Chalk Drawing: An Arrestable Offense

Few things are more innocent than drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.  Remember hopscotch?  Remember chalk pictures?  Who would've ever thought that cities like Orlando and New York would have declared such things to be an illegal?   Show me the law!   How many more frivolous arrests must taxpayers foot while schools are being closed and roads go unrepaired for lack of funding?  ~ Noa

OWS Children's March Against NYPD Bullying

It's official, Mayor Bloomberg has no heart.

On December 10th (International Human Rights Day),  New York parents and children marched in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street to protest NYPD Bullies.

“We teach our children at home and in schools that bullying is wrong,” said Mark Hamilton of Parents for Occupy Wall St. “The violence by some in the NYPD against peaceful protesters is confusing our children; we are left to explain unprofessional and inexcusable actions.”

Cops Clubbed & Sprayed OWS Protesters 10/5/2011

I had the live feed open in one of my windows, but I wasn't really paying attention to it.  All of a sudden, I noticed police clubbing protesters and spraying them with pepper spray.  Then the live feed died.


Sorry, I thought I was witnessing a LIVE event, but it happened two nights ago. Gotta love the protesters for singing softly while their friends are getting beaten.  Why isn't anyone talking about this?


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