Integration up for discussion


Spelled[in-ti-grey-shuhn] noun

1. An act or instance of combining into an integral whole.


Spelled[in-ti-grey-shuh-nist] noun

1. A person who believes in, supports, or works for social integration.

in·te·grat·ing. verb (used with object)

1. To bring together or incorporate (parts) into a whole.


Spelled[in-teg-ri-tee] noun

1. The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.

These words speak volumes to me about our little community, especially in view of recent very connective and transformative postings .

I Love you all so much Xxxxxxx

In Lak'ech Ala K'in


and maybe if we broke appreciation down ....acceptance and gratitude.....

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First of all, I appreciate that you brought this subject up Ian.  Next, the word Appreciation is the word I was trying to remember this morning as the 2nd primary word that struck me a few days later.  The visual of it was a pathway back to integration & transformation via the exercise of Appreciation - what is not appreciated is forgotten, and one can only imagine all we have willingly forgotten for lack of willfully practicing appreciation on a regular basis, as a rule even.

So integration and transformation is what happens when appreciation is practiced - but more to the real point, re-integration is what happens, for we have never left who what and where we actually are - we have simply traded memory of our Reality for desire to experiment with illusion, and we forgot to leave the bread crumbs on the path back so to speak.

So I offer the opinion that re-integration is the natural result of the practice of appreciation...

Not to say that it is all that simple (although it definitely may be), but its a damn good start, LOL

the writings of James from WingMakers about the Intelligent Heart is a good place to start (as you mentioned in the other post Ian), as well as the writings of Drunvalo Melchizedek about learning to move from the head to the Heart and living from there.  Also talked about by Gregg Braden and many many others.

The Plasma Beings that Drunvalo has had the pleasure and honor of visiting inside the earth are (according to Drunvalo) at least one million years ahead of us in physical and spiritual evolution, and they live from the Heart now all the time and from that higher Consciousness can travel anywhere without a spacecraft in the Universe with ease, and can do so by going into the very center of our planet or any star and freely access desired locations in the Cosmos by this method.  Drunvalo talks about his experiences with this race (one of many) sharing the planet with us in this post I posted yesterday

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I think "appreciation" is the purpose behind the contrast we experience on earth, isn't it?  By contrast I mean the dichotomy between light and dark, good and evil, love and heartache, bliss and pain... it's difficult to appreciate one without experiencing its opposite.

This is the best explanation I've found for why the Creator allows suffering to exist on this lovely planet... though I'm still struggling to make sense of it.  Free-will apparently factors into the equation as well.

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