about the number 3).  Only Planet of Choice is a collection of all of the channelings thru Phyllis of "Tom", representative of the Council of Nine (mentioned by RA in the Law of One sessions at times, and in other ancient historical documents).

And Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth is the "behind the scenes" story of how all of that came about, much like the introduction portion of the Law of One sessions.  The mention of a mass landing is not about wishful thinking for some kind of Savior.  It is more like receiving a little help from very good friends who have been involved with Earth history and the seeding and genetic design/make up of both flora and fauna for many millenia, making Earth the most diverse in flora and fauna physical life forms in the universe, allegedly.  If this is all one big hoax, there are a lot of disparate sources getting the "hoax" exactly right, in all its complexity, all over the world.  In spite of one's credulity threshold, it would be logically and rationally easier to believe that these many different sources truly are working from the same playbook, and we are truly not alone, and never have been....

It would appear that all our world religions are actually telling a story of those who were here seeding this planet to accelerate the process of evolving the co-operation of the physical and spiritual experience.  This is still, allegedly, a work in progress.....  example of misappropriated worship - Jehovah is actually our equal, as any advanced entity telling the truth would tell us, and hails from one of the 24 major civilizations of this universe, a civilation called Hoova.  Hoova, Altea and Ashand are primarily responsible for most of mankind as they appear today.  The only true originals of this planet are what we call "black", from the genetic bottleneck in northern Africa about 75,000 years ago.  All else is genetic modification with the intent of accelerating the experiential knowledge of spiritual/physical evolution.  In temporary conclusion, one of the core reasons for a mass landing will be to dispel the notion of a savior altogether, and encourage the understanding and inspiration of a very proactive co-operative venture.  This was never about obedience to some thing or God, and always about responsible co-operation of the One Infinite Expansion......  May we prepare our hearts and minds to greet this eternally faithful co-operative working to help rescue planet earth from a gross misunderstanding and all the gross inbalance and pollution that has come of it....

p.s. if anyone has any difficulty getting to the files located at the link Berry so kindly provided, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will send you an email with Phyllis' book attached in PDF form, and then Stuart's book in PDF form as soon as re-editing/formatting is completed....

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The file for Only Planet of choice is available at the link I provided above.  When Chris has completed his conversion, Briefings will be available as I will also post it at the site above and he is perfectly willing to email the files to anyone who wants them that way.

Phyllis Schlemmer suggests in the introduction to Only Planet that reading the Briefing first will benefit the reader with background and understanding of what Tom discusses in Only Planet.  Chris and I are so excited about being able to get these books out to those of you who are interested. These used to be readily available on the web but the original sources have been removed or no longer exists. We were fortunate to find copies archived where we could make them available for the Gathering Spot.   Unfortunately, we are unable to attach the files directly to posts here so we have found a way to make them available through the link to another website.

I and Chris both believe that the Council of Nine material is so complimentary to Ra's Law of One material that it is essential to read and note the parallels between the two sources.  This is why we are so tremendously excited about this. Hope you all enjoy.





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A day after spending the weekend reformatting Stuart Holroyd's first edition (from the late 70's) I found that they have recently re-released "Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth" with the new title, "The Nine: Briefing from Deep Space" with the same cover as Phyllis Schlemmer's book (which makes perfect sense since Stuart's "behind the scenes" account is so very complimentary to the overall story).

So I have emailed Phyllis and Stuart to request permission to complete the last four chapters and introduction (I have completed the first 5 chapters), and permission to provide limited "no cost" distribution of the reformatted original edition in PDF form to interested parties in our group.

I await their response.  Upon receiving permission (if that be the case) I will immediately make the first 5 consolidated chapters available via Berry's link and my [email protected] email address, and the other 4 and introduction ASAP.  Will let you know as soon as I hear something.....

Love/Light, and Peace with no opposite, Chris

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I have created a new Yahoo Group specifically to make the PDF files available to those who want to access them.  Here is the address to that new group.

This group requires joining which is automatically accepted. It is not a listed group and it is not  a posting group.  IT is for archiving these files only.  After the simple joining process just click files, and then the file you want to access. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. Thanks.



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Finished up with reformatting Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth last night.  Just sent Berry a PDF copy to place at link he provided (in above post).  I would imagine he will post here to let people know when it is available at that link.  You may also email me at [email protected] to have me attach a PDF copy to a return email...

I cannot say enough about how amazing this book is, and so complimentary to Phyllis Schlemmer's book on the same subject called The Only Planet of Choice, which Berry has also made available at the same link.  Phyllis' book is more of a topical documentation of the channellings from "Tom" and the Council of Nine, and Stuart's "Briefing" book is the story of how Phyllis, Andrija (Puharich) and Sir John Whitmore came together and how all of this unfolded and the effect it had on their lives....  and Stuart's erudite style of writing, logic and deduction is incredible...

LLP, Chris

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Chris, a million thanks to you for your hard work and dedication in reformating this book. It is now available on the link above as Chris said.

Chris and I have said, it is a good thing to read the Briefing before delving into the Only  Planet of Choice as it does provide the backgound for the information that Tom and the Council of Nine provide. Even Phyllis suggest reading it first in her introduction to the Only Planet of Choice. Hope you enjoy these offerings.


Good Gravy!  This info would have been very helpful when I awakened in the late 1980's!  I would avoided so much problems if I had been able to connect with more like-minded people! 


I have been feeling really, really, really pissed off lately about how alone I was when I awakened and how difficult it is to have spirit friends but no real time friends... and oh!  Trying to do the work and finding no place in which to do the work!  Or doing the work and then having no compensation for doing the work--- homelessness, disinfranchisement, poverty, violence... the whole works... Oh!  And just as I suspected the use of "It Your Karma"  is just a load of bullSh*t that is just one more way to make one feel guilty for existing and thus feel victimized.  I am just so PISSED OFF!  And for you Aussies out there, No I am not Drunk but really really angry!


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I feel your pain sista!!!  I want to tell everyone how excited I am, but think better of it now, practicing discreetly while wanting to explode with all the info, but knowing how that would go over from previous experience that ends up being reduced to a trivial joke.

My method for closed mouth sanity has much to do with my belief that my intention for raising the vibration of this planet does not require, necessarily, my vocal chords, and also that my intent is being added to the millions worldwide who ARE already waking up and in the same boat with us concerning this, what must be, this oh so frustrating situation of wanting to scream this understanding from the mountaintops.

Nothing a good old fashioned MASS LANDING wouldn't take care of in short order.....

My recent outlet has been this wonderful portal community, but even this town has become a bit of a ghost town lately.  Could this be the calm before the "blow the lid off this thing" storm????

Time will tell.  Until then, hold on to your hat and your sanity, because you are far from crazy in a world gone a bit insane without being fully aware of it.  As goes the raising of vibration on this planet, so goes the awakening.  You are just one of the first out of bed and catching the warm illuminating rays of the morning Sun....  For now, that may have to be enough....

Love/Light and Peace with no opposite, Chris

p.s. way to vent girl!!!!  I LOVE that!!!!

HAHAHHAHAAHAHAH!  I was having a moment!  I realize now that if that was a sitcom character everyone would be laughing including me!  I am still a wee bit pissed off that the "abundance"  does not equal out right now... I am going to just go on faith that at the end of the day I will still have a roof over my head and all the modern amenities I have grown accustomed too.  It is my intention everyday that all people of the world have the same:  Good Food to Eat, Clean Water to drink and bathe in, access to a Good Education, Safe place in which live and go to school, Safe homes in which to live and for all children to have at least one caring and loving adult to care for them, access to Good Healthcare, access to Good Dental Care, basic human rights.

I refuse to feel guilty because I have these things.  Instead I feel blessed to have them and wish the same blessing for all people! 


Hey fairy,

Lol....we "aussie's" not only get pissed down the pub but we get pissed off too!

We see so much american TV we understand you but it  makes me laugh when you don't understand us......we don't know which bits are unique to us until we talk to you guys and you don't have a clue what we are saying....

Much love and thanks,


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Dear Elizabeth,

When you are receiving these emotions, it is, as you must surely be aware of, important to embrace them and realize that it all of the Oness of Self.  No guilt, not sorrow, just joy in knowing the wholeness of you.

A lot of us went through the same thing in the 80's  experiencing the energy of the Convergence, and not knowing what was happening.  That is when I decided I was going to answer an OLD! "spiritual" call to become a minister of the Gospel.  I answered the call, and the messages I was given to give were not "gospel" that the people wanted to hear.  They wanted hellstone and brimefire, and I gave them Love and Peace and Oneness.  After a  number of years of preaching to the stone walls of duality, I relinquished that persuit and sought my own Oneness. It took a few years but then the internet became available and I suddenly found were it was that I was going.  Yes there was some anger and disappointment to deal with but releasing those things and opening up to Source has pointed me to the pathway to enlightenment and Ascension. 

I needn't tell you all this as you have experienced the same thing as most of our brothers and sisters on this gathering spot have done. Otherwise they wouldn't be here.   I am overjoyed that we are some of the forerunners of the awakening  that is continuing today and into the near future.

In the love and light of our One Infinite Creator,


Dearest Jez:

Even in my moments of Ire I have a sense of humour.  And since I hail from the Capricorn astrologically speaking, my humour is dark at times.

I just did not want anyone thinking I was going to go out on a bender and get ripe and drunk on alcohol!  For some reason at the time it seemed important.  Now if I could just remember why?  LOL

Thanks for taking it with a sense of humor, Jez and other Aussies.  Thank you.  Thanks also for the words---so when you do get pissed off you are angry and when you are pissed you are drunk with alcohol?  It is important to know these



Thank you Berry!  I appreciate your kindness.  And to know that others have gone through this as well.  As I said it was a moment that I was having (well like several moments but you get the idea... the moments of ire passed) and I began to see the humor and wisdom  of the lessons... Still a little annoyed that I was so alone (no human companions just spirit friends) when I awakened.  I am glad I had the good sense to drop away from society and hide out until I was stabilized otherwise I would have been locked up for singing the Good NEWS from the top of my lungs on a street corner... LOL  They (the masses and general muggles) lock people up for insanity for that in the states and other places you know...  I am currently cleansing my feelings of disinfranchisement and blundering my 20's.  If I had had the sense of a goldfish I would have gotten a passport and gone to Europe for a year... maybe I would have stayed there too!  So many missed opportunities upon review... having to come to terms with my own blunders and inability to process the experiences.  Well, I guess I am still a wee bit annoyed with it all... integrate, let go to go forward this is the lesson that I am working through along with parenting a pack of wild indigos and dealing with current life... LOL  I guess I must like to be dynamic.

I would have sat in the front row and hugged you soundly if you had preached a revival of Love and Unity in my town!  Thank you for Singing the Good News even if the muggles were too dense to absorb the message.  I understand your chargin.


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I ran across this very insightful article on Exopolitics which I wanted to share with the Gathering Spot. Here is the link.

I think that what Angelika Whitecliff is suggesting is just what we as a group are attempting to do in a small but growing way.

Perhaps I should have put this on a different discussion group but here seemed appropriate at this moment.

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I just received word from Phyllis that, due to publishing and copyright laws she is unable to extend requested permission to make the PDF copy available.  I am simultaneously disappointed and understanding, but the books are available at website.

this is one of the controlling remnants of the old paradigm I am very much looking forward to collectively transcending as we, humankind, individually and collectively move forward, outward and upward.  speaking of outward and upward, that was a description of why there is that spiraling motion common signature in the behavior of Creation (given in one of the channellings), that our path of expanding experiential discovery and knowledge is outward and upward in the same spiraling as is revealed in the DNA molecule...  the same as the spiraling shape of the Ancient Arrow discovery of the 23 chambers WingMakers story...

I have to say, I really don't get this.  This info is channeled info from, allegedly, our source and origin through one of us (Phyllis) in humankind.  The thought of having these restrictions on this info seems to be so antithetical to the core message obviously intended for the whole of humankind.  Half of me wishes to honor Phyllis' email and the other half wants to disregard it in favor of honoring the higher intent of the collection of messages meant for all of humankind, not just those who can afford to send money to buy a book.  I am perplexed, especially at a time when it is so imperative that we each do all we can to further the cause of understanding by the raising of vibration and conscious awareness.  Can someone else chime in and tell me what they are thinking about this???  One of the thoughts that went through my mind immediately was, "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's"...

LLP, Chris

Good Greetings Chris and All:


This is a common theme among the older channels that channeled for a living.  They view the material as "theirs"  even though they are a conduit for Humanity.

A mentor and I had a parting of ways over this very issue.  He wanted money... I just wanted to do what I was asked by the Friends in the Sky.  He refused to assist me and left me open and vulnerable all because I could not pay his outrageous fees for assistance.  When one is doing trance work one needs a partner.  So I do understand this... I whole heartedly disagree with the self interests that it therein poses. 

So I would encourage you to speak about the material you have learned from and let them be the old channels that they are-- part of the old paradigm of this is mine and not yours... even though speaking about unity.  It is a pardox and makes no sense.

One of the things that I urged people to do that took part of the Moses Code meditation was to donate a copy to their local libraries.  Which many of them did... I explained that not everyone has the abilty to buy the Moses Code book but they could share in spreading the wisdom by their gifts to their libraries.  This is a way to reach a compromise between the old paradigm and the new paradigm.  By gifting the book to their local libraries thousands of people had access to the book... without having to buy it.

Another lightworker friend of mine, buys two copies of every inspirational cutting edge unity conscious raising book that she is aware of.  One copy is for her personal library and the other is to lend to the many people she assists... Her address is in the book and all they have to do is send it back to her... most often they do... and sometimes they are so excited about the message that they lend the book that was lent to them to another that is in need... and so the circle of change continues... and my friend quietly and with generousity simply buys another copy often from or where she can get it cheaper so if she does not get it back it is not as big of a hit as it would be if she had bought it full price. 

Just some thoughts--





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Love those ideas!!!

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I was involved with the Unity Church for a number of years, and I give abundant gratitude for what I learned among that beautiful group of people, but I had one "burr under my saddle" with their philosophy.  And that was the persistant propogation of the "Prosperity Theme".  It seemed that their whole agenda was centered around becoming wealthy, prosperous, and above the rest of society.  When we had special seminars or speakers, or workshops, the featured person was always paid a great amount of money to do the program. Ah, yes, they faultlessly "thithed" back their 10% of the proceeds but in the end our church ended up spending much more for the program than it received.  And this was supposed to be a fund raising event for the church. Hmmmm!

It seems that the greater portion of the New Age celebreties are into the Prosperity Mindset. Not all mind you, but a great number of them are channeling and speaking, and writing books, for the particular purpose of creating prosperity for themselves.  Does this remind you of something?  It is called Service to Self, as opposed to Service to Others.  Even in our community of professed awakened individuals, there remains those who are still on the other path.  I do not fault them, they are seeking the One in their own fashion.  I have no disagreement with those with a gift of enlightenment  and or healing to charge a fee for their services. They do deserve it.  However those who are intent on prosperity at the detriment of those who are ill able to afford it, I am uncomfortable with.  Still, I am forever grateful, that even though they are on the negative STS path they are providing a channel for the Truth from those beautiful and loving and compassionate higher beings which filters down through the net of self-serving, to those of us who are seeking in a service to others fashion.

What Chris and I have archived, and made available, in my personal opinion is ours to do with as we please, especially since we are not trying to sell the information and make money from the information. Chris has spent many and long hours converting this to a PDF format that is usable to anyone who has the intention of downloading it and reading it and studying it for their own growth and evolution.  This information was initially intended for distribution without cost to tell the inhabitants of this beautiful world that we are very important to the evolution of the galaxy, and the universe. 

I spoke to Chris earlier indicating that I agree that we should abide by the contracts she has made with her publishers. I have changed my thougths on this.  We did not get this information directly from her or her publisher. It was free data on the internet. So I acclaim that we should continue to make it available to whoever wants to download and read and study this reavealing and important imminent information. And for the information of those on this site, the Yahoo group where it is available is not a public site. It is only there for those whom we choose to make it available from this and other forums who would appreciate the information.

In the Love and Light of Our One Infinite Creator, who is not bound by earthly restrictions,







Hey Fairy,

Yeah you have it!.......although in the spirit of this place I think I would prefer to say "upset" rather than angry....I'd like to think I don't hate or get angry anymore...I, like hopefully all here, know better, such things are pointless....but we all get upset at times and find something in screaming it out....scream it loud when you need to sis and when your done laugh just as loud as you all you do as passionately as you can, with all of your feel is to heal.........




It has been my lifelong habit to supress my anger.  When I feel the passionate "oh no you didn't" feeling I supress it!  And this has led to a backlog of unprocessed emotional junk that needs to be cleaned out of my attic so I can set up a greenhouse and studio and get back to the work I came here to do.

So yes for a couple of days I was "upset."  I used the word angry in order to be clear in my speech.  Thank you for your assistance! :)

I have weathered the first round of clearing out the junk from my attic--- now I am laughing and enjoying life with passion! 


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I could not agree more after thinking about it for a few days.  I feel like contacting her again and asking her, in light of what you so intimately know about all of this and the expressed urgency of the Nine and how we on Earth have become a bottleneck for growth affecting the whole Universe, how could any form of adherence to a controlling profit-based concern even be slightly tempting to let override the very clear message intended for ALL of mankind right now, and at a time when Tom says we are running out of time???

To consider any motive other than that which would intend on getting this message to the largest number of people as soon as humanly possible is beyond me to the absurd.  I am not going to contact her though because I do not want to upset her, but I agree with Berry 110%.  We shall continue to make this reformatted document available, as well as the PDF copy of Phyllis' book we found before it got taken off (or is in the process of being taken off - she alluded to that being their goal).  One part of me still understands Phyllis' very normal and very common situation as relates to our current paradigm of profit-based economy based upon manufactured scarcity, but isn't that what we are supposed to be in the process of transcending as per the received message???  I found this to be so antithetical that it began to strain credibility of the channeling from somewhat of a logical point of view, but even the author of A Course in Miracles went a little crazy in later years before her passing in spite of the wonderful automatic writing work she was so faithfully and earnestly involved in prior to her going a bit mad towards the end of her incarnation....  If I understand the story correctly, Helen died not understanding the core message of ACIM.  That these things happen is clear, so I choose not to shoot the message or the messenger....

This will be one of my little "Harold and Maude" acts of rebellion against the status quo, and I feel completely clear on this, as well as fully prepared to accept responsibility for this decision if I should end up in a situation of arguing against the old paradigm in favor of the new paradigm the channeled messages are so clearly intending to convey globally!!!!!  I think that about covers it, LOL.

Anyone wishing to have a copy of either or both PDF books of the channeled messages of Tom and the Council of Nine may go to the link Berry provided, or send me an email at [email protected] and I will attach copies to a return email.....

Enveloping this whole situation, as well as the core global message found in the writings, in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator...  Adonai

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Hey beautiful beings,

I finally read through all five books of the Ra material aka Law of One series. Wow!!! Powerful stuff!!! It is definitely some of the highest quality channeled materials I have ever read. Very inspiring. Thanks so much for exploring this material and inviting others to do the same. Now may we all find ever more ways to really live what we've learned. Take care and enjoy this beautiful gift of life.

With profound love and warm wishes,

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...that I am 4 years late to this party but I must thank Fred for jumping in here and bringing this to the front page. I have been kind of taking a break as of late and reading pulp just for entertainment. It looks as though I now have a structured bit of study to do and 4 years worth of posts to catch up on. Off to see if I can get these PDFs straight onto my Kindle Fire.

Thanks for your work in starting this group.


Edit: I have found that the link to book one in the first post is broken. Also, in the post where Chris put the other 4 books, the link is not there. Also, nowhere in this site can I find a button called "Groups". Are these just the hazards of working from a 4 year old discussion or did we run into trouble with distributing copyrighted material? I was able to download the Council of Nine material (thanks Berry). If anyone knows where I can obtain the LOO material please let me know.

Love and Light

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  Chris sent me the links to all of the sessions last year. Before I made it through them, my hard drive went, and I lost the rest. I have been meaning to ask him again,,,Guess this is my chance,,I would love to read them all through while I am 'out of town ",,,,,,T

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Welcome back, Kevin. I believe you can find all of the books in .pdf version for free at the below link:

Enjoy the wild and exciting times we're in!

With much love and warm wishes,

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Thanks Fred! It seems that I was one click away from there on my search last night. I made my way through the study guide which was quite interesting. I think I know where Nassim Haramein got the ideas for his research now. RA was using all the terms that Nassim espouses these days, curious.

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One of the most intriguing things RA said in the Law of One sessions is that 4th & 5th Density, the densities primarily of Love and Wisdom, are the most difficult of all to integrate prior to entering the almost thoroughly complete non polarized Union of 6th Density.

This came to mind Fred (given the discussion of late) when you brought the subject of the Law of One to the fore.  It is such an interesting subject to ponder, the integration of Love and Wisdom...

Thank you for prompting me to think of this subject again...

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I have in the past come across references to Ra and the Law of One but so far hadn't taken the time to dive deeper into it until just recently Keith, my husband, downloaded 'The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One" by Don Elkins which I've just started reading.  This afternoon, for no particular reason, Keith drew my attention to the possible re-incarnational connection between Edgar Cayce and David Wilcox which I thought was interesting but wasn't aware of any relation to Ra.  This afternoon I also started going through this thread but was called away and left the page open on my browser.  When I just came back to it now, I was amazed by the post which was sitting right in front of me:

Joyanna, I do think you have a pleasant surprise in store for you as we move more into the Law of One, and, Davids' ensightful commentary.  Edgar Cayce was not in touch with Ra as far as anyone knows, but, David Wilcock is.  And all evidences and circumstances indicate that David is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce."'

I'm already a true believer in the power of synchronicity, but REALLY, how weird is that???

Could be the Universe wants me to be aware of this connection ...

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