Real? Or just bullsh*t?

I just saw this video claiming this man has the proof and videos of top officials raping and murdering children.
I have read repeatedly that Lin Wood has an impeccable reputation. I know almost nothing about him.

IF, and that's a HUGE IF, it turns out to be true, this would rock the world.

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Though it is possible there is truth to his claims, I question his integrity:

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The continued silence and obfuscation around Hollywood and government disclosure is just brewing since before the "C".

About to spill over and shake many foundations, world views, and "hero and celebrity worship". Surprised the professional sports complex is attempting to carry on, virtually. They've got their share of corruption as well.

When too many people are privy to the "old game", but not ok with it... It's not long before it's over. Kaput.

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