New Crop Circle: 8-8-08

A stunning new crop circle that appeared on 8-8-08.  I find this design very evocative.  One thing I found interesting is that no matter how you total up the number of circles, you don't end up with a number that is divisible by 8.  Wonder what that means?  Also I wonder why the most intricate and beautiful crop circles seem to "crop" up in such a small geographical area.  Assuming of course someone isn't sneaking out there and doing them at night, some made genius.

But I have wondered about some kind of a machine that could use controlled energy vortexes to create the circles.  Someone could be perfecting a new device of some kind.  Nearly every crop circle I've seen could've been created in CorelDraw or half a dozen other programs.

Just thinking outside the box....


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Hey there Dave.

Thanks for posting this wonderful crop circle.  However, you said that you couldn't total the number of circle to make a total divisible by 8.  I did. I came up with a total of 56 circles total. The two large rings, not including the 3 tangent ones, are each 21,  that's 42.  Then there are the three tangent ones (in the middle)  that's 45.  There are eight small circles in the ring around the middle.  That's 53. Then you take the two major circles of the increasing sized circles plus the ring in the middle (the orbit of the 8 small ones) and that make 3 more for a total of 56.  That is 7 octaves of 8 circles total.

I found that the double circle is a symbol of infinity, and is also representative of a double helix fractal. One of the big circles have points inward, indicating movement inward, the other balance it with points moving outward, balancing the other in perfect polarity.  If the big circles were folded together the energy would be perfectly balanced with inward and outward force causing stability in energy and mass as the ascending small to large circle each form the identical amount of mass in each instance.    There are other symbols there which I didn't perceive and maybe someone else might be able to identify. 

I can't explain why Brittain is the location of the majority of the crop circle other than perhap is has to do with the fact that most of the circle fall around the prime ley line which passes through the middle of England. You may remember the discussion of ley lines in the book/movie, "The Davinci Code".  Much of the ancient megalithic structures in the world ( Stone Henge for example) occur on the ley lines as they are part of the energy grid of the Earth. This is the only expanation I can come up with.

Blessing of Love and Light to you



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Dear Dave,

What ever they mean....they are beautiful. I heard once of a "crop circle" in the sandy ground in barely populated desert a bit east of us....around Paisly/ christmas valley southern Oregon. Could be they appear places that are not observed.

Do any of you know where ley lines lay? I think that I live on one! Birds migrate directly overhead. Radio reception is downright odd in my house( neighbor across street too) Playing the time game I wanted an atomic clock....sets itself via radio can only get signal in one spot in the living room.....then there was the night it just started spinning...went through about 4 days worth of rotation in 3 hrs. It has run properly ever since.

Thanks again. Love,Mary

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Mary, I hope this might be some help.


There is a rather detailed map. I couldn't identify Medford, but I would bet that it is on a very active magnetic vortex on one of the ley lines.

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You're right, Berry!  I didn't count the two large circles because I viewed them in tandem as the infinity sign, as well as a figure eight.


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Following one of your leads I have verified a ley line vortex link. I am over old streambed,and also valley bottom created by glacier melt that formed this valley. Will share this info as my assistant is available. is based in Ashland.He forwarded info showing locations and verified my suspicions. Thank you for the tips!


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Beauty. Incomprehensible.


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Those were wonderful videos of crop circles.  Thank you.  Did you notice the recurring themes throughout them?  Definitely sacred geometry, featuring tetrahedrons and double tets and most of the other Platonic solids, Phi ratio repeating almost consistantly, torsion fields, energy levels and vortexes (vortices), fractals, fractals and more fractals, astronomical relationships, frequency and vibrational references, central sun symbols and I loved the few tree of life symbols.

There is absolutely no way that these hundreds of intellegent, creative and massive formations could be produced by any number of people tromping down the fields.  It would take a genius to create all of the different patterns with such mathmatical percission and beauty, and a battalion of surveyors to lay them out on the fields in the first place. And they appear overnight!  Hmmm. 

Our big Brothers and Sisters are indeed talking to us, if we could just tune in and listen.

It just make my spirit tingle with anticipation of meeting these messengers.





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The tutor has been here for quite a while!

So glad we are collectively beginning to pay attention. The message is clear, they are here and will hopefully be revealing a bit more soon to expedite an ongoing process that can wait no longer for us to wake up. I see these crop circles as another wonderful proof of "their" gracious and benevolent intent. Like I said before in another post somewhere, I really believe they, at least the vast majority of "they", understand the dynamic principle of the Law of One and operate quite naturally now in a well-developed and balanced Golden Light Love that absolutely ROCKS this universe and is the root equation of the omniverse!!!! There, I said it! Fit me in a jacket and lock me up! I will still be anxiously awaiting their arrival and enjoying the natural process of our individual and collective transformation and ascension!!!!!

Yeeeee Haaaaawww, Giddyup MoFo...... Got my mojo workin'    Sing it!

Can ah git an Amen!!!!!

Love and Light, Chris

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  In Jamaca every day is a Saturday!!!!!!


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