Brilliant, Instant Activism

If you could spread the word about what is really going on in the world with complete anonymity, no cost, little effort, and no personal embarassment or confrontation would you do it?

Would you spread the message about the global power-grab, the NWO, the [K]illuminati, government corruption, bankster's wealth-fleecing plots, chemtrails, vaccinations, GMOs, FEMA camps, etc.?  Would you promote just causes, "red-pill" websites, political candidates, and grassroots positive change efforts?

Here's an idea that's so simple, it could easily be passed over as insignficant.  But I believe it's one of the most powerful (and convenient) tools Americans have at their disposal.  Circulated as profusely as email, it's something we use everyday.  It reaches more people than television, cellphones, the internet, or any form of electronic communication.  Everyone uses it, though (we're told) it costs nothing to use.

What is it?

The dollar bill.  Huh?!  Just think about it.  If you write a little message or slogan on a dollar bill and spend it into circulation, it could reach thousands or even millions of people.  Your anonymity is preserved and it costs you nothing.

What sort of messages might you send?  How about, "Wake up to the NWO."  "Stop the Illuminati" "Ban GMOs" "End the Fed."  "Ron Paul for President."  "9/11 is a lie."  "Occupy Wall Street."  "" etc. etc. etc.

If you have other ideas, please share them here.



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   I am going to start some here in China before I leave...At least the young people will be able to read them, they all read english quite well. I have directed quite a few to the movie "thrive" already....One of them is qq'ing me right now, to tell me what they thought of it..I am excited to find out...

    It will be fun to write messages like this on the face of Mao, who is still on the 100 yuan bills here...

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Why not circle some of the Illuminati symbols on your dollar bills?  (You may have to pick and choose... there are so many!)

And in case you missed it, here's a video that dispels any doubt that such symbolism is coincidental.

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I think Klaus Dona has an interesting angle on the origins of the pyramid with the all seeing eye on top. I just watched this video yesterday - hope this isn't a reposting..

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What came to me was, "Share In Love". 

And I think I like it.  Money has become such a talisman of locking energy up away to separate it from ourselves and ourselves from each other, with the idea that it represents something outside of ourselves, our community, our control...

So the words "Share", "In" and "Love" are like counterwaves against such a negative imprinting.  Together, they can make the money like a talisman to draw the Paradigm Shift of Universal Unity closer to the bearer, the receiver, and goodness perhaps even the other currencies that share its shape.

I like where these thoughts have brought me.  Thank you so much for starting the thread!  <3

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Two men one rich and one poor, happened to arrive at the house where the sage was staying at the same moment; both wanted the advice on some personal matters.

The sage invited the rich man into the house first, and he gave him a full hour of his time. Finally the rich man left, and the sage invited the poor man into the house. He gave him only a few minutes.

"This is unfair." the poor man protested.    "When you entered the house," the sage replied,' "i could see at a glance that you are poor. But as for that other man - I had to listen to him for a whole hour to realize that in reality he is far poorer than you." The poor man went away happy.......


I heal in me what created this in you..... I Love you I'm sorry.....Please forgive me......Thank You 


Peace and Love

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A big yes to adding shared in love!!! If the message is shared with anger and/or urgency, I don't think it will serve as well to help usher in the new paradigm. In fact, what if we just wrote things like "You are loved" or "I care about you" on bills? Now that could have a powerful impact!

With much love and joy,

Hi guys,

I think this is a nice dream but it's not in any way real...yeah? all get that?....cause it is OK to play but only if you know your playing....hehehe

I will assume the US works the same way it does it is illegal to deface currency and any currency that has been damaged is removed immediately from circulation as soon as it gets to a playing with thiss one step farther....does that mean that the damaged US dollar will be returned to the Fed prematurely and you have to get a new one from them that will add to the debt you already have? if so in practice this would not be very helpful , but it is a fun thought....if you could send on short message out that touched everyone what would it be.....hmmmm....I think I would just put   "smile!"



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       I have seen some weird things on dollar bills in my life ! Here in china I can't change an american bill if it has so much as a torn corner on it. I have been turned down several times at banks, once for a scribble from a marker on one!!

      But,,,I am drawing a heart on the cheek of all my chairman Maos as I use them ! Ha! There's someone who could use a little h'oponono !

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   drawing hearts on chairman mao's collar,,,he is on the 100 yuan bill here in China...Today I was travelling,,for about 18 hours, and passed a lot more of them then I had hoped ! ha !

     Tonight when I passed 10 of them to the hotel here in Wuhan, i saw the girl behind the counter take them and show them to the manager...They were both giggling , and looking at me...I said that I thought he could use a little love !,,,they know the word love, but didn't get the rest of it...So I did some more right there in front of them,,,and they came over and watched, laughing about it...They were so nice to me, they cut my deposit in half, and called someone to take me up to my room and make sure everything was ok,,ha! Then they giggle as I walk past the check in counter on my way out....I like this approach..T

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First id like to welcome Nynia Chance, great thoughts, thanks for sharing, i followed that with great understanding, really cool, and welcome to this lovely heart felt community i have often had great thoughts/realizations come to me from the from this place, its a great catalyst...

i would like to say again that i feel its great if we chose different direction, i feel understanding the issue's is important, i feel emanating love is important. I'm glad both are being traveled. i learned for me, i need both, i go out of balance with out the other.

Maybe do both lol Laughing... With peace and much love your cosmic brother - thomas

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I have seen plenty of messages written on dollar bills.  Yes, I suppose once they hit the bank, the "defaced" bills are slated for the bin.  I doubt such "waste" adds much to our $14 trillion dollar budget... and the good you're doing far out-weighs any negative.   Hey... how about writing, "Stop printing money out of thin air!" on your dollar bills.  Isn't it time that our money serves us instead of only the banksters?

Positive phrases like "Share in Love" are nice ways to spread good thoughts.  If that works better for you, go for it!

The idea behind this is to reach as many people as possible.  What do you want people to know?  Put your money where your mouth is!

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"A sense of urgency can be a vital factor in effecting change.  It can give us tremendous energy.  The importance of urgency not only applies in overcoming problems on a personal level, but on a community and global level as well."  ~ The Dalai Lama

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