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  Hi All,

        Although I have always been able to see spirits, I have only seen them a few times in my life ( I say always because it first happened in childhood). Today saw one lol, I was goose flesh from head to toe. My grand daughter Lila is sick with and ear infection she is one of the 4 yr old twins. Faith her sister said she could hear her crying as she was upstairs sleeping I went to the bottom of the stairs and heard nothing a few minutes later I thought maybe I did hear something, and my daughter said she did too. I went upstairs Lila was sound asleep, but her hair was moving as an invisible hand was soothingly rubbing her hair and it was falling back down as the hand passed. I just went back down stairs and left her to it lol, obviously it was friendly and comforting.


I told my daughter what I saw and showed her the goose bumps all over my arms (they are hard to fake), she just said oh ya its a little girl people see her all the time.


Would a good grandma have saved her from the ghost, she is still up there as I write this?

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What if we are seeing only what we decide to see and ignoring the rest?  I so look forward to real fluid intelligence kicking in after being stuck in the proverbial mud for eons.  How wonderful that the essential place we reside is so much more populated at different frequencies and dimensions than we are led to believe by this very dense physical, very slowed down 3D world.  Our 5 senses have us thinking and believing such a small part of the spectrum....

I am excited at the prospect that that is about to change very rapidly!!!!

LLP, Chris

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I'd say a loving granma Carol Anne, sounds like she is being well looked after and surrounded by love Smile


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Thanks Val, I appreciate the vote to the good, the entire incident got a good laugh with all the family, we now have a bench mark for these situations, "what would Mamma do?" lol.

 Chris, for all my delving into altered realities and demensional thinking, in the moment I am solid matter and heading the other direction lol..too funny. Many smiles all around, and that is the best possible outcome.

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Just remember, solid matter is a concept, not a reality.  It is a very convincing phenomenon having so little to do with what all of this truly is.  I don't pretend to understand that.  I just love knowing its true.  And now science is establishing this reality via quantum and hadronic mechanics.  It is so exciting to know that this growing and expanding understanding is unavoidable at this point (of no return)...

Thank you for being u Carol Anne!!!  You are a blast to discuss things with....

Love/Light, and Peace with no opposite, Chris

YouTube - Bill Hicks - It's Just A Ride

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Perhaps a loving grandma would have saved her from the ghost... had there been one.

It sounds to me, that this loving grandma (you), having an understanding or awareness of the spirit world,  knew her granddaughter was in the presence of something "soothing, loving and comforting" (to use your own words.) 

(Ghost = an old paradigm word based in fear.)  


 Mary G

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I would have done the same. Looking forward to my daughter grouwing up (to be born this month), and I plan on believing her if she tells me she see's something. I've had some scary encounters, woken up with nasty entities in the room, but they can't hurt you, only scare you a bit. I think people often brush this stuff aside and tell kids they have an overactive imagination. Your story sounds like something a lot nicer than what I've encountered from time to time.

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  I don't think I have had a negative encounter, given the consensus among the commentators here, I guess I am not open to the negativity, choosing not to see it (yet lol).

 I truly appreciate the kind compliment Chris, I think we just plain enjoy having a good time and it shows. I find it to be a wonderful learning experience to have discourse in a 'place' of joy, laughter is like a mental gymnasium, keeps things flowing for me.. I have been more successful in many creative projects since joining the Gathering Spot, and that to me is invaluable. So I can't thank everyone enough for the companionship and the reflection of self, that is giving rise to a confidence I have not felt in years.

Much Love Carol Anne...



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