Robbert van den Broeke-A New Uri Geller

I ran across reference to this young man in reading a book called Souls of Distortion Awakening and thought the information was fascinating and worth sharing. Here is a link to a discourse about his abilities which are growing  day by day.


For those who may be interested the link to a copy of Souls of Distortion Awakening is:

Our brother member Chris Bowers is assisting Jan Wicherink, the author, in a new editing of the book which is a tremendous synopsis of all of the new science/spirituality information such as David Wilcock produced in his Convergence trilogy of books.  I commend it to anyone who is interested in the new view of our Cosmos and the concept of Oneness.


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The English version of SODA is available where Berry linked, and is still very readable, just has a few minor mispelled words and seemingly odd backward construction of sentences at times (but it is actually us english-speaking folks that have it a bit backwards to most other languages, LOL), but nothing that really gets in the way of the excellent and amazing post quantum physics 21st century science context, but soon there will be the brand new edition that Berry spoke of available at Jan's website,

Science and Spirituality

Thank you Berry for featuring the book!  It is priceless for all it compiles and features in a mere 211 pages. I will post here when Jan tells me the new edition is the current edition available for free download on his website.  I am running into more and more people who are engaging the do it for free paradigm of the coming golden age.  We get this right and there will be children in coming generations who simply will not know what you are talking about if you were to say, "do it for free".  This wonderful paradigm is developing as we speak, and Jan's book does such a good job of featuring much of the science behind all of this developing.

LLP, Chris

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In total agreement, Chris. It is a wonderful little book and I found I have shared it with a number of sceptical individuals to introduce them to a new way of looking at the Universe. 

Acutally, I enjoyed Jan's use of the English language in spite of his occasional awkward contructions and misspellings. His wonderful sense of humor and depth of understanding shines through.



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