More cracks from my shell

Thomas, Perhaps a better response to someone not quite seeing your way would be to lead by positive example to let them learn at their own pace, rather than the "good, then go" attitude. Compassion. Empathy. Removing walls. Instead of building divides.

That was directed at me today, iv very much expressed similar things to others in my sharing's

i get frustrated, i get angry, i can get down right mean, sometimes i feel like i don't want to remove my walls, sometimes i wish to push someone away, i want to blame them...

im sry for holding this within myself and thous iv unleashed it on... iv got so much god dam love it empowers me yet im still learning how to use it from acceptance rather then expectations, rather then having other behave the ways id like them to, look at that little tyrant hiding with me, a love tyrant

 (i love u, im sorry, please forgive me, thank you)

except acceptance... its time  


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I can relate to these feelings, Thomas.  I'm reminded of my father's little joke (which I often quote)...

"If everyone were like me, the world would be perfect!"

One of my most difficult challenges is not to judge others that are different than how I think that 'God wants us to be'.  Opportunities to change this belief appear in my life almost daily... but it's a hard one for me to let go of.

Thanks for the reminder.

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