What Am I

What am i with out the earth or the sun or the cosmos,

with out the plants and animals and microbes,

without atoms and energy...

i cease to exist as i am if what around me ceases to exist as it is,

i am the earth and the sun the cosmos,

i am the plants the animals and microbes,

i am the atoms and energy,

i'm a part of them and they a part of me, we are family in one cosmic body,

the one in the many, the many in the one


fredburks's picture

We are the ones we've been waiting for!!!

Noa's picture

Thank you, Thomas.  Your thoughts remind me of how I felt after reading the book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  I came away looking at every blade of grass, every tree, every bird, every person as my brethren.   Each of us shares the same molecules, breathes the same air. 

I forget now how the author describes it, but it blew me away.  I was high on life for days.

esrw02's picture

This is awesome, we are the creators of all of this yet we are always giving credit to someone or something else for it . We are all a piece of the creator and when we all come together again the creator will return in other words we are  the creator .   WE ARE ALL ONE !!!     LOVE YA!!!

Brian's picture

I like the "co-creator" label for us. It seems to fit how it feels to me.

Unite's picture

YES :D ... to all...

Noa - High on Life i share and enter that space, letting the love of the living now fill us :)

Eric- it is my pleasure to meet another piece of the creator that is you :D LOVE YOU!!!

Brian- me too let us marvel in are co-creations <3

Fred- "We are the one's we've been waiting for!!!"<-- i am see the fruition of this Thank You

Much <3 all

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