Happy happy!

Had a great V day with my wife! Started with a heart opening yoga meditation. Big group. I was the only guy... Then on to Orvis hot springs to frog out and float around a little... Sauna was HOT at 150 degrees Fahrenheit...

And FINALLY went to a matinee of Deadpool in the beautiful penthouse of the Fox theater. Good times for all. AND it was a romance...

Finished the evening with some sake and spring rolls and bok choy salad...

Smoked a lot of the reefer... in preparation for takin a break for a couple months for our daughter's birth/death anniversary and wrapping up my dui classes in April...

And more meditation and transformation. And connecting to things seen and unseen...

Hope y'all had a good one with loved ones. Or whatever you did this weekend...

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Sounds like an awesome Valentine's Day, Chris! You go!!! Mine was much more mellow, but also enjoyable. Much love and warm wishes!

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    Right on brotha  , Sounds like you  had a great time !



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It was beautiful. Just wanted to share how someone can find value in anything and messages come from EVERYWHERE. Bringing balance to the Force. Dark and light. Able to skip and hop and dance with anything and everything, while not being too light in the loafers...

And although I am often crass and jackass-y, my intent is not to offend. I too am sensitive, but try to avoid giving or taking umbrage.

So, let us all enjoy the life and love in our lives and spread that feeling all the time, regardless of holidays and continue to make new stories and experiences together...

And that whole "time" thing... curiouser and curiouser. The Age of Aquarius. Water. Flow. Filling to overflowing and washing away the dregs. Showering us with blessings RIGHT NOW. 

Love to y'all. Now go out and get some sun!

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Right on. My wife's an Aquarius but I just have an Aquarius moon... but all about the inevitable flow continuing to increase. I'm primed for it because it's something I try to be constantly aware of...

Wax those boards and catch that wave! 

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Smiling at your speaking of 'the Age of Aquarius' - Aquarius sits in 6 houses in my chart...so if my head is in the clouds and my emotions on my sleeve I hope you'll all be understanding!!! 

Once, after a medical crisis, from the depths of me I demanded of God, the Universe, Masters, Guides, Angels-that I was tired of having to figure it out. I asked that the 'signs' become so clear I would have absolutely no doubt; I was tired of having my 'lessons' hit me between the eyes as if by brick.  What I have come to call a 'cosmic download' immediately ensued.  Many things came clear but the simplest that I can convey was  "quit thinking the answers are outside yourself - that results in separation from Source." 

Really quite elementary.  Like an electrical circuit don't disconnect from your power Source. I see you working from that 'space' quite often in your posts.  

Glad to share in the shower of blessings Chris.  Right back atcha.

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The Great Age of Aquarius................


From the website "First Light Flower Essences"

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The ceremony was conducted at the Lake Waikaremoana, the inland sea of rippling waters in the Urewera Mountain ranges on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The ceremony was to officially welcome and honour the Aquarian Age, The Age of Cherishing Waters’. As the first light of a new aeon was rising on the eastern horizon a sacred call was sent out asking the atua, the gods and goddesses and the nature power of Aotearoa to provide the people of the world with the healing necessary for the unprecedented challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

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   Now I have to go watch the movie,,,it's been so long!

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Love the happy post Chris !   Keep luvin brotha !!!!!!!  

        You have that electric fire brethen      haha!!!!!!!



     Peace , EEEEEEEEE

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