The Blue Transmission

In the thread which I started regarding Solar energy, Chris quoted some information from a transmission from Raphiem/Blue that I sent to Ursula which was forwarded to Chris.  I had intended to post it here anyway as it is very pertanant to Transformation in this changing/transformational time.


I now present the whole of that transmission:


:: M-I ::.. Return of the Blue

Blue / Raphiem

16th June 2007

as you put your water on the boiler and observe it for a time in your
counting ... although the water is heating up ... getting warmer and
the atoms are vibrating faster ... you still do not observe any
changes as you watch it ... as you continue to observe the water much
or less it remains the same ... perhaps you can dip your finger in it
and sense the increase of temperature .... perhaps some can hear a
change in the sound of the water as it gets warmer... or sense a
difference in the smell of the water .... but yet those observing from
a distance with their eyes .... do not observe any change ....

but there will come a moment ... a critical moment ... a flash point
... as you know it to be the boiling point ... this is the ignition
point ... the transformation point ... where the water begins to
change form and at a quiet rapid pace ... at some angles of
observation the transformation will appear to be rather violent as the
water begins to bubble and boil .... from other angles the steam
rising appears to be smooth and for those observing within ... it will
appear to be silent and serene as the water begins its transformation
from a substance of liquid to a substance of air you term a gas ...
steam ....

in your linear timing the transformation in itself is not
instantaneous .... but slowly unfolds ... as the transformation takes
place from water to air ... eventually all will be transformed ....
those molecules of water vibrating and resonating at a faster
frequency at the top of the pot will make the first leap from liquid
to air .... with the rest following behind .... we are not telling you
anything new here as you understand it in your science ...

humanity is now on the threshold of transformation ... hear the sounds
within the silence ... there is a symphony to be heard ... within
every moment there is eternity ... and within you is all things ...
all potentials ... listen to the blade of grass as it grows .... hear
the symphony of a flower as the petals unfold ... know that you are
already awakened ... there is no awakening but only rememberance and
realisation that you have always been awake .... unified and whole ...

the harmonics of knowing is simply the allowance of the all-that-is to
create and flow through you ... you are likened unto a musical
instrument shifting harmonics .... each instrument percieves and
expresses within a frequency range ... as it is designed to do ...
know that you are now being re-designed ... re-calibrated to perceive
... to express and partake of a wider range of harmonics and
frequencies ... as your junk-DNA which has been dormant unfolds and
re-activates .... for you are becoming a meta-human ... a greater
being .... you are becoming ... merging ... blending within your
higher and greater selves ... at your full realised potential ... you
are a chrystal-catherdral of light-body template .... a 24-DNA matrix
structure ... 12 in the seen and 12 in the unseen ...

you are an instrument of the all-that-is ... understand that you are
divine by nature and divine by design ... and so to is your physical
embodiment ... your biological spacesuit is an instrument of you ...
the I of You ... as you begin to resonate to a greater and finer range
of frequencies ... so does your biological space suit ... as above so
below ... many will find themselves seeking external mechanisms that
will assist them and their space suits to be in-tune with the higher
harmonics and frequency range ... this is alright as it is a
reflection of within ... it is only when you attach and give your
power away and become dependant externally that voids your inner power
... it is much like distracting a child with a toy only to coax them
into inner exploration ... experience and further learning ... but if
the child becomes attached and dependant on the one toy then inner
development and learning will become stagnant and cease ...

although the all-that-is is everything ... however it has not
experienced everything that it has conceived ... you are the
instrument ... the source of that experience ... if out of tune then
expression of purpose becomes discordant ... resonance allows a shift
to centre ... the greater the resonance the faster the shift ... the
external is a reflection of you ... it is not you ... but only a
sign-post ... a bio-marker ... bio feedback loop ... you will
externally manifest lifestyles that reflect your inner vibrations /
resonance ... you are the divine instrument ... for without you there
would be no music ... no symphony ... where would the musician be
without his guitar ... where would the conductor be without his
orchestra ...

the deeper you are centred within the more you will come to realise
you are connected with all things .... physically and spiritually the
design is much like a tree ... you are the leaf ... the flowering bud
which is connected to the branch .... which is connected to the tree
with its roots firmly and deeply connected within the all-that-is ...

when we speak of dimensions ... many assume that dimensions are
external ... outside of you ... somewhere up and out there ... this is
not so ... know that the greater the number of dimensions you perceive
and express in ... the smaller and inward within you are .... the more
present you become the more inward/centred and relative in size the
smaller you are .... much like your tardus of dr. who .... on the
outside the tardus appears as 3D telephone booth ... however as you
step inside it is the size of a multi-dimensional football stadium ...
know that all greater things come in smaller packages ....

a sphere of light ... an orb can encompass and exist in more
dimensions than you are in ... but yet be smaller than where you are
perceiving now ... and those aspects of you which are
multi-dimensional creating your crop-cirlces are so small that they
are barely detected ... vibrating outside of your frequency range ...
there is much confusion in newage bally-hoo circles about density and
dimensions and the both are mistaken for each other .... we will cover
the mechanics and technicalities of dimensions and densities in
another moment in your now ... suffice to say a dimension is not a
density ... shifting density is not the same as shifting dimensions ...

parallel universes coming into alignment are vibrating faster ...
embracing this universe as it it does accelerates the vibration in
this universe ... as you vibrate faster you reach zero point where all
potentials exist for creation and everything becomes synchronistic ...
synchronicity is a sign post that you are in attunement .. in the flow
of your higher purpose ... there is much confusion and debate as to
what zero point is ... without ending up in analysis paralysis we will
leave it for another moment in your time .... suffice to say that zero
point is where the space of synchronicity exists ... where all is
occuring in and at the same moment .... where all potentials are
available for experience .... there are many elements co-inciding here
... never the less it is the reason why this is such a great moment in
your now .... all beings are coming here ... all are watching ... all
are participating in this event as it is the event of zero point ....
it is only during these cycles that transformations to the next
harmonic ... the next octave .... can occur on a mass scale ...

ok R is pushing for a simple explanation of zero point .... we will
give you a child's version ... it is where ALL is divided by zero ...
by nothing ... no-thing .... where all infinite potentials exist ...
all is at-one-ment ... atonement ... ALL exists in one-moment ... take
your calculator .... enter any number and divide it by zero .... what
see you the result? .... (mine says "E" for error) .... how about "E"
for end ... is this not much like your Mayan calendar and the so
called end of time .... it is an end of linear time but not an end of
time but rather a beginning for zero point ... where all potentials
will exist and be available ... with this approaching zero point comes
a magnetic null-zone ....

this null-zone is expanding across your globe .... and will begin to
accelerate after 777 ignition point ... there will come a point in
yout time where planes will be grounded due to severe fluctations in
earth's electro-magnetic ley lines causing navigation and electronic
devices to behave chaotically .... when this occurs know it is almost
time for your new earth and new humanity ... this will be the
sign-post .... one way of weakening a magnet's strength or electric
current is to heat it up .... fire it up ... your galactic and global
warming is having the same affect on your electro-magnetic ley-lines ...

this galactic alignment is happening not only here ... but across all
universes .... in the seen and the unseen .... all the cogs in the
clock tower are coming into alignment which when the divining bell
will ring .... will issue forth a resonating tone .... a galactic wave
.... Terra (Universe 2) and Earth (Universe 1) are twin-flames ....
and as the galactic alignment occurs Gaia (universe3) which is the
oversoul for Terra and Earth will come into harmonic alignment with
Terra and Earth allowing for their merging .... trinity infinity ....

U1 = Earth (female twin-flame)
U2 = Terra (male twin-flame)
U3 = Gaia (oversoul for Earth and Terra)
U4 = Heru (male twin-flame)
U5 = Iora (female twin-flame)
U6 = Chrysona (oversoul for Heru and Iora and Terra)

[ the above is as per Blue's interpretation of universal mechanics and
structure based on a 24 dimensional existance ]

chrysona is the gestalt CHRYST consiousness consisting of Earth and
its other universal equivalents ... there will come a point in your
very distant linear future where Chrysona and Gaia will merge as one
.... let us not digress for there is much in your time in preparation
for mission-blue- shield 25th May 2010 for us to bring forth much
technicality and practicality ...

earth vibrates according to the consciousness of her humanity ... as
you vibrate she vibrates ... for humanity is earth's central nervous
system .... to transform the world ... you must first transform
yourself ....

something sacred is about to happen here ... a birthing is about to
begin ... earth is birthing ... for you are the child within the womb
being born .... the contractions are of love ... allow the breaking of
the birth waters to wash through and over you ...

it only takes one person to realise they are awakened to trigger your
planetary awakening ..... the next child born could trigger a mass
planetary awakening .... it could happen at any moment ... do you not
know how close you are ... we will tell you ... you are so close that
your hairs are now beginning to stand on the back of your neck ...
your cells are beginning to ignite ... some have become very sensitive ...

rapture is when all cells explode into the resonance of now ... one
with all things .. atonement ... at-one-ment .... understanding of
unity and uniqueness all at the one-same-moment ... knowing and
honoring uniqueness ... humanity will come to be meta-humanity ... one
organism ... beating with one heart ... one pulse .. one voice ....
the pulse of love within the veins of that all-that-is ...

see the unseen
understand the incredible
experience the impossible
expect the unexpected

unseal that which has been sealed
unveil that which has been veiled

be free and all reflections will be free
be peace and all reflections will be peace
be love and all reflections will be love

go now ... and watch a flowering bud unfold ... listen to the
heartbeat of a child ... hear the sound of your own breathing .... in
preparation for ignition point ... harmonic shift 777 ... and know
that constant change is the only stable condition ...

Raphiem / Blue





This is the reason why I walked inside and came straight to the computer. 

I........I don't know what to say.

At this moment I will just say ThankYOU.


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hey, do you or does anyone have any more info that sort of explains timing of this 777 quote:

"this null-zone is expanding across your globe .... and will begin to accelerate after 777 ignition point"

(as I reread my question I was amused at the irresponsible nature of asking about "timing", as if it were some thing happening "to" me or us, because all of us are never not part of the free will intention decision making process that determines "timing" LOL)

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You said above: "hey, do you or does anyone have any more info that sort of explains timing of this 777 quote:

"this null-zone is expanding across your globe .... and will begin to accelerate after 777 ignition point"

This quote refers to  an event that happened last year on July 7,  2007 ( just happened to be on my birthday.LOL)

Here is a link to the Mission Ignition 777 website.

And this:   Look down the list of Blue transmissions.


There is too much there to transcribe or copy here and there is so much else to feed on. (including information about Bethe Hagen and the earth grid)  Hmmmm. I know you have a ravenoush appetite.

In love and light.





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Thanks Berry!

Will go there and feast momentarily after I get some useless advertisement work done here, LOL

Happy Birthday.

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Thanks Misty,

I normally don't pay much attention to birthdays, but last year was special since it was a very magical date. 7th month, 7th day on the 7th year of the century.  I did participate in the global 777 meditations that happened last year and it was very special. Things certainly have accelerated since then as you are well aware of.

In love and light,


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