I Promised You Love

I've often heard songs and poetry written to express Love to the Divine, and wondered what it would be like to have messages of Love from the Divine to us.  Below are the thoughts that came out of this wondering, which I wish to share with You. ~ Nyn

My dearest child,

Above all else, I desire for You to know how deeply, eternally, and unconditionally I Love You.  You are infinitely precious to me, and the Love I have for You is uniquely Yours.  Nobody else has exactly the relationship to me that You do, and this makes You irreplaceably special.  To me, You are a treasure beyond price.  Whatever else You may think of what you see or experience, please always remain open to the warm feeling of Love in Your heart.

In the end, the one eternal answer is Love.  Love is what helps You feel more deeply connected to Your inner self, and through that core, the inner selves of all who are around You.  Through the connections of Love, I have meaning in Your world.  Through these connections, You heal the deep wound across creation that is Separation.

I wish to take a moment now to apologize to You for Separation.  When You came into being, I never meant for You to feel Separate from me, nor from those around You.  You were born to provide a unique experience of Existence through Your own special Lens, but more in the sense of those in the eyes of a fly that work in unison to create the whole picture.

You were meant to be an individual, yes, but as one aspect of a unified whole.  Some level of boundaries were necessary for You to individuate, but these divisions are illusory and were never intended to be mistaken for real.  Yet for reasons as varied as each one of You, my children, these illusions gained power over You.  They created in You a feeling of being cut off from me, from Your siblings, and, most tragically, from Your own Divine core.  And since this Separation prevents You from feeling Your own core self, You instead feel the Void, leaving You vulnerable to the hurtful desperation of emptiness inside.

This causes You immense pain, which causes me pain, as well.  When You were first created, I promised You Love.  I promised that I would always honor You and called for You to be one within me.  Yet when the Separation arose, I didn't dispel its hurtful delusions.  I didn't want to interfere with Your progression and risk destroying Your individuation in the process.  Perhaps that was wrong, or perhaps it was a necessary process for You to grow into the beautifully strong and resilient soul You are.  Regardless, I see the pain that this Separation has caused, and for that I am immensely sorry.

I promised You Love, but instead You felt loneliness and pain.  I wanted to embrace You in unity, but allowed You to feel Separate and powerless.  If You have it in Your heart to forgive me, I ask that You please allow forgiveness to send away that pain, and replace it with a resonance of my Love for You.

No matter Your answer, I want You to know that I forgive You for every harm You may ever have caused Yourself or another, because I know that such sins arise only from this feeling of Separation.  I also wish to ask You to please forgive Your siblings for any harm they cause, because they also act in response to this Void inside that they never asked for, and also do not fully understand.

Please work to prevent harm and heal what has been done wrong, but if You can, do so through a labor of Love for all involved.  Even if you can't always voice the Love you feel in your heart, it will help clear away the Separation from around their own hearts, helping them have a new opportunity to make things right.  Their choices remain their own, but your Love will help me complete the circle that encompasses You all, sealing our family with the healing light of unity.

I ask You to practice this Lovingkindness for me, because You are the expression of my power in Your world.  I can Love each one of You wholly and completely, but You must forge your own connections among one another to strengthen the web of life in which you each are a nexus point of pure and shining light.

This is why You, personally, are so vitally important.  I need You to fulfill your greatest potential, so that all existence can become brilliantly complete.  The success of this world can be forged only when each one of You lends it your strength.  Just as one burned-out-bulb dims the whole display, it is important that You find Your light and allow it to shine.

And, my dear, precious, beloved child, I so dearly want for You to shine.  I need for You to look inward  and find that your beautiful, innermost center has always been there, patiently awaiting re-discovery.  I wish for You to realize that Your very core is a contact-point of pure and powerful Light, shining forth a brilliant Love that can never be diminished, and will never leave You.

As You allow this Love to shine within You, healing the Separation, You will glow with the Divine Connection that is Your birthright.  I promised you Love.  Please, with my gratitude, allow Love to now permeate your daily life, that it may heal and transform your world.

Thank you, my darling child, for being who You are.

In Loving Light,

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i dont know what else to say that is awesome " allow Love to now permeate your daily life, that it may heal and transform your world." will do :) <3 to you all

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i want to emit this around do you mind if i share this? with much love 

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I'm so glad you found this little "letter" worthwhile! <3

Since you are the one who inspired me to actually share these thoughts with someone, please feel perfectly free share them wherever you like!  (This goes for everyone btw)  Please include a mention that I will quite gladly connect with anyone with whom these words connect, my email is nynia with nexusofnow.com, or also posted on www.nyniachance.com (it's in a graphic on the site; I don't type it out anywhere as a full email address because so far I've managed to avoid it being harvested by spambots!!)

Much love!

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will do :)


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Thanks for sharing your specialness with us and for reminding us how special we all are. 

These words, to me, seem very much like what God would actually say.

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Thank you for that. Great gift you got there Nyn.

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Thank you very much Noa and Brian!  I really was kinda shy after putting these into words, wondering if anyone else would feel anything in it, like I did.  I'm learning to remember to have the courage to express the beautiful things I feel and hope for people, and your support makes a lot of difference.  <3

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Thanks so much for both writing and sharing that most beautiful and profound essay, Nynia. You touched my heart. I hope to share it with others who might benefit from your gift of love.

With abundant love and gratitude,

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Hi Nynia-

I think I've missed welcoming you - sorry I haven't been on-line as much as I have in the past. I'm so happy that you have joined our group. What a precious gift this post is. Our little UU church that I attend does lay-led services in the summer and I was wondering what I was going to speak about - you've written the sermon for me and I'll be so happy to shine this love / light around.



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Thank you for the welcome!  I hope your service goes wonderfully well.  I am so happy when love I share can move through people to flow outward to others.  It fulfills my purpose <3

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Hi Nyn-

I'm going to read your letter tomorrow for our layled church service. Thanks again for your beautiful creation. I'm hoping to get some transformation course recruits tomorrow after they hear what great people we have here!




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I'm so sorry for the delay, I went dormant for a couple weeks. I hope it went great, and much love to your fellow congregants!

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