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Interesting how everything is becoming so virtual.  Next comes the process of realization and actualization, both individually and collectively...  Our fragmented lives and world seem to be in a holding pattern (breath  included) awaiting the global family and village scenario.

So, I think individually this seperation and solitude and isolation are necessary for personal development with oneself, because when one is left with themselves, so many things become apparent.  Cut out the confusion and distractions of the world "out there" and one becomes aware of their part in creating the drama and can become more conscious of their relationship to it all.  And then re-enter the mileu to make more informed choices.

The other thing that I've experienced is the need to gather with others who support the sharing of ideas as this network does, and the power in numbers.  I have attended a couple of the national Rainbow Gatherings, and albeit the challenges and imperfections of that undertaking, it's simply amazing what standing in a circle and joining hands with hundreds of other brothers and sisters and observing silence and focusing on love and peace can accomplish.

And the simple fact that without sharing space and PRESENCE, communication will always be only partial through a virtual or technological medium.  So many senses and centers are left out of the loop.  Audio and video can only convey so much.  There is a reason we are in these bodies and much of the universe is jealous or envious of our situation.  And we aren't even really using them!  So many beings must observe our selfish behaviors and just be "beside themselves" with wondering why we just sit around and play video games or watch reruns.  Myself most of all!  Cheers to Dancing Matt for getting off his ass and out to see the world and interact!

We're all always connecting and communicating and, most of all with those who are physically around us or in our vicinity.  Our "auras", if you will and all of our interpenetrating bodies convey oh so much more than the internet.  And we won't have the internet forever, so we (me, especially) might want to awaken and engage more of our other abilities and powers so that we are not dependent on this technology in case it were to go away.  And for many other reasons.  I wouldn't mind being able to actually fly... :)

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I know this guy Knows stuff............................

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right on.  well, floating might be cool as well, but I was thinking maybe a little faster and more dynamic.  like, come see you in NZ type stuff (without a plane).  I'm a pilot, too, but haven't flown for some time.  read a lot of comics growing up...  and just finished watching Heroes for the second time...

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My female best buddy lost a very dear friend recently to illness who then came to her in a dream. He was super delighted to see her but became serious and said he was scared something was wrong-he couldn't say why. This was apparently a real meeting by the way. That's as far as it went. The dream was interrupted by someone knocking on the door..

My buddy asked me for help understanding what happened and how could she help him. I tried to offer her whatever bits of intuition came to me while she recounted the dream and I asked her questions about how she felt. I got this sense he was alone and uncontacted there. I remembered a medium once told me that the dead sometimes first go to a place where they are alone for a while. Not some kind of hell but maybe to sort something out. She practically shouted out "THAT'S IT!" I gather he was a pretty prickly guy and my buddy was one of the few who could get thru his armour of offensive behaviours so they became very close as a result. So anyway, there's that isolation thing.....................

My friend was so certain that what the guy needs is to be alone that she decided not to allow him to contact her further. She erected a wall to keep him from tapping her in dreams-I didn't know she could do that. My friend has a lot of wisdom around assisting others and when NOT to assist is the best thing you can offer. She was sure this was the loving thing to do.

BTW...after using my 'third eye' to help her look at the dream I had a night of amazingly vivid dreams and each was a vignette of a person or group dying in a work environment. I have never had dreams like this before. In the final one of about 4 or 5 dreams, I donned scuba gear to explore a flooded basement as an investigator into the deaths of people drowned there. At first the creepy scene was empty of bodies or people but suddenly a goup appeared (underwater!)seated at a work table to my right. Their 'leader' was trying to show me they had been 'murdered' or had wrongful deaths and they needed justice! I woke up called my buddy and discussed the thing. It was a contact dream and these people had all been contacting me for help! Apparently, when I was working to 'remote view' her dead person some other's saw me. I wish I could help-I could not say where any of these dead people were-no matter how vivid the location was (it was in HD!) . Not as neatly resolved as on 'the Ghost Whisperer' TV show is it? I've heard that's often the case when people are contacted by dead strangers-you don't know enough to help them with their problem. I guess they'll have to resolve things themselves and move on. Love to them.

I just wanted to thank you for you post.

Love & Light,


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Brian. Fasinating. Great information. Thanks.

Monkeyman, Great stuff. I love it and I wanna fly. Always wanted to be a pilot also. I grew up in the 60's - 70's and back then they said requiring corrective vision was a deal breaker and I remember it did not take me long to nix the pilot ambitions. Also on your stuff here ... I want my powers. Heck, just knowing what they are would, I concieve, be magnanimously empowering to no end. Can I say that like that? :>

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That's pretty intense about the dream/vision.  And UNDER WATER!  I've heard but not experienced that looking at one's hands or sometimes DOWN or imagining your hands under water help you realize you are dreaming or able to become lucid or you wake up if you panic.  So, I wonder if since you were submerged in water and going deeper, if you were traveling in another realm/dimension.  That's some confidence in the astral realm.  And I'm pretty sure we can't help the dead with their problems unless it's helping them with the awareness of their state if they are under some illusion or earth-bound.  We all have to do our own time.  Probably most of them wish the living to know love and treat each other with more respect...

And to honor life by attempting to live up to our potential more!  Waiting in the wings, as it were.

And drop those karmic chains.  Monkeying with one another and being overly concerned with stuff.  Gold especially.  If we get it together for the "golden age", that's right EVERYTHING will be gold.  Bottom kind of drops out of "the economy" if that happens, eh?

As far as being a pilot goes...  There's nothing quite like tooling around up there and looking down on everything.  It all seems so small and close.  And how far one can see!  But the noise and being confined to an outer vehicle (the plane) could be improved upon.  I wouldn't mind living somewhere remote only reachable by plane or hiking.  Alaska or maybe somewhere not quite that cold.

With great power comes great responsibility!  Or great mischief.  Unlock those dormant parts of our DNA and the only limits are those of our imaginations.  All of the stories about superheroes becoming more popular helps to keep those possibilites more probable should the opportunities arise.

Just have to deal with one's fears and misconceptions.  And stronger and more focused.  Presence and intention.  And we don't need to manifest any more horrorshows.  Just stop the flood and protect the innocent continually being trod underfoot acoss the planet.

Mainly, I believe we have a technology inherent in our biology far superior to any "technologies" (machines, etc.) that can be fabricated.  And which, if engaged, can supersede any and all machinations...

Monkey business!

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