Project Camelot just launched this new site that has already grown to 1,100 members in just a few days. Bill & Kerry say, "The quality of discussion, information, and the people themselves is
extremely high. Several of our witnesses (and other well-known figures)
are posting under their real names. Many of us are convinced there's
something extremely important and timely happening here." I strongly urge you to take some time to check out this new forum.

With Love and Light flowing,


This new project has been created by PROJECT CAMELOT in direct response
to the needs of current times and current events.

It will provide:

• Information on current global events
• How to find communities
• Building communities
• Networking between individuals and groups all over the world.



The PROJECT AVALON FORUM: to support aware individuals in networking and forming groups across the planet.

As stated by George Green in the Project Camelot interview Messages for the Ground Crew,
there exist individuals and groups, all over the world, who have an
important responsibility and role to play in the preservation of
civilization regardless which scenarios may play out.

These possible scenarios - which include planned financial collapse,
war, and population reduction by covert means - can be prevented and
changed by the united intention of many concerned individuals. Many of
us are working to prepare and awaken others.

We know that our efforts to create a new tomorrow will not be in vain. We acknowledge the Ground Crew all over the globe - including (we are confident) ethical and
principled individuals within military and intelligence circles

We believe it's prudent to make contingency plans. PROJECT AVALON is created to help you do that.

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Was almost late for work yesterday.  Showered, shaved and sprayed my pits.  Checked my investments (haw haw).  Wrapped it up, left the apartment, settled down into Faded Glory and turned the key.  Then a little voice said:

You have to go check the portal.  Right now.

Sigh.  Of course, I hear and obey.  Back in I go.  Boot up the computer.  Sign on...only new thing is your post, my dear JoyAnna...had a look...sweating the time now...signed up and left.

Glad I did.  Thank you.


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What a wonderful resource.  I have joined too.  I can see I am going to be very busy reading for a while.

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Thanks for posting this Joyanna.  I just listened to an audio interview with David Wilcock on the Project Camelot site, and they mentioned the new launching of Project Avalon. I am extremely excited about this new additional alternative source for information from dependable witnesses.  I So much going on to reveal the secrets. Hurray!


BTW that Sept 9 interview with David is well worth the time to listen to. It's 2 hours long but it will keep you so totally focused on what he is saying and you will be completely blown away if you are not already aware of this information.



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