Standing Wave Signatures & You!

This wondrous portal universe! Virtual or Real?

I got to thinkin' (again?) about how wonderful it is to have this virtual community to interact with and then realized that the word "virtual" does not fully address the very real dynamic of a digital portal community. This raises the question, "Why is that?"

This brought my thoughts back/forward to Dr. Edgar Mitchell's research with MRI resonant imaging of 2D specimen images that were made years prior within the experimental context of specific conscious, interactive intent of two parties and the influence that intent might have on the 2D images.

Stay with me now! I promise you will understand the point I'm making in a moment...

What these double-blind experiments revealed is that there is a very interesting and verifiable co-mingling of 3D holographic, non-local, coherent standing-wave energy evident in the research findings of fact! This does not boil down to an educated guess by Dr. Mitchell, but a logical conclusion based on all that we already know about physics and quantum physics.

In his lecture (linked below) he features testimony of one example in particular - 2D images from simple cow's blood. It gets very interesting when he describes the initial 2D experiment from years prior (long before MRI resonant imaging technology had been developed) when the originator of these 2D metaphysical experiments was ridiculed by his peers in the scientific community of that time.

Even science can become a religion, and we prove that in almost every era to date (I digress).

Anyway, the initial research consisted of making 2D images of specimens in which specific conscious intent was applied to the specimen(s) by two parties - in this case (one of hundreds), a slide of cow's blood. The specific intent of the owner of the cow was to try to find out what was ailing the poor cow, and the specific intent of the researcher was to help the owner discover the problem. With this interactive 2-party specific intention applied to the blood sample, 2D images were made of the flattened slide of cow's blood.

Sometime later, this "wacky research" was boxed up and sat in storage for years before someone happened upon the stored research and decided (since MRI resonant imaging had since been developed) to have a little fun with what must have begun as a playful experiment with MRI resonant imaging. They must have been absolutely blown away when, upon producing MRI images from, in this particular case, 2D images of cow's blood, they were graced with the phenomenal 3D MRI images of the cow's anatomy, including clear images of the metal wire that was in the cow's stomach that had been ailing the cow, a cow that had been dead and gone for many years by now! Is it starting to sink in?

The double-blind portion of this MRI 3D imaging experiment is when they had someone, unaware of where the MRI images came from, take them to some MRI technicians to get an independent professional opinion of the MRI resonant images. One technician was quoted as saying, "These are some of the best and clearest MRI images I have ever seen - where did they come from?"

Are you sufficiently blown away yet?

The MRI images from old 2D images of cow's blood produced more information about the cow's anatomy than any free-thinking scientist or technician would have ever dreamed possible (to underscore the obvious).

1.) Fundamentally, this requires that some form of holographic "resonating" standing wave of light energy be present.

2.) The findings reveal that this standing wave signature would have to accompany the whole cow, any part of the cow and any "physical thing" the cow's blood had interacted with (in this case, the 2D images of the blood slides).

3.) These findings indicate that the resonating "standing wave signature" must be coherent, willing and aptly interactive.

4.) The findings reveal an ability to store information for long periods of time.

5.) And last, but not least by any means, the findings indicate the resonant standing wave signature is "nonlocal", as in transcending time and space. Remember - the 3D MRI anatomy images were made from 2D images of the cow's blood, not the cow's blood itself - and then looked at many years later...

This goes a long way in revealing why psychics have been able to help police find a missing person "telepathically" by just coming into contact with an item of clothing associated with the missing person (I digress again).

I really took the "scenic route" of showing why the digital world portal dynamic is so much more than the word "virtual" can ever fully convey, but I think you can see why. It is mind-bending only because our minds have been preoccupied with other 3D physical world concepts for so long. Each of us (Actually, every 3D physical object for that matter) is/are accompanied by one of these nonlocal, resonating, coherent, holographic standing wave signatures that are actually more real than our 3D physical bodies that are in constant flux until they perish because these signatures transcend this 3D physical world of perishables!

So it makes absolutely no difference to these "ether body" interactive/intermingling resonating standing wave signatures whether communication is facilitated by a digital/electronic medium or face to face. In fact, I would argue that virtual/digital communication can actually facilitate clarity sometimes for that wonderful interactive dance of signatures/ether bodies because there are fewer distractions, like physical bodies or eye contact for example.

The Ascension process (we are now experiencing) is one big interactive/collective dance of all these signatures, and that "more real" part of each of us cares not whether the intermingling/resonating communication is coming from someone's mouth, actions, behavior, a book, a movie, music, or, in this case, a virtual TT portal on the www.

There is something else that happens upon resonating conscious discovery and comprehension of this "ether body" of coherent lightwave energy! Since "free will" is absolutely fundamental to facilitating anything and everything we say and do, this raised and resonating conscious comprehension perpetuates an even more lucid interactive dance between signatures when we are aware of their existence, and recognition is absolutely paramount to the proactive "self-activation" that Ascended Masters point us towards for the purpose of "transcending" and Ascension. In fact, the process of discovery MUST lead to change and Ascension when it is a discovery of what is real. It is spirit's anti-gravity sacred technology, so to speak.

And something else very wonderful happens when we become more aware of these accompanying resonating standing wave signatures: We become spontaneously compelled to be and act impeccable when we begin to understand the inescapable and interactive "cause and effect" memory retention properties of these sacred resonating signatures of the One!

I think maybe this is a very very good thing!

In the final analysis, we are either self-activated beings or we are irresponsible self-activated beings in denial about who we really are. Can we tell all of this to everybody? No, but can we always plant seeds of hope for future discovery? Absolutely (Adrianne)!

Anyhew, that is my thesis for how very real the digital portal dynamic medium really is, and how it can facilitate a "virtual" out-of-body experience that tends to train for understanding and recognizing that wonderful little slice of "reality" of the One that already exists, recognized or not.

It makes me think of an amusing bumper sticker, "You're the One!", as a "back door" maneuver right past an agreeable ego and straight into the heart/mind.

Long life to you my friend.

Love it.  When you wrote;"...understand the inescapable and interactive "cause and effect" memory retention properties of these sacred resonating signatures of the One."

I read in the Buddhist literature that the Buddha had commented that 'karma' was so profound that only the buddha mind can comprehend it.  I feel a little closer to that recognition.

Thank you,


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Thank you for jumping in with both feet Tricia! I have so enjoyed all your comments when you jump in to a forum thread. I wrote that little thread over the weekend in my continual quest for understanding this very mind-bending finding-of-fact reality that is slowly rising to the fore in science and religion. I get such a kick out of seeing those two communities forced to the same table by something that they are both slowly finding they cannot deny. We live in very interesting times and it is a pleasure to be witnessing all that is happening and developing right now...

In Love, Light and Discovery,


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and you're (still) the one...



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The invisible synergy of our warm hearts is palpable and makes me tremble. Thanks for this one Chris.



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Thank you very much dear brother Bodhi, you are so very welcome dear and so exquisitely and tenderly touched brother John, and dear Elizabeth, the best way to "do it" is exactly how you said it,

"with my Thankfullness and feelings of connection with and  for this
beautiful community of PEOPLE living all over this beautiful world we
call EARTH."

I have such a compelling hunger for some of this to be verifiable findings of fact, so Dr. Edgar Mitchell's 30 years of research at the Institute of Noetic Science was a very exciting godsend that became the driving force in me that wants to reach some who would not even give it a second thought without some kind of "proof" or evidence,

even though we all wallow in loads of proof every day of our friggin' lives...

In Love, Light and Mind-Bending Discovery,


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Am I sufficiently blown away, you ask?  Your final sentence says it all!


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I love how Eckhart Tolle put it in his book when he said basically, clear your mind, think of nothing, and then feel the energy in your feet, your hands, move that awareness around to other parts of your body, and realize that there is an ether body there. I love how he says this is something you have to sense and feel, not think. Awareness is not a process facilitated by "thinking", but by "stop thinking" for a moment and feel the reality.


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i just happened to listen to a talk of his today.  ed mitchell is one of my favorite people to listen to on SIA, he brings up a lot of interesting points and explains complicated concepts in a way that even i can grab ahold of.

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Right On Jimtzu!!! He is the most amazing "boring speaker" I have ever had the distinct pleasure of listening to when it comes to understanding some very interesting aspects of quantum physics and ESP.  I sooo love that all these belief systems are being called/forced to the same table of conscious discovery!


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Living in a country which swings between Third World and First World I have only had access to 24/7 Internet for about a year, so it is so great that you bring all this really fascinating information to my attention.

I am learning so many new things and so much which from a spiritual teaching made sense and are now being proven by science so that even the dissenters have to accept these findings.

Thanks Chris, you are a mine of amazing information!

Love U

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Thanks Ursula!

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