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Criminy.  Here it is, going on three in the morning, and I can't leave well enough alone?  I have to bring up sex again?  Well, yeah.  I do think it's an important topic...I'm hoping to look at it in a slightly less personal way.

I'm truly desolate that we've lost members, wonderful women all, over the way we men have talked about sex.  I ask you not to read another word if the topic offends.  I'm mortified that we've stumbled, right out of the gate, over sex and money - the very issues that destroy most marriages.  If this is how we have internalized and prepared ourselves for life in the New Paradigm, we need to go back to kindergarten.

But of course that is not necessary.  We will begin again, unite our intent to move forward, forego our tendency to focus on our differences, and renew our determination to share those very powerful ideas which, we've all agreed, can unify the entire human race.  And yet we, a mere fifty, have stumbled.  I propose we try again, in love.

Because the sacred male/female dance is the essence of our walk on earth.  In all our history, we have not resolved our tension.  I do not believe we will resolve it here, among us.  Not this week and never, if people leave because they are offended.  I believe we CAN proceed together, knowing that in time this issue will be resolved because that is our united hope and intent, in love.

I believe that both predominantly female and predominantly male hierarchies have existed.  The fact that the patriarchy is currently ascendant shows that at some point in the past, the Great Motherhood suffered a Great Denial.  I know what happened.  The guys said, "Enough!"  And we've been doing it our way ever since, with the result that today, the very world teeters on the brink of epic, unimaginable disaster.

Do we go back to the Matriarchy?  Yeah, that'll happen.  No, it's not the way.  What we must do, somehow, is finally understand that both male and female energies are essential, that we must shoulder the plow side by side, not as identicals but as equals in every way.

Men, know this:  they are smarter than us, they live longer, they know us better than we know ourselves, and they are stronger than we are.  You doubt try shitting footballs.  Go ahead, tough guy.  Our function, biologically, is to be damn sure the next generation gets seeded.  Beyond that, it's just what they let us get away with.  We're screwed, so we may as well enjoy it.

Women, know this:  We are unrepentantly men.  We are not sorry for the way our wiring was preset at the factory.  We're damn good at what we're good at.  And you know you love us.

God made us able to do one thing that no woman on earth can do.  In his wisdom, he knew that if it were not so, the girls would kill us all.  And so he gave them that wonderful tenderness, that breathtaking beauty, that bottomless belief in romantic love that makes them keep believing in us even after we prove again and again that we are selfish, immature, shallow assholes who screw around, drink too much, leave our underwear on the floor and leave the seat up.

Actually, ladies, God put that same yearning for romantic love in man's heart too, and some of y'all have hurt some of us so deeply and so traumatically - mothers, lovers, daughters - that we are profoundly terrified of you.  We want in our hearts to be one and to unify our fractured selves.  Many of us find we can't because we are - can I get a witness - afraid.

So this is the sacred dance, the dysfunctional tango we have been limping through, like a waltz in five-four time, for thousands and thousands of years.  As in every dispute, there is blame to go around.  As in every family, the love that binds is the love that cuts to the place that never mends.  And because God set the whole thing up, resolution is ecstatic.

I've had enough for now of celebrating the tantra and the tantrums, enough orgasms and ego spasms.  It is the difficult dance we do in our imperfection and our yearning...let us become whole.  Two half-people, neither fully themselves, can never make a whole.  It is two fully-integrated souls, full aware in each of their selves - two sovereign integrals - that become a holistic synergy that is more and better than the sum of the two, apart.  This is the secret of the New Paradigm.

Anything less is so O.P.


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