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I thought this was a great article.  I don't know anything about the author, and I'll try to find some information.   There's nothing I can add to this, except that I found it at rense.com.




Unimaginable Intentional
Human Suffering

By Peter Chamberlin
Perhaps one day we shall know the truth about being, and being alive on planet earth, whether life on every living planet is as messed-up as it is here. Earth's problems must be unique, as they are of man's own creation, man-made disasters caused by ambitious men who are allowed to rise to the top, where they dominate us for self-gain. We allow our leaders to take the positions of power that they desire, instead of actually choosing who shall lead us. Humans tend to submit to those who claim authority, since it is easier to believe in symbols of power, than it is to personally submit to the tedium of the reasoning process. As a people, we tend to follow the natural order of things along the path of least resistance. By taking the easy way out, we give our blessing to the law of the jungle.
It is natural for societies to become dominated by powerful elites, who gain control of the inner workings of government and commerce, in order to bend them both to their will. "Meritocracy" and other forms of "social Darwinism," describe the belief that "success" by this definition justifies the survival of the fittest capitalism (globalism) that has decimated the world. The brutal belief system widely promoted as "neoconservatism" is behind the fascist agenda that emerged from the bowels of corporate-owned "think tanks." These elitist thinkers believe that it is necessary for our government to "cull" the "useless eaters" from the face of the earth, through forced population reduction and perpetual war. They are the true radicals, possessed by "extremist belief systems." Their plans for us are the end program of a centuries-old class war between the elitist self-proclaimed neo-aristocrats, who would be masters of mankind and the rest of the human race. The neocons are nothing new, just the latest, most-concentrated form of this egotistical brand of pure evil.
If the elitist "one-worlders" were correct about being the "natural leaders" of the world, dedicated to saving the most noble of mankind from the excesses of the dirty masses, then their cold-blooded plans might be justified by the results, by anyone who survived them. The plan is to kill-off a significant portion of the earth's "dead weight," keep another segment as a labor force and extend their own lives through genetic and eugenic research. They are not being all that secretive about this research, only about where it all is meant to lead us. If the idea of rich men carrying-out a plot to kill-off billions of poor people isn't enough to motivate the masses into torch-carrying mobs, I can't imagine what would be enough.
People with any conscience at all can see the obvious evil inherent in the selective use of genocide as an element of state policy, for the purpose of eliminating entire populations that are in our way, and thereby terrorizing others into submission with our killing power and basic lack of morality. It is unconscionable that a "civilized" nation would seek to force its will upon other nations by terrorizing them into submission under fear of certain death. This is an abomination upon the American spirit, equal to the abomination in which this spirit was founded, when we wiped-out the first Americans, in claiming our parasitic "manifest destiny."
The fact that genocide is an acceptable form of warfare is testimony about the many evils which we have learned to accept. The collective conscience of the human race and the mind of God demand that we act to make genocide unacceptable, once again. Ideas cannot fight against raw power, unless they become a shared idea, driving a political momentum. We have to make our countrymen see the reality beyond the illusions of the nightly dream-weavers and the patriotic drum-beaters.
The people of the United States must be made to understand that, more than ever, genocide is government policy, before they will rise-up in righteous indignation to it. It is a clear-cut case of "good - vs. - evil," with the evil being the world's number one source of state terrorism, the government of the United States of America. The American people can only save themselves if they are made aware of the fact that they are under attack by those who claim to be their trusted leaders. Likewise, all the people of the earth are under attack by their own governments, who serve as American representatives, to help conquer the earth and corrupt all life. The people of every nation must rise-up and become their own governments, the only truly democratic government.
In opposition to the leadership of the elite, which stands leeringly over the dying American corpse, there is another leadership rising-up, the researchers and writers who are exposing and resisting the corrupted power structure. We are those who would dig beneath the official lies to expose the bloody roots of corruption that support all that is hostile to human life. We are the voluntary citizens' press corps, dedicated to taking up the task of reporting on government deceptions, a job that the mainstream media has forsaken. One day, when freedom prevails, the alternative media will replace the sell-outs and the official lie-passers of the nightly news. But, until that blessed day, researchers like Prof. Michel Chossudovsky will keep turning-up the soil for us, exposing the inner workings of our criminal government. His important research on the roots of the Islamic Militant Network and its CIA origins has blown the lid off the most important story of the Twenty-first Century.
The names and keywords that other researchers have associated with the genocidal plans of the elite are too numerous to list or remember here, yet to do so would weave a sordid tale of interconnections and plots that clearly intersect in complicated patterns. By listing the elements of the octopus, we lay-out the proof of an elitist conspiracy for the few who care enough to open their eyes. But, in order to reach the distracted and pre-occupied majority, we must stick to single key issues like the "Global 2000" report, to tell the genocidal plans of our government, while secret war plans like "Operation North Woods," demonstrate just how far they are willing to go to start wars, the key to the war on terror.
The case proving government complicity in the 9/11 attacks which initiated the war on terrorism is becoming stronger every day. In addition to all the forensic evidence from the attacks and the unbelievable string of "coincidences" that made the attacks possible, we now know that Islamist terrorists, "associated with al Qaida" have been key elements of US foreign policy up until, and including, the time of the Trade Center attack. We have begun to understand the depth of US/CIA involvement in the destabilizing of a dozen or more countries with these highly-trained Islamic "insurgencies." This criminal foreign policy of creating radical Islamic militias for the purpose of starting wars in nations now at peace creates ever-expanding bands of Islamic uprisings throughout the Middle East and southeast Asia, justifying genocidal counter-attacks as "fighting terrorism."
The US is following the time-tested strategy developed by the Israelis (who first implemented it as a double-edged sword for waging war to thin-out the Muslims, while increasing the number of Islamists gradually) to justify greater and greater waves of ethnic repression. For, if you plan to one day force an entire population out of their ancient homeland, in order to colonize it, you will first need to rationalize a massive wave of state terrorism that will be needed for the task. For this, you will need an army of credibly bloodthirsty Islamists, to justify the monstrous offensives into civilian populations. This is why Israel created Hamas and the US and Israel created al Qaida.
Our government and many of our people have whole-heartedly embraced Israel's implementation of ethnic cleansing policies in Gaza and Lebanon, seeing them as dress rehearsals for our own genocidal plans against other innocent Muslims around the world.
The barbaric acts committed by Israel against the captive Gaza population are not the acts of moral people. Every act of repression, every secret move to limit the rights of Arabs, is intended to provoke reactions from the mostly defenseless people, in order to justify counter-reactions from the world's fifth most powerful military force. For Israel to "save face" in its international PR campaign, images of terrorists must be created to defend against. If Palestinians do not attempt to defend themselves with primitive weapons, then the Zionist oppressors will be hard-pressed to justify targeted assassinations and other brutal tactics meant to drive them from their homes. Palestinians, like Americans and all other targeted populations must follow the scripts that have been written for them and rise-up in defiant acts of self-defense, so that all the complainers can be bombed into bloody submission. The only difference between modern American/Israeli fascism and classic Nazism is the modern capability to control all information and suppress the truth.
The scale of the intentional suffering being inflicted by supposedly moral human beings, who consider themselves superior to their victims, is unimaginable. What is even more unimaginable is the international spectacle of other supposedly moral nations fawning over the killers, each nation trying harder than the next to suck-up to those who are starving helpless children, depriving them of medicine, and mowing them down with cannon and machine gun fire, in order to wipe them from their land and erase them from the "pages of time." The international horror shows of "diplomacy" and "humanitarianism" are shams, meant to seduce the masses into reveling in the bloodlust that is scheduled to head in their direction. "Negotiations" with pseudo-humanitarians like Bush, Olmert and Cheney can be nothing more than discussing terms of surrender. One day soon, the entire earth will rise-up against this axis of evil. Our actions today will determine if the people of America stand with the rest of the world against our own government, or if we will continue in our surrender to the beasts of the modern jungle, who intend to devour everything we hold dear.
The earth is standing at the edge of a dark precipice; on the other side is the greatest epic in mankind's history, waiting to be written, waiting for those of us who dare to take up the pen and to fight the darkness of the lies. An army of freedom-writers, who are as dedicated to defending life as the enemies of life are dedicated to ending it, can bring forth a new sustaining vision of life. We must first choose to place our own freedom in jeopardy, by stepping forward to stop those who would take us into the void in a vain gamble to crush most of the earth's life for the sake of greater "profit."
It is time for all of God's children to take a stand together. It is time to end the American nightmare (formerly known as the American dream).


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While I get that the author is sad about the state of the world, I don't see him looking within and taking responsibility for his part in creating this world. Expressing anger at "them" still leaves one in the paradigm with "them" and creating from the same energy, only the victim part.

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Yes, Beth, I do agree with you. I think the time has come where we stop ranting about stuff and start doing! Let's fix "us" first and get the ball rolling!

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I agree with both of you, although that isn't what I homed in on when we read the article. I thought he explained the matter well.

I totally agree that it's time to stop whining and start acting! And I'm looking for ways to do just that.


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then we help others change just because we are carrying the transformative vibrations in our being.

That's right. It's not unlike trying to spread religion. You can covert a lot of people fairly superficially by preaching and "witnessing." Or you can reach people in an entirely different way by living so that people want whatever it is you have. Guess which is easier.


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It seems to me that this article is speaking the truth of what is occurring in our world from "their" agenda. It also seems to me that ultimately there is only one thing going on here and if we, who have become awakened to what the "dark side" is plotting, are to make a difference, we need to come to a profound realization of that fact. I/we must some how, find my own heart large enough, kind enough and inclusive enough to find--in myself--the shadow they are externalizing for me and embrace it. If I see them as "them" and not a part of us, I am just perpetuating the fear, disconnectedness, polarity and divisiveness that fosters "their" emergence and rise to dominance. Blessings, John

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I certainly agree with the information of this article. Welcome to the third dimension, this is just more replication of the history of this world.


The first reality of this hit me like a brick when I went back to University at age 46. Our Canadian History course instructor very quickly put this into perspective for me. When the first explorers came to the New World the impression I had always had was that this was a vast new land and we had it more or less to our selves, save the odd tribe of indigenous natives here and there. No, Archaeologist have now proven that North America was populated with over 50 million people who not only formed great societies but had lived in this land for many centuries.


We were asked what is the most ferocious animal in the world, and the students answered, "The Lion, the Kodiak Bear, the Rhinoceros, ect . . . " No, it is "Western Man", we have moved like a plague from Europe westward and have consumed everything in our path. Within three hundred years we all but annihilated the native people who lived in this land. We have now continued to spread our own brand of imperialism across the face of this earth with our justification of "Might is RIght."


Certainly you must realize that the greatest terrorist threat in the world is the Washington D.C. Cabal Government that is just doing the Illuminati's bidding to eventually form a world Government which will enslave the world. And if for any reason you do not know this, then you have not been paying attention.


Does that mean I am shouting dooms day for humanity. Absolutely not. Just wake up and realize we have a very important job to turn this around before it consumes us all.


Yes, Love is the greatest power not only in this world but in the entire Cosmic order. As I said in the beginning of this message. Welcome to the third dimension. This is the hard stuff, a place where animals eat people and people eat animals. Yes, pretty barbaric. And our job is to help rise this world to a New Paradigm. I would have to say that our work is really cut out for us. And the greatest challenge lies within ourselves, to get our own house in order. I think it is time to get back to work on this.


God's Love to you all,

Carl Azcar

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No, it is "Western Man", we have moved like a plague from Europe westward and have consumed everything in our path.

That's brutally true. But it's not the whole picture. Western man didn't invent barbarism. He hasn't even refined it very much, at least until relatively recent times. The madness of the Inquisition was no sicker than Persian religious persecutions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. And the west eventually backed away from the repulsive evil of the Inquisition. After five hundred years or so.

Certainly you must realize that the greatest terrorist threat in the world is the Washington D.C. Cabal Government that is just doing the Illuminati's bidding

That is true at this time. I'd have to include the Zionist nation in the picture, too. But if the Divine works in all things then it is responsible for the night as well as the day. I think we live in the most challenging times in all history. I also think we have the wisdom and resources to solve our problems in ways never before imaginable. And I believe an invisible host joins and supports us as we rise, however tentatively, to the task.

Does that mean I am shouting dooms day for humanity. Absolutely not. Just wake up and realize we have a very important job to turn this around before it consumes us all...This is the hard stuff

You're right, Carl. You have a great awareness and a great way of expressing ideas. Yes, this is the hard stuff. But as we learned somewhere back in the TC, this is what we were born for. I'm grateful to be with you guys.


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"...Prof. Michel Chossudovsky will keep turning-up the soil for us, exposing the inner workings of our criminal government. His important research on the roots of the Islamic Militant Network and its CIA origins has blown the lid off the most important story of the Twenty-first Century..."


Thanks for posting this Dave. For those who missed it, the Chossudovsky article (link above) he mentions is also excellent.

In gratitude,


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I'd like to propose a strategy; in a sense, it is just an extension of what we are, each and all, already doing. it seems to me that there are two primary things that need to happen to reduce unnecessary suffering and to move the consciousness on the planet through the tipping point and catalyze, ASAP, our collective awakening. Firstly, the dark underbelly of what is and has been happening on our planet needs to be faced, seen and acknowleged by by as many as possible as quickly as possible. From our vantage point on the TT that will mean being willing to extend ourselves as guides to more people and spreading the word. This may involve getting media coverage for the TT and, initially at least, that probably means Fred as a spokesperson. Secondly, and simultaneously, because seeing the range and scope of the darkness can be and often is overwhelming and incapacitating, we ourselves must support one another and each other who finds their way to this information in holding it in the light of non-dual wisdom. My favorite poem, by Edwin Markham, goes: He drew a square To shut me out; Heretic, rebel, A "thing" to flout. But, love and I Had the wit to win. We drew a circle And we drew him in. With love and gratitude to all my teammates, John

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Dear Lightwins and everyone,

If you go to < www.zeitgeistmovie.com > you will become aware that this movie is going to be shown in every major theatre in every major city, in all parts of the U.S. and most of the free countries of the world. You can see the list on their Web site, I am very impressed. If you don't see a location near you. You have time to organize a showing that will be a part of this world wide "Zeitgiest Movie Festival" The festival is scheduled for Saturday the 15th of March 2008. So
there is time to find a theatre near you to organize a showing.

You are invited to contact them on the WebSite to get the help to make this happen.
That would certainly let a lot of people know what the truth is about what is happening in this world.

God's Love to all,

Carl Azcar

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John, I absolutely agree with everything you said.  You said it perfectly, too.


That's great news about Zeitgeist.  I hope people flock to it.



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