The Resonating Garden

Let's cultivate a resonating garden with any thought, feeling, musing, mini-vision, wit, or forgot-I-had-a-body-for-a-moment transcendant moment that resonates with you. When we resonate, we intuit light wave data that is straight out of the oh so coherent universal field that science is discovering in the field of quantum physics. As Borat would say, "HAPPY TIMES". I will get it started with the two musings that got me thinking about the Resonating Garden.

1) You know those kinda tiny 30-second spot visions ya get when you just took a big (your thought here) and your mind goes racing with thought? Gotcha! You don't know if its "hit" or "(s)hit"! (its "hit"). Is it illegal to make a simple question this long? Oh, no! I'm stuck in a question wormhole (hep me, hep me). Okay, I'm back. My mind went racing with seeing everybody's fluctuating and varying correspondence with one another on the portal as different colors of light instead of words. You know, the light between the lines - and it was heavenly watching all the variations of color morph and change as communication light waves merged and moved on. The myriad of shades of purple alone were magnificent.

2) Two men on a park bench. Sun is out and it is a beautiful day. One says to the other, "Never put off til tomorrow what you can get done today!" The other says, with a serene zen buddhist smile, "Why? Tomorrow will be today soon enough." (In honor of John Lennon's beautiful muse, "Oh what a feeling, nowhere to go, nowhere to goaaa")

And here are several highlight quotes from James (from WingMakers) that resonated with me very much (there is still an ongoing inquiry by several of us, including Fred who was instrumental in getting some very interesting answers from James, concerning the authenticity of the new WingMakers website and James. The following quotes are from James' latest answers to Fred's questions:

"It is not that individuals cannot activate themselves, or lack the
natural capacity to shift dimensionally. They can and do. The problem is
that the “noise” levels are very high within the world because of the
spread of consciousness from the second to the fifth dimension. In other
words, the species is stretched, in a sense, across four major
dimensions and this creates noise. Noise in this sense: The frequencies
that are radiating from the human family (and because of human
invention) are dissonant and incoherent, competing and interfering with
the field of unity, which is the sub-quantum bedrock from which we all
arise. Amid this noise, the signal of First Source is diminished, and
sometimes indistinguishable from the noise itself."
(Watch "Down the Rabbit Hole" with this quote in mind)

"Perhaps the compensatory system that is least understood is that of the
planet itself. As an entity of consciousness, earth is dimensionally
ascending according to it own plan. As the human species spreads and
extends the reach of its consciousness, it signals the planet that it is
time to shift dimensionally into a higher frequency field. Earth is
undergoing this dimensional shift now and will complete it over the next
four and half years. There is, as Hollywood coined it, the “Perfect
Storm” of human consciousness spread, galactic alignment, and
intentional planetary dimensional shift. This confluence of interlocking
processes is, as previously stated, carefully orchestrated through
Spirit or Source Intelligence."

"But the new consciousness that is now forming within the human family is
not rooted in the historical insights of God or Spirit, but in an
intelligence that is present in every square nanometer of space, every
moment of time and every point of energy, and this consciousness is
awakening inside the human instrument within all who are prepared so we
can become the universal species as envisioned by the LTO. This is not
a time of individual ascension and then dutiful service to teach. Rather
it is a time of unification and collective intelligence working to move
the species from separatist isolationism to universal connection and

"Does this mean that humanity requires a savior? Does it show evidence
that the spiritual realm, as an object of knowledge, is unknowable? No,
not in my opinion, but it does suggest that the six heart virtues and
their everyday application and expression is a far better route to
forming a spiritual purpose than the framing of words in a philosophical
soup. Too much is made of the word choice instead of the behavior
choice. It is through the latter that we define our truth, and this is
the living truth that flows from the innermost worlds of our existence
into the outermost worlds of our five senses and physical body."

"We are here to be of service, and this applies to each and every one of
us. Our service contribution is the energetic transmission contained in
our expression of the six heart virtues, and our ability to achieve and
sustain personal coherence in our daily affairs and relationships. This
is the real value in the spiritual life because it does not separate
with words, but rather bonds with behaviors. And it injects
meaningfulness into the smallest moments of our life."
("because it does not separate with words, but rather bonds with behaviors"
man, I could mantra that the rest of my life!)

"But the expression in the behaviors of appreciation, compassion,
humility, forgiveness, understanding, and valor, these leave an
energetic “fragrance” that lasts forever because it entangles and
resonates with the Universal Field, and Spirit reapplies this energy to
the betterment of the planet and all who live upon her. In short, we
need more people who apply the six heart virtues even in the most
insignificant corners of their life."

"But this is what is required of those who will assist the human family
to become unified and coherent so it may knock upon the door of the
Grand Portal, seeking entry into the fifth dimension as a coherent
collective and not simply as a group"

Your turn...

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Just wanted to share with you all a movie I
watched two weeks ago (on Cinemax) called "The Last Mimzy". It was
similar to what we have learned from WingMakers in that some people
from our future were making contact with the past by sending a stuffed
animal (named Mimzy by the little girl who found it) through to the
past to recover some dna instruction they had lost due to their
ignorant disregard of the need to protect and cooperate with nature.
They had to send a nonorganic stuffed animal (which contained advanced
technology to be able to communicate with the two children who were to
find these toys) because time travel would have killed those from the future. The effect
all this has on these two children is inspirational and fits very well
with the inspiration we have all received from the WingMakers original
writings. Well worth the emotional/spiritual joyride.

Enjoy if you can find it,


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Hello Chris,

Your article resonates in me. Mainly when you say "bonds with engangles & resonates with the universal field.....

Since January 2008....

I am more and more observing my behavior mainly in the small things. I found that there is room there to bring the 6 heart virtues upward. This work is crucial for the service.


Enjoying to be part of a small spiritual group in my community since 9 years, in January 2008,  I had a strong impulse to graft to it  different activities, such as a cine-club, book club, fitness exercice group, health food workshops, lecturers on diverse subjects, concerts. To my surprise, it is going well, new people are coming and getting involved.

My "life mission" is to be a municipal councillor, which position helps to put some of those projects in place.

UNIFICATION is my deep motive, LOCALLY is also strong in the urge (local talents). My municipality is rural and counts 2800 citizens, it will be a beautiful resonating garden.

I did not know before reading your article that my desire is coming from the 5th dimension.

Thank you to bring light.






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Hey Denise,

Thanks for posting to help get the ball rolling. It is so funny about those comments you quoted from (above) because Fred and I have both been trying to get some verification answers from the present alleged source (James) of the new WingMakers website and those seven quotes above are highlights from answers Fred received from James. The answers have not yet fully addressed all questions asked, but sure did provide me with a beautiful and logical basis for practicing the six heart virtues and has me, like you, being very careful with even the so-called "little things". I have a hunch that the perceived "little things", the things we might just let slide because we figure it just wasn't that important and no one was watching anyway, may be some of the most important moments in life. I think life is made of "the little things" with periodic moments of perceived bigger things. What do they say, "Life is what happens while your busy making all your plans". Anyway, I really treasure how much James' comments about the six heart virtues has compelled me to want to be a better person. It obviously goes much further than that spiritually, but "better person" is a great place to start, huh? I can only hope that others are as touched as I am by James' concept of the six heart virtues and the fundamental part they play in the grand design.

Here's to complementary cooperation with light wave frequency everywhere by our behavior,


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Hi Chris and Denise,

Quit a good discussion here.

Chris, how different is what you call resonate recognition from what I know as intuition? So often, when a decision or some other activity comes along, I often have a need to "wait until tomorrow", to sleep on it, etc. and then there is simply a sense of knowing. Over the past bunch of years, I have come to trust this more and more. As much as I love words, and have been known for my verbosity, I cannot explain this knowing.

Does this have anything to do with what your are describing here?


ChrisBowers's picture

Hey JoyAnna!

Thanks for weighing in. I would have to say same thing, different word. How 'bout this: We intuit a guiding resonant light frequency from an ever-watchful First Source that naturally registers with the built-in truth and reality that makes up the core of our Being (unless we are rejecting it due to illusions we treasure more at present).

What think Ye?


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Perception, by its very nature, can be very confusing and misleading, as well as make me think I am very sure about something that, in the end, has no basis in reality. Can anyone relate to that experience? Therefore, I would like to propose the concept of resonant recognition vs. perception. Course in Miracles taught me that when I mentally rationalize my way to a firm conclusion (gateway to religious dogma), I run the prevalant risk of becoming a willing and somewhat unassuming participant in a kind of self-inflicted ruse that can lead towards conclusions firmly based on my own well-developed world-view perception. I can be so sure of something, only to find out later that my world view had colored my conclusion - in effect, I did nothing more than adopt another illusion that serves mainly to reinforce my self-established and chosen world view. What can I do to become more acutely aware of the difference? ACIM reveals that all perception is illusion and that real knowledge about ALL THAT IS cannot be perceived - only recognized. When I learn a new software program I always assume that the program designers spent a lot of time thinking about how they can make the software as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. This has been a valuable assumption in my experience. I believe that First Source, God, Whatever, also designed a way for us to side-step confusion and locate reality through resonant recognition of the Divine - a built-in feature in each and every one of us. Allow me to put it this way - if He/She didn't, we are up a creek without a paddle. I propose that we bravely run with this assumption of a built-in capacity for resonating or not resonating with any and all information and allow that very natural and dependable built-in process of recognition to guide us in an ever more beautiful and exciting journey towards reclaiming the Divine in us while leaving perception further and further behind - away from illusion as we journey back to our Heart and Home, to the One. It is also the kind of discipline that will go a long way in keeping us sane during the worst of times too - times that may very well be part of our near future with the way things are going and is already a very real part of many third world people's "nows" on this planet.

This conscious pro-active self-training and guiding discipline can be likened to a blind man's hearing becoming a much more acute sense that naturally tries to compensate for his loss of sight. If we consider perception our "blindness" we can also consider resonant recognition our more acute sense that compensates for our perceptual illusory blindness. Our brains that perform perception are just a useful tool - a vehicle for sensory participation, reason and contemplation. They (our brains) are not our Origin. Our Origin is found in the "Heart" (for lack of another applicable symbol at present). The mind is connected to the Heart, but is obviously not the Author of the Heart's Origin.

Our free will makes illusion possible, but never inevitable or absolute. There is our One True Self and our perceived little "caveman" (I mean caveperson) separate self that we constantly choose between every day. Our resonating Heart virtues guide toward the former while our physical senses and desire for autonomy primarily serve the latter. Therein lies the hopscotch journey between the two until that moment we fully appreciate our designated place in the One True Self. All else is just hangin' out, outside the open door of the Grand Portal.

This resonating recognition is our Heart's built-in ability to naturally honor and love its Divine Origin. Developing this resonant recognition can guide us through the jungle of perception and away from a preoccupation with our ego-based illusions toward an experiential joyful knowledge that we have misplaced the memory of by our lack of appreciation and recognition of the Divine. If we can agree that each of us are a created extension of the Divine, we must have once been fully immersed in the experience of that knowledge. It must of been us (mankind) who chose to leave the shelter of that Divine Love to pursue illusions of autonomy and separation, and yet we must agree we have really gone nowhere because that Love is unchangeable and inviolate, and time, space and distance do not exist in the knowledge we are talking about. A Love that does not allow separation, only the chosen illusion of separation.

And, of course, there will still be many who wish to continue playing in the ego-based self-aware illusion playground where separation is considered possible, where the grass must be greener somewhere. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that part of the journey - we just need to be prepared to take full responsibility for any side effects of self-inflicted strong illusions, leave some conscious "bread crumbs" along the way, and know that we will all ultimately want to come Home - to come in from the cold of the false separation paradigm. Anyway, that is my two-cent proposition - that those interested in avoiding the false info accompanied by perceived illusions practice honing their built-in skill of resonant recognition.

I think someone once called it that still small voice.


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What you are calling "resonant recognition" sounds so very much to me like something Abraham discussed in the book Law Of Attraction.  That being, when one thinks, speaks or acts in some way (or is prepared to)and are not sure of its apropriateness, then one should become conscious of what they are "feeling" about it.  Abraham said that Source provided us with a built in alert system so that we could know when our thoughts words and actions are in alignment.  It was most emphasised when they were speaking of unconsciously attracting unwanted situations to ourselves.  The question was, how can we be checking on our every thought when we have hundreds of them passing through our mind every hour.  They said that it was not necessary to guard every thought but to be aware of when our feeling alarm went off.  We would immediately know that we were thinking out of alignment with the highest good. 17 seconds to change our thoughts.  I think that was the time required for a thought to become a thought form and then begin to attract.


Intuition I think is part of the "feeling" package but just a little more ephemeral in nature. It doesn't give you a jolt of fear or anxiety or a flight of joy or bright note of thanksgiving. But is rather a dense shadow of the feeling hanging around the edges of the subject. For those who are tuned in to intuition it is most reliable, however most people are not.

Fascinating discussion above Chris.  I would like to know where a discussion of the six heart virtues you mentioned can be found.

Love and Light of the One Creator surround you,


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Thank you Berry!

You captured in one line what I took paragraphs to try to convey (okay, two lines). "The question was, how can we be checking on our every thought when we have hundreds of them passing through our mind every hour. They said that it was not necessary to guard every thought but to be aware of when our feeling alarm went off" Bingo! We do not have to track every thought - we just have to be willing to tune into an already present ability that requires nothing more than our free will intent to pay attention - to be guided until we become guides - masters of inviolate consistency.

I just had to cut and paste again from that wonderful link you gave us Berry:

The openheartedness of the Dodecahedron requires the internal support of a trinity of personal commitments — impeccability, self- responsibility, and integrity — in order to transcend into the Stellated Dodecahedron or Christ Grid. It takes the integrity and responsibility of honest self-observation and Zen Buddhist-type mindfulness to remain active and aware of whether one is in the bliss state or in the struggle of 3D reality. The Stellated Dodecahedron is about adding conscious awareness — impeccability, self-responsibility, and integrity — to the open heart to create Christ Consciousness realization.

Without commitment to the higher qualities stated above, unity becomes a transitory experience that is dependant upon a leader, instead of being a natural, unfolding process from the individual level. We have all frequently observed open-hearted people who have the best of intentions falling prey to the agendas of other people or to those of their own ego.

If individuals do not commit themselves to impeccability in their behavior, they fall prey to the ego agendas of themselves or others. Openheartedness without conscious mindfulness is an expression of Dodeca consciousness. The Stellated Dodeca is the consciousness of a self-realized being, and that is why it is referred to as the Christ Consciousness Grid.

Christ, or any other Master of this level, exhibits this self-aware consciousness: an exceptionally high level of personal refinement that is practical and attainable for all humans who sincerely discipline themselves to attain it. It is so much more than chasing bliss. This is what is truly expressed in Christ's teachings. He didn't want anyone to follow him. He wanted us to become as he became, a self-aware, enlightened being. The Christ Consciousness Grid exists as a reminder of our true nature and encourages us to attain it.

Overwhelmed with childlike excitement for the safe place we all really are,


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Wow Chris,
What an opener. It may take me a bit to get my bearings in the Resonating Garden. My head is still spinning. I think I'm seeing stellated dodecas...

Berry wrote: I would like to know where a discussion of the six heart virtues you mentioned can be found.

Hey Berry, when you find out, let me know, I'd like to see it too!

In joy and love,


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Hey Bodhi,

The six heart virtues are something I first heard mentioned for the first time in the reply that "James" (from WingMakers) gave to Fred's questions concerning the discrepancies between the old and new WingMakers websites. Although both Fred and I are still wondering about what really happened with the transition from old to new, I found James' answers to full-on resonate with so much I have been learning, so this forum seemed to be a good place to introduce passages from those answers.

"But the expression in the behaviors of appreciation, compassion, humility, forgiveness, understanding, and valor, these leave an energetic “fragrance” that lasts forever because it entangles and resonates with the Universal Field, and Spirit reapplies this energy to the betterment of the planet and all who live upon her. In short, we need more people who apply the six heart virtues even in the most insignificant corners of their life." (James from WingMakers). Can you feel that? WOW!!!

As for the spinning of the head, that should work perfect to get your bearings. I was so touched by those words, "these leave an energetic “fragrance” that lasts forever because it entangles and resonates with the Universal Field, and Spirit reapplies this energy to the betterment of the planet and all who live upon her". It so compelled me to want to get even the smallest things right and to right the smallest wrong I inflict the moment I inflict it. This is so past useless judgment and on to self-activated cause and effect. That is such a turn-on. And all this at the Resonating Garden fits quite well with Berry's new forum we just got going today, Sacred Geometry - Sacred Physics. Go to that forum too to get a feel for how these heart virtues we are all so well aware of fit within the framework of Sacred Geometry. We're gonna have to feel our way through much of this, but I really believe we are already there, already aware of all of this and recognition will guide us back, so keep an unconflicted and open heart/mind (which I know you already have) and lets get on with this very cool journey we are all on.

Did you happen to look at Rob's forum about DNA and frequencies? The reason I bring it up is because he mentioned that the earth's base resonant frequency is between 12 and 13hz right now. It is normally between 7 and 8. I believe this means that the strength of the earth's magnetic field is fairly weak right now. During the dark ages it was very strong and the frequency was 6 something. With the a weak magnetic field comes an increase of spiritual awakening I believe. It also means that we could be seeing the earth posture for a change of its axis position relative to the sun. It is safe to say we live in very interesting times my dear brother. I say we look at it like a trip to the amusement park since we can never really be not safe...

Ah, how I love a good double negative once in a while,


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This is amazing new stuff for about new vistas!  It's like I have to learn a new language just to think about these ideas.  The weird thing is how it makes sense!  Off to check out those other forums....thanks guys!


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Hey Chris,
I am really appreciating this thread. I agree it's fun sometimes to just turn my intuition loose for a romp in the park, while my intellect sits somewhat befuddled under a tree, wondering what it all means, really. Smile

For hardcore SG/NewTech/WeirdScience-O-Philes here are some links that might be fun to explore:

Warning: these guys are crazy brilliant and their thinking may lead you deeper down into the rabbit hole than you imagined possible.  In Winter's case the ideas presented may also contain a measure of fear plasma- so keep those squibulators handy! Smile

Marko Rodin's web site:

Dan Winter's web site:

In gratitude, joy and love,

ChrisBowers's picture

Hey Bodhi,

Since I'm already down there (in the rabbit hole), might as well check 'em out. Besides, I love the stuff that squibulates the brain into an anti-static state. Static is what scares me. Thank you so much for the links - I will let you know...

Riding this one out for better or bestest bro!

Chris (Rabbit Hole Ranger)

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The excerpt below is from an article by holistic architect Michael Rice and appears on his delightful web site:

Enjoy! And if you can understand this, would you please explain it to me? Smile


The Ten Precepts of Sacred Space Design

1. The Universe is made of one substance.
the compressibility of this universal medium stores form and memory in wave shape. E = MCsquared.

2. The Universe has one shape - the Sine Wave.
the principle of frequency signatures, called 'Fourier' means that even the most complex shape is a simple sum of sine waves.

3. The Universe can be described as a Geometry of Pressure.
produces symmetry, which allows waves coming from opposite directs to
meet and stand, giving the illusion of stability, and the segregation
of momentum, and make possible the birth of matter. pressure occurs
where waves meet. Ratio is all.

4. Focus is the only medium that creates, in a universe made of waves.
focus creates a 'pathway', or gravity, for waves to meet.

5. Shape is the only thing the Universe has to conserve.
naming and Memory ring out only from differences in shape, not substance.

6. The only way to conserve shape along a path is to maintain the ratio of length, area and volume (a nest of ratios).

7. The best path to maintain a nest of ratios is the Golden Mean (Phi).
Phi squared and Phi cubed, represented by the ratched dodecahedron.
This pathway enables information (shape) to be moved without loss of
momentum (mind). Sacred geometry recreates this coherence.

8. Coherence at any level is coherence at every level.
orderly relationship between wave lengths establishes a connection
between frequencies and fields (between the worlds). this harmonic
cascade (Jacobs Ladder) establishes the connectedness called
Holography, and also ecstasy.

9. DNA is a four-dimensional Dodecahedron.
one spin to three dimensions adds a harmonic and a nest for memory. the
DNA double helix keeps a set of wavelengths evenly spaced on a path
through time and space, thus conserving the wave shape.

10. Light, when folded back on itself, comes to know itself.
spiral-within- a spiral-within- a spiral creates genetic material at
all levels. light causes an extra geometry of spin, which superimposes
a harmonic of frequencies upon a nest of frequencies in an envelope of
pressure we call light as matter. This creates extra mind, because the
universal mind meets itself at every wave intersection, so the denser
the intersections, or nodes, the greater the self knowing, or sense of
identity and place within the dream.

ChrisBowers's picture

Thank you sir, may I have another.... You know what this makes me think of is my own personal experience with learning. What starts out seeming complex and difficult begins to take on a form of simplicity during the learning process - like the artist or athlete "that makes it look so darn easy". And now for a quote from Ghostbusters, "We got the tools and we've got the talent!"

Great link - I'll let you know if I think I understand it and then you let me know if you think you believe me...

Oh, forgot to ask if it is okay with you if I post those two posts with links over at the Sacred Geometry forum?


Bodhi's picture

Great link - I'll let you know if I think I understand it and then you let me know if you think you believe me...

Hahahahahaha!!!! I love it!!!!

BTW - for you history buffs, here's an early prototype for what we know today as the plasma squibulator... Smile

ChrisBowers's picture

We too funny! I think I may have made a little peepee in my pants. Hey, I forgot to ask you in the last post - is it okay if we post your two posts with those links over at the Sacred Geometry forum too? And if it is okay, would you like me to, or would you like to post them with your "special purpose" touch you have down to a science?
Oh, and check out the movement on the tesseract at wikipedia (scroll down). Is there a way to copy and post that moving tesseract?
It is sooo trippy.


--- Post removed at author's request ---

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I totally agree Elizabeth. When Fred and I began sending questions to Mark (the webmaster) concerning validity of the new WingMakers website, I would have never guessed I would be walking away from the process still not knowing for sure but completely satisfied with some very beautiful universal answers eloquently delivered by James. I love how life is what happens while your busy making plans.

Love your contribution to the One, Sister


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All posted (here).

Oh, and here's that tesseract beastie:

love that blue finish! Smile B.

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The HEART virtues are universally known.

I hate to disagree, but I've seen several references to these, six or seven of them I think, but I have not seen the list.  It's reasonable to assume I would know them, but as an actual list, I don't.


Bodhi's picture

I hate to disagree...

Ha! DL you old curmudgeon, admit it, you love to disagree. And I love that about you! Smile

At any rate here's the comment you seek...

Your old curmudgeonly brother,


PS. And in case you haven't already seen it, you might enjoy the end of this comment here:
I wrote it just for you! Smile

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Hi Chris et al really enjoying this discussion and Bodhi's adds with Rodin etc. I currently working with two twenty year olds that seem to be dimension shifting. Its and increasing experience for them but both are not particularly looking for the experience and its freaking them out a little. What little physics I know and trying to understan Rodin resonance has a lot to do with mass. I imagine our 'baggage' constitutes a mass or sorts that requires X amount of energy to transcend. I think the technical term is hysteresis. When a vibrating energy overcomes the propensity for mass to try and achive a stable state, it produces a resonance. Perhaps shcuman resonance acts like the old bias oscillator in a cassette recorder helping us to overcome the stability of mass. Perhaps in spiritual terms the less emotional baggage we have the closer we get to the 'background frequency' of the next dimensional level thus allowing us a sympathetic resonance. My theory could be a lot of bull dust but I like that it ties in some quantum physics and Nietzsche. What could possibly go wrong?

ChrisBowers's picture

Hey Dave!

I know exactly what you mean. I don't pretend to know what all this means technically, but it is registering with something inside me (our inner guide) that is undeniable. I absolutely love that because I usually become impatient with stuff I don't fully understand, but this is not asking us to fully understand with our minds - just our guiding hearts and lights. That's something I can literally live with! Don't forget to go to the new Sacred Geometry - Sacred Physics forum that is being developed and already has links to people who have been researching Sacred Geometry the lion's share of there professional career. That is also going to "ring up" the same way - resonating with something undeniable inside and inviolate. Just what we need as we prepare for the last couple of chapters of "Krazyland" so to speak. Love your presence my dear dear brother. I say that to you and so many now who provide the relief and opportunity of SHARING and not having to hold all of this inside because nobody's on board yet in our physical sphere of influence (although some of them are moving swiftly in that direction). On to Devil's Tower! (Close Encounters reference alert).


ChrisBowers's picture

Also, they are mentioned in the second to the last paragraph of the highlight quotes (from James) I posted at the creation of this forum (did you mean other sources other than "James"?). Anyway, I, like you, have heard of all those virtues, but never really fully appreciated their meaning until hearing James mention them in the context he did. I will never see them the same way again, for they are the foundation - at the bedrock of Sacred Geometry/Physics. That just blows me away!


P.S. Oh, and Bodhi - you know what I'm going to ask you don't you?(ghaa! he's so demanding) Would you post that moving image of the tesseract on to the Sacred Geometry forum? It is awesome! Thaaanku Thanku

ChrisBowers's picture

Hey Rob,
I believe you are on to something. I have heard it being discussed that way before, and right now you can go over to the Sacred Geometry - Sacred Physics forum and click on the link to Spirit of Ma'at to... wait here and I'll get it - okay, I'm back. See, time IS an illusion. Read the articles in this issue and see if you don't agree that several of them are talking about the same thing you are - that emotional baggage can and does get in the way of that frequency attenuation up (that overcomes or transcends "crude" matter).
As far as the perceived difficulty of light waves overcoming the density of crude, slow-moving atoms that make up the mass in this physical 3D world, all I do to instantly overcome any concern about that is remember what we now know to be mathematically true about "space" - outer and inner space. We cannot get away from the stuff - the stuff that comprises the vast majority of our physical bodies when you look at the make up of an atom. Just one single centimeter of that "stuff" or space has within it a potential mass energy that exceeds every bit of mass the most powerful telescope can see in all directions throughout this universe. That kind of potential just has to be somewhat oblivious to a perceived difficulty of overcoming crude slow-moving dense mass, ya know watta mean Vern?

In Love, Light and "MASS" Appreciation for this free-thinking community,


Oh, and would you be so kind as to cut and paste your post onto the Sacred Geometry - Sacred Physics forum? It belongs there too with all that is being discussed there. Thanks bro

Bodhi's picture

okay, I'm back. See, time IS an illusion...

hahahahahaha you very very funny man you...

you too much you no stop make my laugh into the wet pants...

--- Post removed at author's request ---

ChrisBowers's picture

Right ON FairyFarmGirl, ya baybay, you go girl!!!!

Here's to trippin' the Lights Fantastic in Momma's House with a 60 oz ORANGE DELIGHT,


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I have a muse I'd like to share that will make you smile and guard your self-activated hearts.

Guilt: The disingenuous trap - we pull closed the gate behind us and then scream through the prison bars, "WHO DID THIS TO ME?"

How do you spell relief...


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As I was reading these posts, I began to really see what is happening in my garden.  I live in the country where it is very quiet and peaceful.  I have always been "on the go", but in the past couple of years I have spent more and more time "in my resonating garden" and I have been joined by all of the wild creatures.  They come for food, water, rest and I feel a very real communion with them. 

The other day I had six raccoons, two possums eating and lying down together on the front porch, while three does drank on the courtyard as their beautiful stag leader stood guard.  We all feel such peace with and from each other.  These are very real new times. 

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Wow Max and Ally!

Thank you so much for taking us all on a neat little field trip to your garden paradise.  That is exactly the kind of stories I was hoping for when I created this forum - anything that makes your heart sing, write it down, celebrate it in Loving Appreciation, and then to this forum bring.

Thanks again Max and Ally,


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double-ditto on the last mimzy... great flic and fun for the whole family...

love, bodhi-g

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wonder box

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This intriguing transcript from a 2002 BBC show on Parallel Universes left me feeling pleasantly discombobulated...



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Dear Chris,I just saw the last mimsy.........didn't think that it was exactly a childrens movie....enjoyed it.I think that this conversation is a good one! Spring is good for gardening....I only read through half of this so won't say much ....yet.Thank you for posting this.Love,Mary

o.k. I've read and delighted in it all....a little color,excitement, laughter, movement. Too bad I missed it live!

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