Channeling Strange Languages

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Team member Berry sent me a message about this fascinating topic and we have decided to share the conversation and open it up for feedback here. Has anyone else had this sort of experience?

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Greetings James,
I was just looking at your profile to see where you live that you wouldn't need a police force, which by the way I think is a wonderful idea. I noticed what you posted under languages: "also something interesting that comes through me, it seems like a hybrid of Tibettan/Sanskrit, Gaelic, Hebrew, and Oriental languages."

As I read that, I recalled that many years ago, when I was in the Navy, I found myself open to something incredibly similar to what you have described. It only happened a couple of times, but I would go into a light trance, usually while on the beach in Key West, and I would begin uttering what sounded like gibberish to me and to the couple of friends who were with me. Yeah, I did have witnesses. The second time it happened one of the fellows had a recorder and recorded the transmission. As we later listened to it, it sounded so very much like a combination of, just as you said, tibetan, hebrew, chinese and whatever. One of my friends was somewhat practiced in hypnosis and so we decided to see if we could find out what was going on.

During the hypnosis, my friend was able to get me deep enough to re-contact the entity which had appearantly spoken through me, which began to speak in this strange language. He couldn't get it to speak in English but was able to get me to be able to translate the message (channel).

Now James, this was back in the mid 60's, I was in the Navy, working with experimental sonar equipment, and the Navy was just beginning to do tests with ultra-sound, and subsonic energy, what's killing all the whales and dolphins now. What the message was telling us was a warning, that what we were doing was dangerous and would cause great calamity in the world and that we should cease following our current path. Well, we didn't understand what this meant as we thought it was directed directly at us. This was all recorded as well.

My friend brought me out of the trance with some post hypnotic suggestions, to avoid opening up to this entity again because we felt it was fooling around with something we didn't know about. None of us connected that message back then with what is happening now. I only now realize that this was a warning from some entity connected with the earth/sea against the terrible effects of the sonar power weapons which are now very real and capable of great destruction, not just whales and dolphins but causing tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes (HAARP).

I have not since then every received any messages from that entity, as I have, as was suggested, not attempted to open up to it. I would not be afraid of it now, but I think I would have to go back to that beach in Key West to contact it.

Anyway, I thought I would share that with you after reading what you wrote about that mysterious language. Perhaps you have been in contact with the same being or beings. When this has happened to you, were you near the ocean? I am just curious to see if there is any other correspondance in the incidents.

I leave you in the Love and Light of our one Infinite Creator,

My Dear Berry,

Incredible! Yes, this language is a big deal with me as of late, I could go on for a while lol. I have several theories about where it comes from, but your info really really points to the "Sirius" idea. I've heard a lot of talk about the Sirius system being connected with whales, dolphins, and the ocean. One fellow I spoke with claimed that people from Sirius actually had some sort of 4-d communication devices scatered through earth's oceans, for whatever that is worth. The Dogon in Africa who supposedly knew about the binary nature of that system connected it with some kind of fish people, if you know about that whole deal.

For me in the beginning it just came out involuntarily while I was going through a period of enormous emotional stress. Also in my sleep. I thought I was loosing it and everyone around me sort of did too. But then I began to recognize words that would seem to come up a lot or that were "inserted" into my "channeled" writings, which were often warnings also, very cryptic, some of them pretty scary, but not really about sonar or that kind of technology. So what I did was looked up some of the words on the internet, which I would highly suggest you try, although it doesn't work as well anymore what with the "new internet" information filtering. Sometimes I had to try several spellings, but usually my intuition was correct on that. I found that indeed some of them were real words, and that I did know the meanings of them somehow. The best example was a phrase that came into my head very clearly and strongly, "Shaar Ah Ai La", which I interpreted to mean doorway of divine love. Shaar is a hebrew word for "Gate" and there is also a judaic group of some kind with that name. Ai is Japanese for Love and is actually a fairly common name I found out. Coincidence, perhaps, but I'm increasingly doubting that. The idea was that I was supposed to open this gateway inside of myself, so I take it as a positive thing, but then it gets a little complex...

The most recent place this has come up is in my work with this wonderful healer. She is having me move emotions that are stuck from past lifetimes ("Clearing"), and this language starts comming out when we work on some very strange issues I have with cybernetics, "unloving electrical energy", and El-An-Ra/Orion. We are refering to it as a "star language". That is where this gets kind of hairy. I know I'm getting a little far out on this, but my feeling is that there are several dialects of this "Star language" spoken "out there" and it can be difficult for us to discern if it is from a "benevolent" source or otherwise. Of course, i think that listening to our inner knowing is the best way.

I would be very interested to hear the recording you have if you would ever be willing to share it. Also I would love to post this in a public forum and open up this discussion to the team, would you be okay with that?

Love and Joy be with You for all your days :)



Dear Jaime

I find your reply extremely fascinating and provocative. The thought that that contact may have been from an entity from the Sirius group resonates with me in some deep unaccountable way. There was indeed a close connection between the message and the oceans of the earth as you have said. However when I was 19 years old, I had no knowledge of communications from spiritual/higher density beings and it was a frightening experience for me and my friends. Unfortunately the recordings no longer exist. There was no thought from any of us in keeping it, mainly for the reason I mentioned above that the whole thing was too bazaar and scary. I wish that I did have them now. I don't remember any of the word or sounds involved in that transmission. I find it marvelous that you are finding ways of translating some of this which you are receiving.

As I live now in the middle of Texas, at least 300 miles from the nearest ocean or sea I doubt if a contact could be established. On the other hand, there is nothing to pevent such a contact from being established as others have channeled material from the Sirians. It is something to seriously (no pun intended) consider.

I am at this time reading a book (e-book) written by Carla Reuckert called Handbook of Channeling. She provides a very careful guide for those dedicated to learning to channel. I have for some time felt that it was one of those things for which I am in this life to do. I have had some brief moments of clarity and reception of information from higher realms, but I have not been able to develope the voluntary use of the ability. I gather that you have done so, and for that I am very excited for you. I would suggest, if you have not had any training or guidance from experienced and proven "instruments" that perhaps it would be valuable for you to read this material as I am. Go to L/ and then click on the Library link and then on the Channelers Handbook for the book in PDF. Carla says that it is most important that you don't get into this alone, especially in the beginning, that it is better to work with small groups and at least one person who has been channeling for some while.

I have no problems with posting this discussion on a thread in the forum. We might discover that others have also received such messages from this group.

Love and Light,

Dear Berry,
Yes a lot of things in my life have pointed at Sirius, and friends and I have certainly adopted that pun all the time lol. Too bad the recording is lost, but totally understandable that it would be freaky. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll get into that one as soon as I can. I haven't really been able to bring a whole lot through actually, I'm not very clear, my mind gets in the way too much, but this poetry is working okay. I should maybe post some of the things I got during that time period though, for feedback from the team, we'll see. Indeed also, it's definitely good to be a little careful with such things, again thanks for the link there. Let's post and see what people have to say :)
Much Love!

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The mention of a Sirius connection with Dolphins and Whales resonates with me too, but I could not even begin to tell you why, which makes it all the more intriguing. Another thing that caught my eye in your "Shaar Ah Ai La" phrase JaiMe is the "Ah" part which is the specific vowel sound for the green ray heart chakra.

From Root Chakra to Crown Chakra these vowel sounds go,

uhhhhh = red-root Chakra

uuuuuu = orange-sacral/sexual Chakra

oooooo = yellow-solar Chakra

ahhhhh = green-heart Chakra

eye = blue-throat Chakra

aye = indigo-third eye Chakra

eeeeee = violet-crown Chakra

and then "mmmmmm" to transcend the whole octave of chakras and prepare to move through them again in continuous cyclical exercise until sufficiently relaxed and balanced. Also, as an off the subject point of interest, if anyone ever has trouble with a difficult bowel movement, the low frequency singing/humming of the root and sacral chakra vowel sounds are amazingly helpful.

If you practice these tones and concentrate on the particular chakra for each (intuitively pick whatever frequency you wish to start at and use for all vowel sounds or move up a scale of your choice - there is no way to do this wrong and is very intuitive and subjective by design - keeps the mind out of the way for a spell) you may find it very helpful in trying to discover more star language words and phrases while searching without interference from mind/brain. At the very least you will balance your chakras by just humming the vowels for each chakra and naturally do breathing exercises in the process.

Just cannot go wrong with this exercise....

Love/Light, Chris

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Chris and Elizabeth


It is synchronistic that you should mention toning in the thread.   It is common knowledge now (though not so in the rescent past) that in Reiki there is the use of toning.  One in particular which is used for unifying the energies and the recipients of that energy is OOH AAH ZAY OOH NAY (I have used phonetic equivilents).  I find this is a particularly strong toning for holding Oneness with those to whom you are sending energy.  There are other patterns of toning as well. But I find that the reference to the Chakras is interesting as I have not seen this relationship before.

When I PMd JaiMe I wasn't aware that this would become a public discussion but I agreed with him that it should be opened for comments.  If I had been more "aware"  when I was first experiencing this thing, I believe that I would have responded much differently and I believe that I would be a very different individual now.  I have concluded that I was not at that time prepared or ready to become a channel of information from higher density entities. I have to give thanks for that early introduction though, because it indicated to me that I have been on the right pathways for the last 45 years.  Strange that it takes so long in this 3D lifetime to grow spiritually. But I had certain catalysts scheduled in my life to challenge me and to learn from, and without those I would have been nothing more that a reed blowing in the wind if I had tried to claim what was being offered me when I was 19 years old.

I cannot say that I will become what was offered me so long ago, but I have in the last few years been drawn to it again.  I was gifted with Carla's book which I mentioned to JaiMe and am studying it with intensity.  She tells the reader, that he/she should find a group to work with, an experienced channeler to guide and direct and that by no means should a person wander off into this spiritual experience alone. So now, I am taking the advice and the very old saying that a friend of mine used to tell me to heart, "When the student is ready, the teacher will come."  It is after all a matter of intention and desire. Selah.

In the love and light of our one Infinite Creator,



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That vowel info is from all the research of Jonathan Goldman PHD at healingsounds, from over 25 years of research. He is a treasure! Another set of vowel sounds based on YHVH found on a collaboration by Jonathan and Gregg Braden can be found on "The Divine Name - Sounds of the God Code"

the continuous vowel chorus chanted with specific frequency accompaniment is


when done fully and slowly, all vowels representing all 7 chakras are present in the chant.

and then the other very touching chant on "Holy Harmony" based on YHVH with the bridge that Yeshua represents or "shin" added is

yod.... hey.... shin.... vaav, hey....

and then there is always the many forms of speaking in tongues with intent bathed and hailed in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator....

and then there is the one that I know I should be doing a whole lot more of - silence - long spells of quiet emptiness in search of everpresent fullness that comes when I choose to run silent, run deep....

Love/Light, Chris

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