why we're here

not even sure, really, how i ended up here.  a friend had been nagging me for awhile to blog somewhere and share my nonsense with the world...  initially, i was looking into the WingMaker material (.us not .com) and was blown away at its depth and simplicity.  like many sentiments i've read regarding it.  its philosophy still holds the clearest (not rules, more like guidelines) and most open and straightforward perspective on our eartly dilemma as well as the greatest fundamental tenets for religion that i've ever come across.  no dogma!  no names!  no cultural baggage or superstitions and no racial prejudice.  or sexist or anything.  everyone is invited to follow those three simple suggestions.

so, i found the link at the bottom of the page inviting visitors to explore the conspiracy of how the information was hijacked and mis-appropriated...  which, i know it wasn't and i've read all the follow-ups to that drama.  the funny thing is, it REALLY wasn't.  those three simple tenets are still free and open to anyone.  the rest is just stage dressing.  true, there may be some greater application of the art and emotional expression underlying it, and i am going to be exploring that more, as well.

i went back to it after feeling some drama on this site about people being right or wrong in their PERSONAL views and a lot of prevalent fear-based postings and some choosing not to acknowledge other voices speaking up trying to alleviate fear (not very well, obviously) and offer other ways to look at or handle information.  and reading through the WM philosophy again made it all so clear to me and was a breath of fresh air before diving into this...  again.

our minds are great tools to INTERFACE with this experience and fun toys to play games with, but they do not hold the key to ANYTHING.  we are in a school of learning to control and balance our energies, and it is a school of EMOTION.  feelings and the movement of energies.  not allowing them to stagnate or shoot out uncontrollably.  and how we relate to one another and the world.  of MAJOR importance.  how we are treating and acting/reacting toward it ALL.  and guess what the single most inhibiting factor to that balance is?  FEAR.  and you are all RIGHT.  they have done a good job of globally disempowering the people and instilling fear into almost every aspect of our lives.  it has WORKED.  so, we figured that out.  now what?

i joined this site to experiment with sharing IDEAS with other people interested in opening up their minds and challenging what they thought was possible.  and that means not reacting to every irritating or supposedly threatening concept or news item or way of life.  so, i need to do that first.  my grandmother (and probably many others') told me when i was young "if you don't have anything good/nice to say, then don't say anything at all".  love that quote.  of course, i haven't lived by it, but i'm trying harder all the time.  i can be quite harsh and judgmental.  it's part of my nature.  conditioned by the stars and planetary wanderers, it is me since birth.  but i CAN choose how i express that, and also choose not to.  i have other channels for that energy, as well.  that gift/curse and strength/weakness of mine has other applications in that i have a SEVERE discernment.  of inherent worth or usefulness.  this will come in handy as the years go on, and i try to co-create another scenario with some that are actually ABLE to do that.

anyhow...  blah, blah, blah.  i URGE EVERYONE to reread the WM philosophy once in awhile, just to clear things up a bit.  it truly is a load-lightener.  and reminds me what to stay focused on.

and to the other free thinkers out there...  let's play!  let's create something new and dynamically harmonic to help ground the cosmic forces even now accelerating our growth toward...  what?  it could be wonderful!

love to all and hope you are all getting outside these days as life reawakens to greater possibilities...

sincerely, christopher

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my wife and i have referred to ourselves as "old-fashioned but non-traditional" since the creation of our wedding almost two years ago.  trying to accomodate a variety of belief systems (or lack, thereof) in a ceremony that was truly "our own".  we succeeded in this, i suppose, admirably.  friends and family for weeks (and years) afterword were telling us it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended.

the central focal point was when a couple friends read the childrens' book "old turtle" by douglas wood.  that summed it all up for us.  sure, the rest was wonderful, as well, but that was the message we wanted to share with all of our Family.  i told my wife, penelope, that some of the most poignant and meaningful writing and stories come from the best childrens' books.  and it never really gets any more complicated than that.  in reference to the title of my former post, i would invite and encourage everyone to read "the three questions" by jon j muth and check out some of his other books, as well.  i first found him out through comic books, but his art is simply amazing.  so, next time you are in a bookstore, give it a read.  or take the jump/gamble on a wonderful investment and purchase it on evil amazon for almost half of the retail price.  highly recommended!

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and i realize how we are all personally struggling to transition/translate from the old evolution/saviorship model to the more progressive and individually empowering (and personally responsible) transformation/mastership model...  because then one has to put THEMSELVES on the line.  and offer themselves up for service.  we're all so reactionary!  we want "justice" or acknowledgment or (heaven forbid) REVENGE.  what fruitless pursuits those are.  acknowledge thy Self!  and put thy little self on the block or cross.  it's been there all along, anyway.  so accept the fact.  we chose it, after all.  and we continue to support and perpetuate it in our denial of it.  funny thing, that.  the "law of attraction" or more appropriately DESIRE or correspondences (answered prayers!) draws that to one which one focuses the most attention on.  whether one "wants" it or not.  by mentating over it or harboring feelings/expectations/attachments it is drawn forth and to one's world for assimilation or learning.  or not.  but it is still there and must be "dealt with" on a very PERSONAL level.  not in ranting and raving at the world or trying to get others' attention.  we all see what we want to see.  hence the wonder of "magic" and "synchronicity".  we become aware of something seemingly outside our powers of definition, but that makes absolute sense, somehow.  the wonder of it all...  the interconnectedness.  and INNERconnectedness.  but the world is ALWAYS that way, if we are open to the experience.  and then the "REAL" magic begins...

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Hi Christofer,

I never really got the wm stuff and I have to say that I have a hard time understanding your posts sometimes but I love this:

"individually empowering (and personally responsible) transformation/mastership model"

Thanks for that!


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I'm with Wendy.  I've spent countless hours trying to make sense of the Wingmakers materials and I've found it to be a far cry from the "most open and straightforward perspective on our earthly dilemma."  Could iit be that the purpose of these writings is that their cryptic nature lends itself to personal interpretation rather than definitive awareness?

I also take issue with the notion that any post that contains subject matter that is deemed negative must also be "fear-based."  Using terms like "conspiracy theory" and "fear porn" is not the path to awareness.  Rather, these words serve only to insulate us from seeing the reality of "the man behind the curtain."  News Flash: life isn't always positive.  Let's not confuse the message with the reaction. 

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by being aware of danger. It's a feeling of being afraid.  So rather than calling the message "fear-based", perhaps we should examine why we respond negatively to being made aware of the danger.


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Perception_the act or faculty of perceiving, or apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.  
     Perceive _to become aware of, know, or identify by means of the senses!
      So, I guess it depends on what your senses are picking up.
       Love all <> Eric
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To be intrusted with the information, and it's incredible power, that to this point has been behind the veil, (AKA:The transistion or transformation, first contact, golden age, new era, 2012 mayan calender, second coming, etc., etc., that is and has been in the air and on everyone's mind), the first, simple and most, must have, requirement, may be this. 

Be Nice. 

I really think it's that simple. If you can't learn to be nice then you are not qualified to proceed.

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yes, it is all what we choose to see or make an effort to understand.  sadly, no one has time to READ anymore, as they want the super-edited and ultra-condensed version that they can throw it down in a few minutes or less.  oh well.  the best things in life don't come in neat little packages like that.  well some do, but they seem to be really expensive.

and i suppose that if we can't be accepting of one another and our varying viewpoints, then we haven't really done our lessons.

and much of the information that we choose to share on this site is fun to speculate on, but its degree of truth or reality is usually inconsequential.  do i believe in life in the universe besides us here on the earth?  sure.  but does this knowledge or belief help me in day-to-day living at all?  no.  or do i think it will help anyone else navigate the trials of life?  no.  and it is mostly the same with what the governments are up to.  it doesn't usually HELP someone to know these things.  it usually goes to make them more afraid and insecure.  or what this person or that person is up to.  or what this person or that person said.  whoopee.  if you don't possess the level of discernment necessary to know what is "right"...  if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything!

the only requirement/prerequisite for becoming more involved and a part of the SOLUTION is creativity and imagination.  becoming co-CREATIVE.  yes, the media has made this difficult or impossible for many people because they constantly have that digital pacifier in their faces.  so they don't have any thoughts or ideas of their own.  or even follow through on some of those inspired by others' creations.  just constantly searching/surfing for the next "fix".  and in that case, don't need each other or people at all!  the matrix!  just plug me in...

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Amen, Chris

Amen, Amen, Amen

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Jon Rappaport interviews Jack True,

I found this recently and found it helpful in pulling me out of a rut. I think it fits nicely with your statements about creativity, Chris. You are right - I do probably spend a bit too much time looking for shortcuts - I need a bit more patience.



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Eric -

"So, I guess it depends on what your senses are picking up."

Exactly the point, so maybe we shouldn't be censoring the messengers.


Starmonkey -

"it doesn't usually HELP someone to know these things."  

If that's true, someone should tell Fred that http://www.wanttoknow.info/ is just a big waste of time.


"the only requirement/prerequisite for becoming more involved and a part of the SOLUTION is creativity and imagination.  becoming co-CREATIVE."

Okay, then we might as well put the left side of our brains in storage. 

I agree with you that creative solutions are needed.  but please, let's stop limiting our thoughts with platitudes and absolutes.

"Silly humans"

Is that an existential observation from your vantage point from on high?

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that's a great article there, with jack true.  nice and clear and straight-forward.  thanks!

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and it is inspiring me to get on with my work.  so, what realities should i focus on creating, i wonder?...  i'll try to write YOU in there somewhere...  :)

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          So if you are looking for fear that is what you are going to get . I was once into looking at the conspiracy fact sites or whatever you call them and found nothing but fear on  all of them . I will say it is what you seek in life , I seek love and happiness, so that is what I create in my realty  .  You can't be everywhere to experience the bad things they talk about all the time , so just like anything else start with where you are at if you need to help out . Indeed a great way to live .


       Love all <> Eric

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watched powder again last night.  what a beautiful movie and so timeless.  the end just fills me with emotion ready to EXPLODE!  sometimes wish i could go out like that...  :)

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and the fisher king the night before.  probably gilliam's "best" movie.  although twelve monkeys was a great piece of work as well...  brad pitt was AWESOME, for a change

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Amen to the movies Powder and Fisher King, amen to what Eric said,

Amen Amen Ahhhhmmmmonnnnnnn

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amun-ra.  yeah, not EVERYTHING has to be about fighting and strife!  we all have some INNER DEMONS to conquer or subdue.  take care of those first, and the world is one's oyster.  face the shadow, the dweller on the threshold and make thyself whole again.  a whole individual is much more powerful than a fractured one.  too many holes for things to get into or leak out of.  get it together!  and WE can bring the light

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Right on Brothers from different mothers  !!!  


     Love all<> Eric

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