Quantum Kids

I am quoting this from one of my other lists.  The video is amazing and I wanted to share it with

you all.

At a Kryon seminar recently, Lee Carroll shared this video with everyone. I've
heard many accounts of the new children and their remarkable gifts but I'd never
seen actual footage of some of the extraordinary things they can do. I'm so
pleased I can share this with all of you now. PLEASE watch this. It is some of
the early manifestations of what happens when our quantum DNA strands are
activated and online, and if you have one of these children - love them, love
them, love them! They need us adults to give them the space, support and
understanding to be who they are, and WHO THEY CAME HERE TO BE. 

(https://www. kryon.com/ quantumvideo. html)

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I have read accounts of people after near death experiences being able to read minds,see colors of thoughts...and to take in content of books by touching them. I first thought how great that would be...but perhaps we have our filters on because not everything we read is true,honest,or worth knowing. Thoughts of some I am close to.....but many I want my distance from! If these kids are taking in everything  they may burn out early when adults can not explain all the conflicting and wrong information we are all fed in our youth.

I wish these kids well.


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