Chalk Drawing: An Arrestable Offense

Few things are more innocent than drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.  Remember hopscotch?  Remember chalk pictures?  Who would've ever thought that cities like Orlando and New York would have declared such things to be an illegal?   Show me the law!   How many more frivolous arrests must taxpayers foot while schools are being closed and roads go unrepaired for lack of funding?  ~ Noa

#M17 [NYC] The Children's Chalkupation

Saturday, March 17, 2012, 11:00 AM

Selected By: Mark Hamilton

Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park

Broadway and Liberty Street, New York, NY (map)

Look for the yellow balloons!
Selected By: Mark Hamilton

Parents for Occupy Wall Street - Call to Action: The Children's Chalkupation

Parents for Occupy Wall Street - #M17 Call to Action: Chalkupy Wall Street!

**This event is planned to take place before the OWS Hunger March at 1pm.**

Liberty Plaza / Zuccotti, Thursday March 8th, around 11pm, 3 occupiers were arrested and detained for over 20 hours for the heinous acts of criminal trespass, trespass and graffiti. What specifically was their criminal activity? - 2 were arrested for drawing on the ground with sidewalk chalk, the 3rd for watching them! This latest example of the NYPD subjecting outrageous oppression on peaceful OWS protestors, and suppression of first amendment free speech in a 24 hour public park is disgusting, petty and a blatant waste of time and police resources.

Immediately following the arrests @OWSTactical called for a 'Chalkupation' to show solidarity with the arrested. On Saturday March 17 at 11 am, Parents for Occupy Wall St. and their children call for all of New York's children and parents to join to take colored sticks of calcium carbonate in their hands and defiantly 'Chalkupy' Liberty Plaza for the right to play freely in public space!  We plan to cover the park with vibrant chalks of 99% Super Heroes, OWS Kids Characters, and 1% Meanies.

Our one demand?  Bring Chalk.

Last December a Parents For Occupy Wall St. action exposed the fact that NYPD bullying, knows no boundaries, when officers destroyed their children's artwork at City Hall. 5000 paper hearts were decorated and displayed to represent the number of Occupy arrests, which is now approaching 7000.

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