Beyond One

To be One, truly One, and the only One is to lose everything but consciousness. As One - as a single, unitary consciousness - there is no we, only an eternal "I Am" all alone without anything else with which to interact. How sad and boring. And so I suspect that long ago the One chose to fragment into me, you, and we. I/we fragmented our consciousness to play this mysterious game of life I/we co-created. This experience of we - of me playing with all of you and you playing with me and all of us - is so much richer than having only one consciousness in all existence.

Alone or All One?

In the old paradigm, it was - I am alone, you are alone, we are alone. In the new paradigm we are co-creating, we breathe a little space into the word "alone," and it becomes "all-one": I am all one, you are all one, we are all one. Yes!!!

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