Looking within Ourselves to find God

You know. I was thinking. When it comes to life. I think we are all meant to be our own shepards. We look outside of ourself for help, for love, for whatever we need. Which to an extent is good. I think we need to work together. It's apart of our nature, survival, and history to work together. But I think we globally need to start being more independent. You know like as long as I do this or that I will be okay because others opinions matter more than my own. You know like okay if I have this nice car, or I appear intelligent than that person will be impressed and I will feel better about myself. Or religions. If I do this or that I'm awesome and better than people who don't. I will also go to heaven and everything will be all good. You know even the Devil. A lot of people look at the devil as evil. He's going to bring the bad. But what if we are just shrugging off the responsibility of what we are onto the devil or evil. What if the special power that the devil holds is in his mere presence. Like his presence exaggerates what we already are? I think that's what it is.......Maybe there's no real reason to be afraid of the devil.


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What if every thing has a piece or shadow of every other thing inherent within? And if ANY one little bit changes or goes away, every other thing is affected? Butterfly wings and all that. 

And WHAT IF it's all made up? And we agree every day on the game and the rules and continue playing or just pick up where we left off. So definitions are subject to change. And superstition limits growth. Belief systems, while being good guidelines or parameters for development, must eventually be shucked to continue to grow. And names, faces, and roles change ...

Today's hero is tomorrow's villain

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Yes, yes, yes!!! I love what you both wrote!!! What if we are much more powerful and magnificent than we could ever imagine? What if we recognize that all of what we believe to be shit in our lives is the most amazing compost paving the way to something much better than we could even imagine?

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It certainly is difficult to find the silver lining when you're in the thick of it, but I think you're right, Fred.  Something good can come from everything, and the lessons we learn most usually come from our misfortunes, not our successes.  The first Wayne Dyer book I ever read talked about such things.  In "Wake Up Calls" Dyer explains that often we ignore the more subtle signals in life. Consequently, these wake up calls become stronger and more in-our-face until we finally listen to them.   That's how our greatest lessons often come packaged.

Another story that may be pertinent here is one I first heard Zig Zigler tell:

Just before Christmas a harried mother with two small sons in tow paraded into a psychiatrist’s office. One boy, she said, was a confirmed pessimist. The other an out and out optimist. Wasn’t there some treatment the doctor could prescribe to get both boys on an even keel? After examining the two lads and talking with them, the psychiatrist put them in separate rooms.

The pessimist was put in a room filled with every kind of toy imaginable.  When the doctor returned, the boy was sulking instead of playing with the bounty of toys.  When asked why he was so unhappy, the child said,  “I’ll probably break-my arm riding the bicycle, and bust my leg roller skating and get my eye shot out with the BB gun.”

Then the psychiatrist went to the room where he had left the optimistic child.  This room was packed from one end to the next with horse manure.  When the psychiatrist arrived to inspect the boy, he was happily flinging poo over his shoulder and against the wall. 

"What are you doing?"  the psychiatrist exclaimed.

Still flinging shit the child replied, “With all this manure, there must be a pony in here somewhere!”


The psychiatrist spoke to the child who was given a bag of manure and obtained the following reaction:

“Oh, he brought me a pony,” shouted the little optimist with glee, holding up his paper sack for the doc to see. “But I’m having an awful lot of trouble finding him.”

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The other thing about projecting that sort of thing (god[s], the devil) is that you're giving a part of yourself away. Or dividing it up. You can never become a more whole being or sovereign integral until you stop projection. You're saying "this is me" or "this is not me". Identification. Like/dislike.

Those preferences don't cause something to be or not to be. IT JUST IS

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I agree with everything you said above about projection, Starmonkey.  We give our power away when we buy into programmed scenarios that we don't wish to manifest.  Where I beg to differ is when you said, "those preferences don't cause something to be or not to be."

Life is all about choices.  We are not just victims of our circumstances nor are we bystanders in an illusionary world that doesn't matter.  What we do here counts.  The tapes we play over and over again in our heads and what we focus our attention upon manifest into being.  That's why it's important to pay attention to what we our allowing into our consciousness and make wise choices.

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From what I can glean so far from manifesting reality or LERMing is that it involves more than just our conscious thoughts. Unless it's a large group of people thinking the same conscious thought. For an individual to manifest something we need to visualize it in our minds eye. Which is different than just our conscious state. It's like the part of us which creates our dreams. It has to be more than just a thought in the minds eye too. It has to touch you at one of your senses. I also think it is easier to manifest something's than others. Like certain colors or patterns. 

One thing is definite. In order to manifest reality at a conscious level a person needs to be able to access their minds eye deliberately and control the creation within the minds eye. 


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Another useful technique toward that is with dreams. 

Taking time before and after sleep to transition and consciously recalling. Both the former day's events and those to come. And focusing on remembering your dreams and on planning them. And being actively aware more and more.

Dreams and this recall ability are definitely where to start. If one reaches more and more lucidity within their dreams, and is able to control and manifest with greater ability, then they will be more successful in the "real" world in the same...

And able to shift one's own reality

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trading bad illusions for good illusions, and finally, good illusions for none....

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Yes, Carri, I agree that it takes more than a passing thought to create reality.   What I meant when I said, "it's important to pay attention to what we our allowing into our consciousness and make wise choices" is that our subconsious minds are being bombarded with violent, fearful, and morally bankrupt images every day through TV and other media.  Since the mind cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction, we must be the gatekeepers of our own psyches.  If not, we soak in whatever message the media mongols feed us.

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I don't eat that garbage

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The 0.00000003% that we represent are on this site for similar reasons. Ergo, none of us HERE really need to be convinced of anything. Except, perhaps our own individual solidarity and sovereignty. 

I bought BOTH sides of the coin/message from the course and all other life experience. I honestly don't listen much to the spin doctors OR media moguls. Is all a bunch of junk, mostly. I try to make a difference in my world where I'm at and who I'm with. There's nothing to do here on the g-spot besides talk amongst ourselves

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  Right on Chris ! Share away my brother !   Do your spiritual maintenance usually works for most .

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